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Again ""From now on , hostile

""From now on , hostile behavior towards politically active patrons of the area , residents, meeting places will no longer be tolerated. Do not leave the historic district of Exarchia at the mercy of various sorts of gangsters."
Thats what it says clearly in the statement.

"If you claim they terrorise other residents I need proof of that before I believe it"

The comrades in greece claim this is the case. Yes, i would also like to see proof, but even if there's a ton of proof thats rather hard to see all the way from the netherlands.

In addition, it says that ACCORDING TO LOCAL MEDIA it is not known what happened to the people abducted. That does not know that people who live in the area do not know. Anarchists, especially the exarcheia (literal meaning: outside of power, ex-archeia) -type despise the media and have their own channels of communication.

I can agree that we might be jumping to the conclusion that this is a good thing, that it is self-defense that happened, but then please also admit that you are jumping to the conclusion that this is 'social cleansing' and not legitimate self-defense.

In the end we cannot know because we were not there. All i say is that IF "hostile behavior towards politically active patrons of the area , residents, meeting places" did indeed happen, and it came from the direction of those abducted, what happened is a good thing because exarcheia and its inhabitants should not be left/leave themselves to " the mercy of various sorts of gangsters".

PS: I also use drugs from time to time, and had periods where I did way too much. The same goes for some of my friends. I do not think all dealers are bad. But some are real bastards. I agree drug trade should be legalised, but as in any kind of trade, those at the top (the capitalists/bosses, whether legal or illegal) tend to be exploitative bastards who live on the backs of others, who got rich by screwing people over. I do not have more sympathy for the illegal version of a boss simply because they are usually at odds with the current state as well (which is, also, not always the case; drugs have been consciously used to undermine social movements on many occasions, and there is also the story about the Mafia and the CIA working together i believe to assassinate Fidel Castro).

And please let's not forget that drugs (as is alcohol and tobacco) are very, very, very bad for your health, both physical and mental. And this comes from a recreational drug user who drinks and smokes.
(yes i can also agree that there are some benefits, even apart from it simply being fun, but this is all in moderation, especially with drugs. They can completely destroy you, if not kill you. And what is in the best interest of the drug dealer? That you do ALOT. More profit for him. The more you destroy yourself, the more he/she profits... although a dead junkie is ofcourse not a profitable junkie, there are ways of existing that I would not really call life either).


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