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I cannot order anyone

I cannot order anyone to do this or do that. I am only giving my opinion from what I read and that is that someone is applauding abduction here and that there are no reasons (I can agree with) given to justify that.

I started my first comment saying I don't know about the situation in that neigbourhood.

Only in his/her 2nd comment other nn mentioned that this area is apparently "liberated" from the police/ the state. Thats fine with me if the state you make there instead is better then the state that has been kicked out.

That means that if your special hooded police unit is making arrests, you should immediately (and not after 3 days) release a statement that makes it clear to EVERYBODY:
- what your authority is (that can only be that a large proportion of the population is supporting your gvt.)
- what the law is that you uphold (from what I understand that is 'dealers have to go because they attract these awful junkies'. I don't call that "liberated".)
- what the charges are against the people arrested, and what now will happen with them.

Non of that is given, neither in the article or in the comments.

You (Kees) suggest that the dealers who were attacked are the "worst maffia". Other nn refers to them as "gangsters" and "criminals". But neither of you explains what is so bad about them. If it is that they are selling drugs, I don't agree. If you claim they terrorise other residents I need proof of that before I believe it. For now you are (supporting) people who are abducting other people without any serious justification. That's why I call you thugs. Of course you don't have to care about what I think, but if you want to build support for your "liberated zone" you'd better explain it all very clearly.

Does it matter if I know junkie misery first hand? Well actually one of my friends OD'd. And I'm sure this wouldn't have happened if drugs were legal. Yes where I live it is rather safe, except for the police that is harassing evrybody who is in any way 'different' then the 'normal' residents. I would like to see them gone, but not if they are going to be replaced by other thugs who are doing the same thing.


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