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Have Your Say On Socio-Economic Future Of Mankind!

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What is state, what is the difference between a man and a person and on what is relationship between a man and a state based on? What is currency, how does monetary system function and why is money issued and distributed in this exact way? It is really strange that the wider audience that has recently been disgusted with bank robberies now starts to justify such acts.

How much is a life of a single citizen worth to a country, and how much to himself? How much is a million dollars worth to a man in desert, and how much a glass of water? How much is a kilogram of diamonds worth to a man on a deserted island, and how much one decent lunch? How much is a fridge worth to an Eskimo, and how much a heating unit? What is happening with a concept of value if instead of "how much" we ask ourselves "of what" and "why that in particular" as a crucial question? Is the ultimate success we all strive for to be rich or to be happy? What about a marketplace of products and services where everyone can express the value in anything - what do you think about that, how much compatible with fair trade principals is this way of business?

They say that the difference between science and corrupt science is in the fact that in corrupt science the results are already known in advance. Why evil people do evil things is not hard to understand, since it is a character flaw, but a question why the good people do bad things presents a real mystery. Or answer is more obvious now then ever before in the history of our civilization?

During the actual global financial crisis, ever more popular slogan: “Give man a gun and he can rob the bank, but give him a bank and he can rob the world” started circulating on the Internet. Many factors indicate that walking between the two worlds has finally lost every sense and that humanity is ready for transition. “We are sick of slow burning on a hologram fire, one-way ticket to happiness is in our pockets”, can be smelled at every step – from Zeitgeist ambient, to various alternative sites, all the way to social networks as Facebook and Twitter. There is no doubt that the way to the promised land leads trough monetary reform, but in what way should we restart global monetary system and how does the happiness that will take place all over the world after the transformation of society looks like from your perspective?

Spiritual evolution to which knowledge, freed of all hipno-dogmatic burdens, will lead us is a process followed by a blossom of love and cooperation. Or is it a wrong perception of the Free Planet to which we, if we really, strive? Financial independence as a part of a fair socio-economic and ecologically sustainable new system is maybe an option that should not even be considered in respect of happiness?

Now when the purchase power of the population and business sector have remained without fuel, complementary currencies, local currencies, alternative currencies, i.e. unconventional payment systems and exchange systems are becoming ever more interesting and popular option.
Anent upcoming “First International Conference on Social Transformation” this July, not quitting its principles, Crom Alternative Exchange Association publishes in advance the material with which it will present itself on that important event whose topic is transition into a better socio-economic future. In that way, by allowing everyone to express its opinion on our coming collective future currently entwined between debt horror and radioactive insecurity from Fukushima, the point of upcoming conference takes a wider dimension and much deeper significance:

Global Monetary Reform And The Transformation Of Society


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