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cleaning Tokio from christians

If I'd read here about someone "cleaning Tokio from christians" I would also protest, even when it was added "hostile actions will no longer be tolerated". (That could also mean: singing psalms.) If it was written that some people (who happen to be christians) have attacked their neighbours [+explanation: what, when, where], and that their neighbours have taken a proportional counteraction I probably wouldn't object. The headline then should be something like "Tokio residents selfdefense against street terror".

I expect poster to know the situation. He/she can always react. You, Kees and nn's seem to speak on behalf of the Exarchia anarchists. You admitted that you also would want to see more proof. (And hey, I'm not asking for proof like fingerprints or pictures, just a clear and believeable statement.) But you are going along with a totally unspecified and indirect accusation to support abduction. So even if the people abducted are indeed the bad guys, then I still think its very wrong to undertake such an action without a solid explanation.

But I must admit that I also wrote it a bit untrue because of course what I wrote about anarchists in general is not a conclusion from only this article. But instead mostly from experience with Dutch anarchists. I've thought about it and maybe nn is right calling me a troll because my agenda is propaganda against anarchism (not against anarchists though), as you are right that my discussion attitude is not too good. Also I should have searched for more information myself first, to speak with more knowledge. (As you can see I added some info about Exarchia from searchresults. But I've still only read half of it.)

I'm not a leninist or stalinist and I agree with your critique (apparently at the sovjetunion and china). I believe the Bolsheviks were right to overthrow the Czar regime, but they should have given the power to the sovjets (councils) as they had promised, not installing a one-party(-elite)-dictatorship.

More people involved for what? I added: "(of course without giving up our demands)" I didn't specify that indeed. My goal is a more equal distribution of wealth, more chances for everybody, and personal (and political) freedom. Therefor I am f. ex. supporting the demand for free immigration = against the detention, exclusion and deportation of undocumented migrants. It is on the one hand very good of the anarchists that they try to put these demands on the agenda. But on the other hand they are excluding most people who might want to join, because often actions are organised explicitly under the black flag and even if not the organisation-structures are still informal, only accessible to people who have the skills and the will to make the right friends in squat café's or whereever. Squat café's that you can get thrown of out because of UNSPECIFIED accusations. Because their law says: 'Accused is guilty'. And apparently that's an anarchist law, because its the same that you say to support this abduction.

One more thing: you indeed agreed with legalisation of drugs, but still drugs being very bad or not is not relevant for the discussion if abduction is justified, neither the fact that the top-bosses in the business are CIA-connected members of the topelite.

nn 3-4 - 11:32 though defends the action because "i believe taking steps to kick these vile human beings away from your front door step is a perfectly reasonable response. its not like they're just selling a bit of hash. they're making people or reinforcing their dependancy on these drugs, taking people away from the shit reality they're living in and ulimately pacifying a section of the population and causing misery to the drug addicts and their families. if someone wants to take drugs then thats their choice, the same as abortion but someone who wants to facilitate the someone destroying their own life. maybe thats not such a good thing."

So even though taking drugs is someones own choice this nn thinks its right to stop someone else from facilitating that choice. But that is the same as taking the choice away. And apparently (?) not only using (hard)drugs but also to have an abortion is a choice he/she wants to take away.

I still have the impression that the Exarchia anarchists' fight against the dealers is in the first place about them being DEALERS. And only in the second place about what else they might have done.
As it is written in the headline.


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