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EU Report, Google Inc. Anti-Competition Crimes & Deception
Julenka Moisevich - 04.07.2011 22:05

Full text of Report distributed today to the EU Commission and EU Parliament by civil society group Non-Zionist Jews Defence, charging dominant EU search engine Google with multiple offences and criminal acts against EU citizens and EU authorities, and with Google internet search censorship to deceive EU officials and even to help murder EU journalists.

Polish Jew Dr Leszek (Les - Leslie) Sachs outside Jerzy Buzek's EU Parl. office
Polish Jew Dr Leszek (Les - Leslie) Sachs outside Jerzy Buzek's EU Parl. office

This NZJD Report centres on the Google censorship campaign against Brussels Polish Jew Dr Leszek Sachs (Les Sachs, Leslie Sachs), and Google Inc.'s support of defamation campaigns against Sachs and other menaces to destroy him. Sachs has lived in the Netherlands and Belgium since escaping threats targeting him inside the USA.

This Report by Non-Zionist Jews Defence is quite shocking, but has many links to evidence files and relevant sources, making for a devastating indictment of Google Inc. before the European Commission. Google faces a possible € 2 billion plus EU penalty, and perhaps other sanctions, for the crimes and offences detailed in this Report, its text as follows:

No. 1 - Report to the EU Parliament and the Commission of the European Union

Anti-Competition Crimes of EU Internet Monopoly Google Inc., to Erase EU Journalism, to Slander and Murder EU - Polish Citizen, Writer, Journalist, & Non-Zionist Jew, Dr Les Sachs – Dr Leszek Sachs – Dr Leslie Raymond Sachs

4 July 2011

The Honourable Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament, and Members and Staff of the European Parliament; and of the Polish Presidency of the EU;

The Honourable Joaquín Almunia, European Commissioner for Competition; and the Honourable Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission, Commissioner for Digital Agenda; and Members and Staff of the European Commission;

Presented by Non-Zionist Jews Defence for the work of the European Commission and the European Parliament, with a salute to Members of the EU Parliament, who will soon be bravely speaking in EU Parliament session about the historic case of Polish citizen and maliciously slandered EU journalist Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs:

Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs, one of the bravest Jews in all of Europe, is a target of criminal actions by Google Inc.. The life of Dr Les Sachs was saved by intervention of the house of the King of the Belgians; Sachs' case is now advancing with brave Belgian human rights lawyer Georges-Henri Beauthier, a lawyer risking his own life to dare oppose the crimes of Google Inc. in EU courts.

A salute is due to EU Commissioner Joaquín Almunia and his staff, whom we informally understand will be acting courageously regarding the anti-competition crimes committed by Google Inc., abusing its monopoly powers of 'Google internet gas chambers' to erase and exterminate EU journalism by the brave Les Sachs, Google helping to carry out threats of murder of Sachs by USA criminal political mafias, and Google supporting threats of extortion, harassment and murder against EU officials.

In this first report to the European Parliament and European Commission, regarding the anti-competition crimes of Google Inc., to erase EU journalism and block freedom of EU internet communications; to slander and assassinate this heroic Polish citizen, this brave Jew, the EU journalist Sachs; with Google Inc. engaged in billions of euros of fraud against EU businesses and citizens; with Google engaged in direct deception and fraud of the EU Commission and EU Parliament, censoring websites which are accessible via Google search in Brussels; an overview of the following is provided:

Anti-Competition, Anti-Freedom Crimes of EU Monopoly Google Inc. on EU Territory:

- Google 'Internet Gas Chambers' to totally erase EU journalism, Google Inc. helping USA political mafias to murder and silence EU Journalists, Google in fact already taking part in and encouraging murders of brave journalists and dissidents;

- Google 'Internet Gas Chambers' erasing EU Journalism, to deceive and defraud EU business, EU banks, and EU citizens out of billions of euros;

- Google 'Internet Gas Chambers' erasing EU Journalism, in a direct attack on the European Commission and European Parliament, Google censoring and controlling Google search results in Brussels, to hide information valuable to EU authorities; and encouraging threats of harassment, extortion and murder against EU officials, which may expand as Google Inc. continues service to US political mafias;

- This a case of anti-competition crimes by EU monopoly Google, more important than related Google anti-competition offences against Foundem, ejustice.fr, Ciao!, or other victims of Google search engine discrimination, this being a case of Google Inc not just lowering search rankings, but entirely exterminating an EU journalist's work, to not just destroy his writing career, but to completely destroy the very life of a Polish citizen, to slander him and to help criminals murder him, and to slander and murder anyone else writing truth about Les Sachs or trying to protect his rights;

- Google Inc. German executive Philipp Schindler, his neo-Nazi crimes of using 'Google gas chambers' to exterminate and help murder Polish citizens and dissident Jews in Europe; like Hitler's Nazis of 1940s, the German Schindler is 'just following orders', helping carry out threats to kill Poles and Jews in today's European Union;

- Google Inc. erasing EU journalism in order to violate the human rights of Europeans, to help jail innocent citizens of France, such as M. Léonel (Leonel) Cazaco, and citizens of other countries of the European Union; Google Inc. erasing and exterminating from search results, the evidence that can lead to the release of innocent EU citizens such as M. Cazaco, from illegal jailing by the US political mafia;

- Google criminally seeking billions of euros of profit from the murder of Polish and EU citizens, from the murder or silencing of dissident or non-Zionist Jews, from the censorship and extermination of EU journalism, Google Inc. seeking profit via favours from the US mafia and bribe-taking judges of the USA, who wish to silence and murder EU citizens, and help defraud EU banks and businesses and investors, with manipulated and censored Google Search, as a key tool in carrying out crimes;

- Google Inc. in criminal partnership with another monopoly, Wikipedia, reinforcing each other's criminal acts to murder and defraud EU citizens, via a criminal internet programme of spreading hoaxes, lies, and defamations, while erasing and exterminating European voices, and the truth itself, both from monopoly 'internet encyclopaedia' Wikipedia, and from Google search results;

- Even a penalty fine of 2 billion euros, may be insufficient to discourage the EU criminal monopolies of Google Inc. and the Wikimedia Foundation, from continuing actions to murder and slander EU journalists and dissident Jews like Dr Les Sachs, and from their acts to deceive and defraud EU authorities and EU businesses; with billions of benefits to Google Inc. from bribed US judges, Google can be expected to help the US political mafia to continue to try to jail, murder and defraud EU citizens; so a fine may not be enough to stop the crimes of Google and Wikipedia;

- What is very likely necessary here, is forcing a break-up of Google Inc., so that Google Inc. operates a subsidiary on EU territory, with Google Inc. providing guarantees that it will no longer censor EU journalism or other politically-related websites upon orders or 'legal requests' from the United States, where bribed judges of the US political mafia would continue to ask to manipulate Google search results, by 'court orders' which are remain hidden or secret from EU authorities; and further that Google Inc., for the next five years or some other period, be forced to disclose prominently in large letters on all its search pages, that Google has been guilty of the crime of manipulating and erasing search results, to slander and murder European citizens, and deprive EU citizens and businesses of access to EU journalism;

- Google Inc. and Wikipedia are EU monopolies, both under direction of atheist Zionist Jews, who do not deny their hatred for brave non-Zionist Jewish heroes like Dr Les Sachs; monopolies which join with neo-Nazis, to kill dissident, or non-Zionist or religious Jews; Google Inc. right before the eyes of the EU Commission, right in Brussels, seeking to destroy the non-Zionist Jew Sachs, a true heir of the religious non-Zionist Jews who were the ultimate object of Hitler's Nazi genocide;

- Google already taking part in the actual murder of dissident Jews, Google erasing and exterminating discussion of the murder of some dissident Jews from Google; Google inviting criminals, anti-Semitic Jew haters, and perverts from around the world, to help slander and murder Jews like EU Polish citizen Dr Les Sachs, while Google assures all these criminals that it will erase and exterminate any ability by Sachs to reply to lies and defamations;

- EU monopolies Google Inc. and Wikipedia - Wikimedia Foundation, are engaged in large-scale deception, fraud and hoaxes against the EU Commission and EU Parliament, erasing truth and journalism which is opposed to the criminal agenda of the US political mafia, while spreading a campaign of lies using corrupted 'sources' encouraged by Google itself, including bribed media reporters and bribed college professors, who work for the US mafia to slander dissidents, and in particular to murder the Polish - EU citizen Dr Les Sachs - Dr Leszek Sachs - Dr Leslie Raymond Sachs; Google itself holding proof that 'legal requests' to erase EU journalism originate with USA mafia judges involved in bribery, perjury, extortion, court fraud, and terrorist political threats of torture and murder;

- Google Inc. supports threats of slander, extortion and murder, against EU journalists and even against members of the EU Parliament and EU Commission; threats such as made by the US political mafia writer, the wealthy book-burning neo-Nazi Patricia Cornwell, who has spent hundreds of thousands of euros to slander and attempt to murder the Jew Dr Les Sachs, Cornwell who has already begun carrying out threats to slander or kill anyone in the EU or elsewhere who might help the brave Polish Jew Sachs; given that the US political mafia who threaten to murder Sachs has already murdered a Congressman of the USA, the danger of murder of EU officials and EU Parliament members, with the complicity of Google Inc., are certainly realistic;

EU officials can expect campaigns of further hoaxes and deceptions by Google Inc., its lawyers and press agents, attempting to justify their 'Google internet gas chambers' policy of silencing, murdering and slandering the Jew Sachs; so, in the weeks ahead, to aid in the work of the European Parliament and the European Commission;

Non-Zionist Jews Defence will be providing a set of continuing reports to the EU Parliament and EU Commission, to provide counter-point and debunking of hoaxes, lies and deceptions that will be marketed by Google Inc., by Wikipedia - Wikimedia, and their allies among bribed media 'reporters' and bribe-taking college professors, who have joined in crimes to silence and murder EU journalist Sachs;

Before the EU Commission accepts propaganda issued by Google Inc., by college professors working in criminal alliance with Google, by bribery-involved corrupt US Federal Judge Norman Moon, or others seeking to smear and murder the heroic Polish citizen and Jew Dr Les Sachs, Non-Zionist Jew Defence asks the EU Commission to provide the opportunity to expose the hoaxes and lies of such would-be murderers, at  nonzionist-j-defence@inbox.lt.

Who is Brussels Jew and Polish citizen Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs?

Why is Google Inc. helping the US political mafia, Google Inc. blatantly committing EU anti-competition crimes, erasing all of Dr Les Sachs' websites from EU search results, Google Inc. trying to destroy his reputation and writing career and to murder him?

What is the importance of Google Inc.'s deception and fraud of the EU Commission and EU Parliament, censoring Google search results in Brussels to hide the terrorist crimes against Les Sachs, and the crimes of Google Inc. itself against the EU?

Why is Google's 'Internet Gas Chambers' to erase all of Dr Les Sachs' journalism web sites, and any new sites created by Sachs, resulting in billions of euros in losses to EU businesses and banks and citizens; in the continued jailing of innocent French and EU citizens inside the USA; in the actual murders of other Jews and dissidents; and in creating risks of slander, extortion and murder against EU officials and EU Parliament members themselves?

Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs is one of the most educated people in the world, with seven degrees earned from three universities, the first two from Harvard in Cambridge USA. Dr Les Sachs is a scholar of the history of religion and law, and was a popular and prominent anti-corruption writer and author, before Google Inc. agreed to join the US mafia campaign to destroy him, and to erase and censor his writings.

Google Inc. well knows that if it were not for Google erasing the writings of Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs, he would today be known as the leading world expert consulting on the corruption of US courts, and on aspects of US mafia attempts at media control. See for example:
« About Dr Les Sachs - Leslie Sachs; Biography - Press Articles - Journalism - Photos about the historic political refugee from the United States in Brussels, Belgium » :
« Two EU Writers Under Threat of Murder: Roberto Saviano and Dr Les Sachs »

The writings of Dr Les Sachs are so important, that they permanently changed the history of the United States, keeping a bribery-tainted judge from leading the US Supreme Court.
« The article that changed the US Supreme Court, blocking the leading Chief Justice candidate: Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III, His Bribery Cover-Up for 4th Circuit Judges »
Now those same US mafia judges about whom Sachs was writing, have Google Inc. as their tool to have Dr Sachs silenced and murdered forever, as the Google 'Internet Gas Chambers' seeks to erase the truth of history itself.

Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs was nearly murdered in Brussels, Belgium by US mafia figures, aided by Google Inc., before members of the Royal Household of the King of the Belgians, Albert II, unofficially intervened to stop his assassination.

Dr Sachs is a rare kind of Jew today, but like most Jews before the Holocaust, a religious non-Zionist who is willing to be a good friend to Muslims, willing to 'oppose Pharaoh', i.e., to speak against crimes by the US regime or Israel. Like the learned ancient rabbis of a thousand years ago, Dr Les Sachs asserts that the highest expression of law is to oppose those whom ancient rabbis identified as 'murderous judges', like the bribe-taking judges of the US political mafia, currently mounting their criminal attack on EU citizens and on the European government itself.

Because Dr Les Sachs is the rare religious non-Zionist among leading Jewish figures in the media, because he is a friend of Muslims and all good people, Dr Les is targeted for attacks, slander and murder by neo-Nazis, who savour having Jewish atheist - Zionists to join efforts to slander Sachs and kill him. Today, most atheist - Zionist Jews, most Jewish 'organisations', are either too cowardly, or too hateful of non-Zionists, and so will leave the religious Jew Dr Les Sachs to die and be destroyed.

Making him even more vulnerable, the Polish Jew Sachs is a follower of the reforming Jewish rabbi Jesus of Nazareth; Sachs is a 'unitarian Christian' seeing Jesus as a great reforming Jew; this is within ancient Jewish and rabbinic tradition as well. The super-minority status of the Jew Sachs, non-Zionist and admiring Jesus, makes Sachs an even more attractive target of slander and murder by neo-Nazis.

And by following the ancient Jewish rabbis, daring to oppose the 'murderous judges' of the United States of America, where Polish Jew Sachs used to be living, Dr Les Sachs has spoken about the topic that is most forbidden by the US mafia and government - the bribe-taking judges. No one is able to significantly confront this, without being murdered or nearly destroyed, while Google Inc. sponsors a series of murders of Jews and other dissidents who dare to oppose this taboo corruption topic.

This must be understood by the European Commission and the European Parliament, who wonder why no one is able to speak for Dr Les Sachs from inside the United States. Any other journalist, any activist, any lawyer, any judge, who dares to speak about such US mafia crimes, faces being destroyed or murdered, and some have already died, some already murdered to silence them about Dr Les Sachs.

Those who speak about corrupt US mafia judges can be killed on the streets like Sunny Sheu, the latter murdered in just the last few weeks, perhaps directly as a result of Mr Sheu never having been able to find the writings of Les Sachs, Mr Sheu's murder enabled by Google Inc. blocking the truth from the internet.

US lawyers who dare to file a legal complaint about dishonest judges, face being disbarred, slandered, and even jailed, like brave elderly Jewish lawyer Richard Fine in the USA, instantly jailed and prevented from practicing law any further, so he cannot help anyone else, while Dr Les Sachs is blocked by Google from publishing about Mr Fine. If any US judge dares to oppose the US mafia, judges themselves are attacked by malicious charges, removed from office, or even murdered on the street. Meanwhile, Google Inc. helps to hide all such political terrorist crimes, by erasing journalism such as the writings of Dr Les Sachs, and extending the US mafia programme of murder to EU countries, and even to the EU capital, Brussels.

Google Inc. knows full well that criminally mis-using its monopoly power to block the journalism of Sachs from Google search results, is directly leading to the murder and destruction of innocent people, whose lives might have been saved if they had found the writings of Dr Les Sachs on the internet. Google Inc., continuing its efforts to murder Dr Les Sachs, seems to imagine it can continue to operate to murder and defraud and deceive EU citizens, through propaganda and deception of EU Commission and other European governmental authorities.

Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs deserves every aspect of protection that will be provided to him by EU Parliament members and the EU Commission. He is one of the bravest Jews, one of the bravest Poles, one of the bravest citizens, in the entire European Union, having risked his life, and torture and death in a jail cell, to support human rights under the Constitution of the United States, facing threats and slanders from bribed US judges, in 'proceedings' even US government authorities have admitted were fraudulent:
« US Justice Sources: US 'Trials' of Political Refugee in Europe Were Both Fraudulent »
Here, an official court record transcript from Virginia USA, Dr Les Sachs risking torture and death to defend human rights, as he confronts murderous lawyers of American neo-Nazi Patricia Cornwell, while Cornwell's extortionists speak openly about murdering Sachs, right on the United States court record:

Before Google Inc. joined the efforts to destroy and murder Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs, by Google blocking his websites from search results, Sachs was able to assist thousands of victims of the bribed judges of the US political mafia, including defrauded EU business people, and innocent EU citizens in US prisons, at least providing them the rare comfort of understanding what was happening to them, and that they were not alone.

Google Inc., in blatant and criminal contempt for EU authorities, fully recognises that it is the Google Inc. monopoly crimes to censor, destroy and murder Dr Les Sachs, which prevent EU citizen Sachs from being the foremost journalist in the world regarding bribed US judges, US judicial corruption and internet controls, and the US political mafia.

Google Inc. wants the Brussels Jew Sachs dead and silenced; the US political mafia wants the Brussels Jew Sachs dead and silenced; and the bribed judges of the USA want the Brussels Jew Sachs dead and silenced. As part of the push toward silencing and murdering Sachs, large sums of money are offered to media reporters and college professors to spread lies and defamations about Sachs.

Google Inc. is able to profit enormously from having Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs soon be a corpse on the streets of Brussels. When Sachs is dead, he will have no more ability to make EU Commission and court filings about the crimes of Google Inc. as a criminal company serving of the US political mafia and attacking EU citizens and businesses.

Google Inc. is earning billions of profit from its monopoly crimes of erasing the journalism of Dr Les Sachs from internet searches, because Google Inc. thus earns billions of dollars in favours from the bribe-taking judges of the United States, 'preferred' treatment by bribed judges when Google wants a legal 'victory' over someone. The precise same judges who are involved in bribery crimes against Dr Les Sachs – US judges like 'Judge Robert Payne is my name, Federal bribery is my game', and his partner Judge Norman Moon – have directly asked Google Inc to illegally erase the writings of Dr Sachs from EU and global internet searches, as a condition of Google Inc. being able to receive continuing bribery favours from USA high court judges.

Google Inc. has accepted this criminal deal with US mafia judges, agreeing to slander and murder Dr Les Sachs and erase his writings across the European Union.

Google believes that as the billions of dollars of value in receiving favoured treatment from corrupt judges, represent 'smart business' for Google Inc., willing to make money by murdering innocent people, and supporting terrorist acts and human rights crimes against EU citizens, and by defrauding EU banks and businesses.

The Google Inc. campaign to silence and murder Brussels journalist Sachs, is only partly via erasing Sachs' work from Google. Much of Google's role is that of encouraging and multiplying lies, hoaxes and defamations of Sachs, so that EU media are frightened away from telling the story, and even European lawyers have been frightened away from helping Sachs - exactly as the murderers of Sachs have tried to achieve, with Google Inc. as their leading criminal partner.

Because of Google Inc., Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs is one of the most brutally and unfairly slandered people in the world, with Google Inc. having encouraged all criminals, neo-Nazis, Jew-haters, and anti-Semites; and atheist - Zionist Jews who want to murder non-Zionist Jews; to spread lies about Sachs with the help of Google Inc.

With money from a multi-millionaire US mafia figure, the book-burning neo-Nazi Patricia Cornwell, fuelling the campaign of defamation, Google Inc. has invited all criminals and malicious parties, to plant an elaborate series of lies and hoaxes and defamations which Google agrees to carry without restraint, while all replies of Sachs are erased. Hundreds of thousands of euros have been spent to plant lies about Sachs on Wikipedia and via Google, in a pyramid of defamation by media reporters and college professors who lined up to take money to slander and murder a brave Jew:

« Google Agrees to Assist CIA, Blocking Belgian Journalism Websites to Help Murder US Dissident, non-Zionist Jew, in Brussels »

Many of the lies on the internet about Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs, published by media figures bribed and hired by US neo-Nazi writer Patricia Cornwell, were withdrawn from the internet after criminal charges were registered in Belgium against the large group committing criminal defamation to murder Dr Sachs. The Belgian government is, however, under US pressure not to press actions against the US political mafia. Despite menaces to himself, actions in Belgian courts will now be pursued by brave Belgian lawyer Georges-Henri Beauthier. Though perhaps half of the lies about Sachs on the internet were withdrawn from the web, many of the lies and defamations still remain, as Google Inc. continues efforts to destroy Dr Sachs.
« Criminal charges filed in Belgium today for terrorist crimes to murder and destroy Brussels journalist Les (Leslie) Sachs, against the US gov't; 4 US federal judges; US official Patrick Fitzgerald; author Patricia Cornwell; Google Inc.; Jimmy Wales & Wikipedia; CNN; AP; New York Times; Pearson plc; 7 US & Belgian law firms; college professors; and others. »

There are yet standing extortion threats to attack, slander and murder anyone who tries to help tell the truth about Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs. When members of the EU Parliament will be speaking about the crimes of Google Inc. to erase the journalism of the brave non-Zionist Jew Sachs, they will be risking their own lives to do so, much as Belgian lawyer Georges-Henri Beauthier is risking his life to act.

As staff members of the European Commission already realise, Google Inc. needs to be stopped NOW from continuing a programme of terrorism, fraud, deception and murder against EU citizens, a programme that, in its loyalty to the US mafia, Google Inc. could expand to help murder EU Parliament Members and EU Commissioners.

Journalists have already been murdered to prevent them from writing about Sachs, with Google Inc. directly supporting and participating in the murders, Google erasing some discussion of the murder from Google search results. Tragically killed to prevent him from writing about the crimes against Sachs, was another brave Jewish writer, David E. Rosenbaum, like Sachs a critic who dared to speak against the US mafia and the bribed US judges. The murder of Rosenbaum, shot to death on the streets before he could publish about Sachs, shows the bloody reality of Google Inc.'s willingness to help similarly murder EU journalists, and even EU Parliament members and European Commission officials. A page about murdered Jewish dissident Rosenbaum, censored and erased from search results by Google Inc., as part of Google Inc.'s anti-competition and monopoly crimes to benefit US mafia killers:

Aside from threats of murder, with murders already taking place, there are standing threats to slander and spread hoaxes about anyone who speaks positively about Dr Les Sachs. These are partly threats of financial and reputational extortion via corrupt courts of the United States, where bribe-taking judges – judges already engaged in criminal acts with Google – are ready to impose fake 'convictions' against anyone publishing truth about Sachs, or about any of the judges' other crimes, or about crimes by Google Inc.

As Google Inc. continues its deception and fraud against the European Commission, Google Inc. can be expected to use the results of its own censorship campaign, and point to bribed statements by Google's partners, the bribe-taking US judges, the bribed US university professors and bribed media reporters, as 'justifying' the Google anti-competition crimes to erase the websites of brave Jew Sachs from EU search results.

Google Inc of course will try to hide the fact that it is the monopoly and anti-competition crimes of Google Inc. itself which result in lies and propaganda that Google will use to deceive European Commission authorities.

Before Google Inc. began erasing the writings of Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs from search results, EU citizens and business owners were realising the truth and importance of what he had to say, in particular about the dangers of the corrupt and murderous US courts, which act as a bribery partner to US companies which are able to access the court bribery mafia. With the erasing of Sachs' journalism, Google Inc. helps US mafias to defraud EU businesses and banks and citizens of billions of euros, because they were not aware of what they might otherwise know.

In most languages, Google Inc. in the EU is quite deceptive, providing no indication that it is censoring search results to deceive, defraud and help murder EU citizens. In English, Google sometimes puts a very small-print notice that some search results have been blocked, so tiny that almost no Google user will read it or be aware of it. The small-print notice by Google then links to a page which is mostly blank and provides no information about the blockage.

Google Inc.'s anti-competition censorship leaves people unaware of Sachs' own websites and the many proofs Sachs holds that the US criminal mafia is spreading lies about him, while Wikipedia especially pushes hoaxes onto internet users, hoaxes and lies designed to make Sachs sound trivial, disturbed and criminal.

The Google monopoly to erase and slander the brave Jew Sachs, is utterly devastating in its effects, as even many other 'search services' are indirectly dependent on the degree of access to a website on Google. Most people who use the internet, thus never have access to Sachs' journalism, and wind up being deceived by the massive campaign of lies against Sachs, and become frightened away from associating with Sachs or from discovering the truth instead of the lies spread by Google Inc.

Google Inc. has thus spread of criminal defamations in an ever-spiralling pyramid of 'criminal blood libels', hoaxes to further the murder of a devoted religious Jew.

The major website of Dr Les Sachs which is censored and blocked from Google search results, with the most important journalism of Sachs with the most impact for EU citizens, banks and businesses, is this one – a print-out of the front page of this website is included with this EU report:

On the above website of important EU journalism censored by Google Inc., are these important articles, which, if known by European business leaders and citizens, could have saved billions of euros in losses, for example in the massive fraud of European targets by USA criminal elements in the financial crisis.

European victims, unaware of Sachs' important writing, now foolishly often ask for 'justice' from bribed mafia judges of the United States, who dismiss the cases after enormous wasted legal fees paid to US lawyers who are often also in the US mafia. In malicious intentional harm and fraud to the European Union, Google Inc., while slandering the reputation of the journalist, blocks articles such as:

Foreign Companies Face Risk of US Court Corruption:
Doing Business in the Big Bribery Nation

America's Corrupt Legal System -
A Danger to Visitors, Travellers as Well as USA Residents

Americans Murdering Their Judges, and the US Crisis of Judicial Corruption

In addition to the website above, with the principal journalism which desperately needs to be made available to every European, Dr Les Sachs maintains two other websites, also blocked and censored from Google search results.

One is a website with the biographical facts of the early life of the US mafia figure and neo-Nazi American writer, Patricia Cornwell, who has spent over a million euros attacking Dr Les Sachs, spreading lies and hoaxes about Dr Les Sachs, and trying to take away his human rights and murder him.

This report needs to speak of the neo-Nazi Patricia Cornwell, because the majority of lies and hoaxes on the internet about Dr Les Sachs – especially the lies spread by Jimmy Wales and Wikipedia – contain massive hoaxes and deceptions regarding Cornwell's crimes against Sachs. Most of these lies on the internet about Dr Les Sachs, are traceable to lies planted by dozens of individuals, who were bribed and hired by Cornwell. Bribed individuals include college professors, media reporters, lawyers, and of course the United States mafia judges like Norman Moon.

Another reason it is necessary to speak of Cornwell, is that Patricia Cornwell is already funding attacks to slander and murder EU journalists other than Sachs, and she may make attempts to slander or even murder staff of the European Commission or members of the European Parliament. Cornwell threatens to destroy anyone "who tries to help that Jew f-cker Leslie Sachs". Working for Patricia Cornwell to deceive, slander and murder EU citizens, is Cornwell's neo-Nazi lawyer Joan Lukey of the anti-human-rights Ropes & Gray law firm, operating in Europe as well as the US. Joan Lukey is a proven liar and criminal involved in bribery, extortion and perjury.

When the foul-mouthed Patricia Cornwell gets drunk and on drugs, she admits that the Sachs biography of her is accurate, and that she used bribery of judges, perjury and threats to kill people, in order to get Google Inc. to erase it from search results. Regarding her partnership with Google in destroying Dr Les Sachs, Patsy Cornwell is able to boast:
"So what if what that Jew f-cker Leslie Sachs writes is true? What's 'true' doesn't f-cking matter. I've got US judges, G-ddamn US federal judges, taking my money and licking my c-nt ... I OWN US federal judges, they're controlling the whole world internet for me, can you believe it, I CONTROL what's allowed on f-cking Google! ... Of course I threatened to kill that Jew f-cker Leslie Sachs. Of course I threatened to burn the Jew f-cker's books. Of I course I bribed Judge Payne ... So what if Mr Harvard Doctor kike Jew f-cker Leslie Sachs has all the proof in the world I threatened to kill him, it doesn't do the Jew motherf-cker any good, because I have that little Jew bastard f-cking erased from Google! ... I totally slandered that kike Jew f-cker Leslie Sachs all over the G-ddamn world, and he can't do a thing about it, because he is f-cking ERASED from Google ... That's how f-cking powerful I am!"

Patricia Cornwell is a multi-millionaire connected with the US political mafia and US neo-Nazis ever since she was a teen-ager. Since the 1990s, Patricia Cornwell she has boasted she can murder anyone and get away with the crime:

Obsessed with personal dominance over Jews, Patricia Cornwell is extensively involved with Jewish lesbian prostitute submissives, her major 'excuse' to deflect from her involvement in threatening to murder Jews. Patricia Cornwell enjoys committing crimes imitating Hitler's Nazi Holocaust and genocide, such as putting swastika's on people's houses, and she is the wealthiest person in the world involved in seeking and demanding book-burning of books by Jews, in her partnership with the neo-Nazi book-burning Willcox & Savage law firm of the USA mafia:

Patricia Cornwell is a proven repeated perjurer in the high courts of the United States, and is recognised by the law enforcement community as a criminal who should be in prison, given the proof of crimes enabling her instant arrest. However, Cornwell's role in funnelling millions of dollars to the American political mafia, means that she is non-touchable by honest law enforcement officials.

As a reward for her millions of dollars in 'donations', Patricia Cornwell is given full privileges of bribing US national judges, tormenting and killing a few Jews, and murdering and extorting innocent people generally, even though proof of criminal acts by Cornwell is public and widely available.

Google Inc. itself holds copies of proof of crimes by Cornwell at Google company offices, though Google's position is that since Cornwell is a part of the US political mafia, like Google itself, Google Inc. will thus help Cornwell murder people like the brave Brussels Jew Les Sachs. Some documents which Google's lawyers know well:
Patricia Cornwell's lawyers were directly recorded talking about murdering the Brussels Jew Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs here:
US Appeals Court and Supreme Court filings detail Patricia Cornwell's crimes of perjury, bribery, fraud and extortion in collusion with bribed US judges, but since the court filings expose the crimes of US mafia judges, the US judges exclude the court filings from official court records:
Excellent survey of Patricia Cornwell's bribery of US judges to slander and murder Dr Les Sachs:
« US Justice Sources: US 'Trials' of Political Refugee in Europe Were Both Fraudulent »

Though the hoaxes and defamations spread by Patricia Cornwell and her hired liars, have been debunked and exposed several times, they still persist on the internet, partly through how Google Inc. blocks the websites of Dr Les Sachs to prevent him from replying, and partly through the persistence of some slanderers, centrally Jimmy Wales and Wikipedia - Wikimedia, who have been extremely aggressive in their efforts to destroy Les Sachs with hoaxes backed by fake 'sources' from Cornwell.

Some of the hoaxes are red herrings designed to make Dr Les Sachs sound trivial, ignoring all the facts and proven crimes of neo-Nazi Cornwell and bribed judges, while making ridiculous claims the websites of Sachs are blocked because they are silly matters of 'plagiarism accusations' or 'trying to market himself'.

The ugliest and yet most laughable of the hoaxes, was the widespread criminal defamation that Dr Les (Leslie - Leszek) Sachs was a 'stalker', with Patricia Cornwell's perjured story that after he took political refuge in Europe, Dr Sachs had been 'sneaking' back into the United States, evading the USA Homeland Security and border controls, 'stalking' Patricia Cornwell around her mansion homes, and then sneaking back into Europe. Both the US and European governments confirm this is a perjured lie by Cornwell, even though the lies were widely carried around the world via media paid and bribed by Cornwell. A similarly absurd defamation was that Sachs' journalism and biography of Cornwell, are 'cyberstalking' or cyber-stalking' because Sachs does not keep quiet about Cornwell proven crimes, like how Patricia Cornwell hiring German neo-Nazi Tim Schulte to threaten to torture Sachs to death.

Ironically, the perjurer Patricia Cornwell is herself a proven stalker on numerous occasions, stalking other women to try to induce them to have lesbian sexual relations, including an episode in the 1990s where the newly-wealthy Cornwell began stalking Hollywood actress Jodie Foster:

When Patricia Cornwell gets drunk and on drugs, she admits her 'stalking' stories against Brussels Jew Les Sachs, were all perjured and false, a way to spread media and internet slanders that would defame Sachs. Cornwell is able to boast:
"That's the way you've got to destroy a Jew f-cker like that ... F-cking funny, I stalked that Jew bastard Leslie Sachs for years, planting all sorts of sh-t about him, totally f-cking smearing him on Wikipedia and everywhere else on the internet ... but look who now they're calling the 'stalker' all over the world, it's the stupid Jew f-cker Leslie Sachs, haha!"

The crimes of Jimmy Wales and EU monopoly 'reference source' Wikipedia, are also a major element of the Google Inc. monopoly crimes to erase the journalism of the Brussels Jew Sachs and murder him. Google erases Sachs himself while Wikipedia intentionally spreads lies that deceive the entire EU, and indeed the world. Clearly, Wikipedia deserves to be hit with major multi-million-euro fines as well, for its continuing monopoly efforts to deceive and defraud European citizens and the European Commission, the continued racist attacks by Wikipedia against Muslims, as well as Wikipedia's vicious multi-year programme to spread lies about Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs.

Jimmy Wales, founder and top person at Wikipedia, is a central member of the US political mafia, who has constructed Wikipedia so as to allow US political mafia figures to plant false information there to deceive most of the world, and to conduct operations of fraud and deception inside the European Union.

Google Inc. is the full partner of Wikipedia, artificially pumping Wikipedia into the top of nearly all such results, and intentionally and uniquely multiplying any lies planted on Wikipedia, into iterations of dozens or even hundreds of repetitions, so that search results on a given topic – like searching about 'Leslie Sachs' – are often totally dominated by lies that were planted on Wikipedia.

Wikimedia has long expressed enormous malice toward Dr Les Sachs, who was one of the early journalists to expose just how Wikipedia is used by the US political mafia, and by agencies such as the CIA and Israel's Mossad, to plant false information – here, another piece of journalism by Dr Sachs which Google Inc. criminally blocks EU citizens from finding on Google search:

The highest levels of Wikipedia have become involved in the efforts to murder Dr Les Sachs, with Sachs receiving direct hate mail telling him how Wikipedia administrators were working to silence and murder him, from Jimmy Wales' personal spokesman, the British-Australian Jew-hating racist David Gerard. Hundreds of complaints have been received by Wikipedia about the continued barrage of lies and hoaxes against Dr Les Sachs on Wikimedia, but Wikipedia's continued policy is to spread criminal defamations about Sachs, working as a partner of Patricia Cornwell to murder him.

Patricia Cornwell has long privately admitted and boasted of how her own staff members were writing the lies on Wikipedia to slander and help murder Dr Les Sachs, and this has been done with the apparent full personal approval of Jimmy Wales.

At Google Inc., the Google press office does not deny that Google CEO Larry Page, an atheist - Zionist Jew, has directly approved of Google Inc.'s monopoly campaign to erase the journalism of Dr Les Sachs, slander him and murder him. Google does not deny that Page intended Google to support Zionism by slandering Muslims and Islam, and to help exterminate such leading Jews like Sachs who are in defiance of Zionism or the American political mafia.

Larry Page CEO of Google, and Jimmy Wales the chief of Wikipedia, are both atheist -Zionist Jews, and it seems they both have agreed that the brave Brussels Jew Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs, needs to be silenced, needs to be slandered, and needs to be dead. And these two Zionists are both co-operating and reinforcing each other, to achieve these extremist objectives. Google Inc. erases the websites of Sachs from search results, while Wikipedia tells lies and spreads criminal defamations about Sachs, linked to dishonest 'sources' hired by neo-Nazi Patricia Cornwell; and then Google Inc. in turn takes the lies on Wikipedia, and multiplies them over and over again, while any self-defence by Sachs remains erased.

Amid the Google Inc. malice to destroy Brussels Jew Les Sachs and to murder him, Google Inc. also erases the personal website of Dr Les Sachs.
German Google executive Philipp Schindler, gives no sign of regret as he continues the policies of Hitler's Holocaust and genocide, spreading lies to murder a Polish citizen and Jew, blocking the attacked Jew Sachs from communicating with other Jews. Like one of the henchmen for Adolf Hitler himself, Schindler works so other Jews cannot find out how the Jew Sachs has been attacked by neo-Nazis, neo-Nazis like Philipp Schindler's partner in murder, the German neo-Nazi Tim Schulte.

Here is Dr Les Sachs' personal website, censored and erased from Google, like all of Sachs websites:

To see the true soul of this brave man whom monopoly Google Inc. is trying to murder, the European Commission and European Parliament members should look at the page of his website, where Dr Les Sachs has his dedication to his beloved 'child', whom he was never able to see alive again because he had to escape America to save his own life, leaving behind his beloved cat, the elderly and blind Miss Kitty:
"Miss Kitty, my little blind girl, my dear child, Whom I was never able to see alive again ... Miss Kitty died without me .. Without hearing one last word from me, Without one last touch of my hand upon her fur ... I will grieve about leaving you until the day I die, The day on which I will be happy to join you, Where you are now, in the arms of God."

If the material in these websites of Dr Les Sachs would have been known by European banks and businesses defrauded by USA criminals – who still foolishly seek 'justice' in US courts without knowing the bribery culture so eloquently detailed by Dr Les Sachs – they would often avoid billions of euros in losses, now being borne by EU citizens and businesses and taxpayers.

Without access to the writings of Dr Les Sachs, EU banks and businesses are finding out only slowly and individually, that US courts are not like in the Hollywood movies and US television shows. What they are finding is that, despite overwhelming evidence of fraudulent acts by US companies, the legal cases in US courts are mysteriously 'dismissed' by US judges.

EU banks and businesses are mystified about what happens, because they are blocked by Google Inc. from learning about the US culture of judicial bribery as Sachs explains so that everyone can understand. The companies tied to the US political mafia – like Google Inc. itself – are defrauding Europe, cocky that they have bribed US judges fully ready to help them defraud and even jail EU citizens.

What the US political mafia greatly fears, is that if a voice like that of the eloquent Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs, who barely escaped alive out of the USA, is allowed to speak freely on the internet, that the role of bribed US judges in helping US criminals to defraud and jail Europeans would become much better known.

EU banks and businesses are blocked by Google Inc. from learning how American neo-Nazis hired friends of a bribed US judge to torture Dr Les Sachs to death, how bribed US judges are able to use Google Inc. to silence victims and cover up for bribery crimes. EU companies and banks need to know this story, but Google Inc. is defrauding them, just like Google Inc. is deceiving the European Parliament and Commission by its censorship of Google Search in the Brussels region.

Sometimes, Google Inc. allows some articles by Sachs, to be found in searches when re-printed by others – but Google Inc. usually employs the 'Google Internet Gas Chambers' to exterminate these articles at their original locations, while slandering and defaming the author Sachs, thus discouraging the prominence that would result from allowing links to the originals in search results, and from allowing Sachs to defend himself against the internet lies about him.

Google Inc. continually works to have Sachs' reputation as well as his life destroyed. With its continues sponsoring of lies and defamations against Sachs, Google Inc. terrorises EU publishing companies and many others into avoiding this brave Jew Dr Les Sachs, who is 'slandered all over Google' as well as having his own journalistic work censored and exterminated.

Google Inc. thus takes a lead role in extortion and intimidation of lawyers and organisations who might be brave enough to help him, because they have to worry they will be 'slandered all over Google' too, and erased from communicating with the world, like Brussels Jew Sachs has been erased. It thus became a struggle for Dr Les Sachs just to stay alive at all, in the face of the anti-competition crimes to murder him by EU monopolies Google and Wikipedia.

As Google Inc. well knows, part of the impact and prominence of Sachs' journalism, is from his credentials as a Harvard-educated scholar of law and religion, one of the most educated people of the European Union or indeed of the entire world. There is such ultra-clear evidence of the crimes that were committed against Sachs by US neo-Nazis, politically-connected US mafia figures, and bribe-taking US national judges; and it was clear to all real people when they can access his work, that what Dr Sachs is saying is true.

It was the great gift of the eloquent Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs, that he was able to turn his own experience of victimisation, into a tool to help thousands of EU and other citizens who face fraud and extortion and other crimes by the US mafia who attacked him.

The gross anti-competition violations of the EU monopoly laws by Google Inc. and by Wikipedia – two organisations who are, at their highest levels, both devoted to the US political mafia – shows the utter desperation of that mafia to silence Dr Les Sachs and to murder him.

Google Inc. well understands that the only way to finally silence a journalist like Sachs, is to murder him, and Google Inc. continues to work toward that goal, of having Brussels Jew Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs murdered and exterminated.

The assassination of Sachs, impeded by heroic intervention of the members of the royal household of the King of the Belgians Albert II, is something that Google Inc. has a great financial incentive to accomplish, because the murder of Dr Les Sachs will also help bury evidence of Google Inc.'s criminal acts against the European Union, and Google Inc.'s deception and fraud of the EU Commission and the EU Parliament.

What is now needed, is for the EU Commission to act forcefully against the murderous anti-EU monopoly of Google Inc., before Google Inc. and its partners complete the murder of brave Jew Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs, making him a corpse who can say nothing more about their crimes.

Even if the neo-Nazis seeking to murder Sachs should complete their evil intentions, and Sachs winds up soon dead in Brussels thanks to the criminality of Google Inc., the European Commission should act with dispatch and resolve to see that no dissident, no non-Zionist Jew, no journalist in the EU, ever again faces such an ordeal of slander and extermination in the Google 'Internet Gas Chambers' as has been imposed by Google Inc., in its criminal war to silence and destroy the brave Polish Brussels Jew, Dr Les (Leszek - Leslie) Sachs.

- E-Mail: j.moisevich@pravda.ru

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