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Pres. Fox: knock down the revolt -Oaxaca/Mexi
Ali as Mexico - 28.09.2006 18:49

President Vicente Fox yesterday ordered to knock-down the Oaxacan teachers revolt and leave the corrupt governor Ulisses Ruiz into office, who assasinated several people by masked police troops and other criminal puppet gangs.

APPO participants preparing Molotov cocktails.
APPO participants preparing Molotov cocktails.


President Vicente Fox yesterday ordered to knock-down the Oaxacan teachers revolt and leave the corrupt governor Ulisses Ruiz into office, who assasinated several people by masked police troops and other criminal puppet gangs.

Also anonyous sources from Mexico-city stated yesterday, that Federal Police troops will be in the outskirts of Oaxaca-city for a possible intervention early this morning (what didn't happen yet).

Ulisses Ruiz also has ordered a university to replace 4 teachers for his puppets.

Street barricades have been enforced and Molotov cocktails ready.
Although the kind of 'weapons' used by APPO teacher protesters, still is 'childish' and of no military strategic importance (what is their principle road: non-violent; only defending), the situation is getting much grimmer.

Because they NEVER will accept that mob-boss and assasinator Ulisses Ruiz can continue office and 'be' the 'democratic' Oaxacan 'people's representative'. Therefore they NEVER will accept a violent intervention ment only to keep him into office, but they probably will loose on first hand.

However: The result of leaving the path of piece by Federals and proofing they never will drop the criminal boss Ulisses Ruiz, will be an armed civilians guerilla, actively supported by at least 35.000 people (and a reasonable part of them who really will take up the arms). That was my count of the last Mega Marcha (according to others much higher). The people are quite reasonable piecefull, but that is ONLY as long the other party can keep up its face of being civilised. If not; they have no false civilised behaviour problems in taking up the arms too for THEIR legitimate right on THEIR state and country.

However; till now there are only signs of probable false-flag groups and cover-orgs; militaries acting like guerilla's and getting some minor-aged 16 year old lookings into it. And a very few people having guns, used in very rare situations, like sporadic defending when others come up with guns.

Among this, shops closed for two days to ask the goverment to do something about the situation that is now continuing for 4 months.

Not only the goverment has some bad habbits; in Mexico is a garbage culture; "cultura basura" not to compare with USA culture and especially not with the average culture in (North) Western Europe.
When people have a bit more money and status in Mexico, they are even more "basura", because they think they're better and know more and are only focused on their own personal world and gains, discriminating others like the 'stupid and primitive' indigenous.
So those people also like the Federals to come in purely for their direct personal reasons (like profit loss, traffic problems), neglecting the facts that they support a corrupt assasin and mob boss, violating Mexican laws, to be their 'democratic representative'


Watch the newsevents yourself:

English Oaxaca articles:

Mexican /Spanish Oaxaca articles:

Lees meer over: Oaxaca vrijheid, repressie & mensenrechten

uit dit artikel zijn aanvullingen verwijderd, zie spelregels
veel geklets doet de zaak geen goed 
poul van bremen - 29.09.2006 23:10

De toestand in 0axaca is verwarrend want er wordt veel gekletst: meer gekletst dan gedaan en ik denk dat de kletspraatjes vooral uit de hoeken komen van de burgertrutten en de aanhagers van Ulises Ruiz die na 4 maanden genoeg van het een en ander hebben gekregen. Wees dus voorzichtig met verhalen die over 0axaca worden geschreven. Ik woon hier en heb alle toestandehet begin af aan meegemaakt. Zolang de onderhandelingen met Gobernacion worden gehandhaaft is er geen vuiltje aan de lucht en zal er vast geen interventie plaatsvinden omdat dat eenvoudigweg niemand ten goede komt.

E-Mail: poul14@hotmail.com
300 provocators & F.Police await Fox's orders 
AaM - 30.09.2006 03:32

(Hallo Paul, tijdje terug! Over enkele weken weer op locatie; neem dan contact met je op)

From Nancy Davies (one of the NarcoNews writers):

To update those of you who are not here- and the mass media misleads all the time , anyway-The PFP (federal police) are here and waiting for orders to attack.
La Jornada got information about a big group of provocateurs, organized by the Oaxaca government to create chaos and vandalism. Four PRI groups – about 300 people– affiliated with CROC and CTM are ready to start trashing. These are not the feds.
On September 27 we woke up to see that all was well. One big night of threat over with, nothing happened.

My reasoning against attack may be too simple. There are three and half million in the state: the nation’s largest indigenous population, the nation’s largest teachers union, and the nation’s poorest, or close to it. Put it all together and it spells trouble for a repressive force. According to the news, the real deterrent is fear of failure. On the other hand, they might be afraid of success, since we are coming up on Oct 2 which is the anniversary of a Mexico gov’s massacre of students, twenty-some yeas ago, and nobody’s forgotten it.

Thursday was supposed also to be the first of two days of a work-stoppage by the Oaxaca business community. I have not yet figured out why they would want to do that, and I suspect they haven’t either, because only 60% (Noticias estimate, I would say less) actually did close, likewise today. That was a failure, and opening the schools by Government dictum was a failure also.

The popular teachers movement remains consistent, demanding the ouster of URO, the teachers voted once again not to budge until he’s out; then again, on September 27, the most recent teachers vote in their assembly, was not to return to the classrooms until URO leaves. The teachers also demand the release of the movement’s political prisoners, Germán Mendoza Nube, Evangelio Mendoza González, Catarino Torres Pereda y Ramiro Aragón Pérez.

The APPO foot march – Oaxaca to Mexico– changed its route to prudently avoid the state of Puebla, where resides one of the governors who is thought to be “domino numero uno”, if URO goes. The marchers have been fed and brought water and fruit along the way, both by local people and by the vans the APPO sends. They sleep indoors or in vans, off the ground. A photo in Noticias shows them alongside an open truckload of soldiers, who don’t appear to be hostile. Nevertheless, the APPO has designated a contingent of members to walk ahead of the two to three thousand people on the road, (and then I heard 6,000)to act as a “guard”. They are armed with the usual sticks and pipes. Within the state of Oaxaca there are rumors (again) that many police units have signed a document saying they will not shoot to kill their brethren.
That has to be another uneasy feeling for Abascal and Diododoro, and URO.

The teachers remain on “máxima alerta”. The Secretary of Internal Affairs, Carlos Abascal Carranza, stated “we are neither anticipating nor ruling out the use of federal forces”. What’s going on?

The PRI has only the power of alliance, it’s too small to carry off anything on its own.

The PAN needs the PRI vote in the legislature to beat back a surge against its president-elect Felipe Calderon by the PRD, which believes the election was fraudulent. If the PAN lets URO fall, that would be taken as a sign that the PAN won’t support any of the other PRI officials whose heads would roll if a popular movement sweeps the country. Thus far, the PRI has convinced the PAN that of the two choices, to intervene in Oaxaca or not, better to intervene. If the PAN Fox gove doesn't ok the repression, the PRI will go over to the PRD.
The PRD is quick to point out what is going on. If the PAN cuts loose the PRI, the PAN cannot out-vote the PRD.

The PRD, we may recall, was formed not a decade ago by PRI dissatisfaction, so it’s not as if the PRD is the knight in shining armor. But many of the Oaxaca APPO back the PRD, and expect to be backed in return. This puts pressure on the PRD to defend Oaxaca.

Many of the APPO follow other political currents, many to the left of AMLO, who, after all, is another capitalist, in the populist mode. What kind of currents? Well, the APPO itself is a movement without political pretensions. It’s in a daily battle to rein-in the socialist, communists, Trotskyites, and PRD currents, along with adherents to the Zapatista Other Campaign, so that a focus will be placed on its own popular assemblies.
It is the Teacher-APPO politic that attracts the indigenous and campesino adherents. The socialists tend to be urban intellectuals. The APPO model is what is being presented in other states, and the APPO has sent out delegates to further that work, much as have the Zapatisas, to further their position.

Like the Zapatistas, the APPO is horizontal in structure, or at least it’s trying to be. The “movement leaders” supposedly are dispensable, and like the union assemblies, from which the teachers move their consensus up the ladder from the base, this is what the APPO is all about. That’s why the teachers, the Zapatistas and the APPO fit together in a social movement, altho right now the Zapatistas are sitting this one out The issues of each group, not the method, constitutes their differences. They all are concerned with the poverty of the many and the wealth of the few, and the disregard for the indigenous population. The APPO is openly anti-neoliberal, as are the Zapatisas. Oaxaca majority want URO out.

So what’s a political party to do? La Jornada had a headline yesterday, “The renunciation of Ulises Ruiz never was considered in the meeting carried out at Los Pinos” between URO and Fox. Huh? We also read that URO was offered once or twice a face-saving kick upstairs, but declined. He wants to stay as governor.

Fox and the PRI governors had a new political strategy, which as I read it, sounds like buying off the struggle. Written in La Jornada by Rosa Elvira Vargas: …” a new political strategy to resolve the conflict in Oaxaca…consists of a new economic proposal to the teachers of Section 22… and in an offer to the organizations making up the APPO, to reform various laws and local institutions and solve specific political problems, like the liberation of political prisoners.” It took 11 governors and more than two hours to conceive of this plan: “An integral package which takes care of the demands of Section 22 of the teachers. Second, attending to the social claims and a profound political reform: what the prisoners of Loxicha demand, what the APPO demands, the businesses, all of that is on the Oaxaca agenda. Third, the coordinated, respectful responsible action of all the governments – municipal, state, federal, seeking what is the best policy and the agreements to resolve this conflict.”

A package of reforms of institutions, electoral methods and law of transparency was included. Along with this was the idea that somehow URO would be monitored by the federal authorities, sort of a governor’s house arrest procedure.

This incentive package was followed by claims and disclaimers regarding the use of federal forces. Fox is saying that he’ll resolve the Oaxaca crisis before he leaves office. Maybe.

I appreciate the optimism of people like Tomas, who suggest the APPO has won this round. I agreed as recently as yesterday. Like everyone else's, my mood swings. Today I can't believe that Fox will hold back, what with the hounds baying at his heels. But since he SHOULD, maybe he will. This is a losing proposition for the PAN and national PRI, benefitting only local PRI (and the legislators today voted themselves a new extended term of office) and URO, for as long as he lasts.

If the shit hits the fan, don't believe any media reports except Jornada and Noticias. Those of you who can translate, at that time, perhaps will be kind enough to do so, and I will. We'll try to keep you informed.
3000 Federale Politie + legersteun 
AaM - 30.09.2006 10:00


3000 Policía Federal Preventiva (PFP) -Federale politie troepen- logistiek bijgestaan door het leger, komen vanuit omliggende staten naar Oaxaca, of zijn daar al.

"La operación Ciclón 5 estaba programada para ser activada la madrugada del 1 de septiembre, pero fue abortada de última hora por los mandos de la PFP."

Zou dus ongeveer nu moeten beginnen, maar zou uitgesteld zijn vanwege eisen van de federale politie.
Operatie Zyclon B of zo. Schoonmaken dus; opgeruimd staat netjes.

Van zondagochtend naar maandag? 
AaM - 30.09.2006 10:32

Corr.: zondagochtend vroeg moeten beginnen, maar uitgesteld
zie ook 
GI - 30.09.2006 11:16

Marine copters + vliegtuig 
AaM - 01.10.2006 03:34

Helicopters Oaxaca-city
Helicopters Oaxaca-city

Goede link & artikel Globalinfo! _/^

Laatste nieuws:

"Please dear Sirs.
It is very important to send mails to all your contacts saying that at exactly at 4:50 minutes Saturday afternoon , September the 30th, helicopters from the Mexican Marine Corps and the PFP (Federal Preventive Police), started overflying downtown Oaxaca,Mexico, trying to intimidate its citizens revolting against its corrupt Government. On the Oaxacan Peoples Popular Assembly (APPO) radio,it was asked to all citizens to remain calm, not to start violence and to send phone, mail and voice messages to all authorities and people who could act as witnesses to this attack. So please, do it!"

"Planton frente a los consulados y convocatoria para la solidaridad int'l
Puedes mobilizar gente, que estamos en maxima alerta para un ataque de PRI policia vestodos como militares."

Vert.: "Alerta Maxima" (hoger dan "Roja") vonwege een mogelijke aanval van PRI (,?) politie in militaire kleding; verzoek om mensen te mobiliseren.

(batallion 36 uit Minatitla-Veracruz, is overigens ook in stelling gebracht vermoedelijk vooral in de bergen boven Oaxaca-stad)

Andere nieuwsbronnen spreken van marine helicopters en een militair (verkennings) vliegtuig(je) -mogelijk zo'n groen ding met lange vleugels die langzaam en laag kan vliegen, als ik eerder zag tesamen met diverse voertuigen en bloccades & controles diep op het platteland, toen ze een maandje terug langzaam de mobilisaties richting Oaxaca-stad begonnen).
waiting for attack URGENT  
AaM - 01.10.2006 04:01

From Nancy Davis:

The word I have now is that there are about 5,000 men wearing army uniforms who are not army, but police, culled from other states like Vercruz and Morelia, that is to say, this is a PRI operation, not the federal troops, altho I don't know how our source explains the "naval" helicopters (maybe not?). The "police" are heavily armed, and the attack is supposed to happen around 10:00 PM Oaxaca time. The attack, code name cicloncinco, was revealed by the same person who informed our friend that there would be a drive-by shooting last night, which came true.

Our friend says there are already a lot of PRD people gathered in the zocalo, thousands have gathered, apparently including some foreigners including univision and CNN.

Aid is asked for food, water, telephone lines. Only one radio station is still operating

Our friend told us to stay off the streets. Good friend. The one still operating radio station says, stay calm, not respond to acts of aggression which are provocations. Our friend says the city is "surrounded" , not sure what that means.

Anybody who can email should do so, to any addresses you have, phone calls, faxes, etc. (carlosabascal@ segob.gov. mx) the message is "no a la repression, si a la destitucion de Ulises Ruiz."

La Jornada has a live feed running on their site. Please disseminate news however you can.

There is still a chance that this is psychological warfare, very tiring. Doesn't look good right now.
Fwd: Sobrevuelan helicópteros de la Armada el 
AaM - 01.10.2006 04:09

Earlier message form Nancy:

At five o'clock we went outside to the street and took photos, for what good that will do. The helicopters are Navy grey, belonging to the PFP. It looked like a reconaissance circling.
The zocalo immediately began to fill with hundreds of people, singing and shouting slogans, The press conference was a rally, people shouting slogans and singing. Call for national and interantional aid. Spread the word. came home to listen to streets pretty empty north of the zocalo

Jornada en linea
Sobrevuelan helicópteros de la Armada el centro de Oaxaca
Hermann Bellinghausen
30/09/2006 17:03
Oaxaca, Oax. A las 16:40 de este sábado, dos grandes helicópteros de la Armada sobrevolaron la plaza de Oaxaca de manera muy ostensible. Very showy display of huge helicopters
De inmediato, la gente llenó las calles y en el zócalo se congregaron centenares de personas en una manifestación espontánea, repitiendo las consignas “Ya cayó, ya cayó, Ulises, ya cayó” y “Lo quiera y no lo quiera, Ulises va pa fuera”. people ran down to zocalo
Las guardias de la Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca (APPO) lanzaron cohetones de alerta y se generalizó la idea de que la intervención policiaca tan anunciada podría ser las próximas horas. The APPO launched rockets for an alarms
Ya se congregan en la plaza simpatizantes de la APPO y parte de la dirección provisional.
Hasta las 17 horas, los sobrevuelos continúan.

This was five, but by 5.30 helicopters left
Update from Nancy = 8 choppers (marines) 
AaM - 01.10.2006 05:24

At 9:00 PM the APPO closed the historic center, telling people who were caught away from hoem to present themselves as rapidly as possible to pass through the barricades. The APPO has determined to fight off any attack, asking people to come in support, and at the same time telling those outside the city and around the state to organize their defense.

The radio Ley has been calmly presenting a lawyer's account of what could happen next, as the barricades go up around the center of the city shaped like an island inside the highway roads.. Logically, if URO asks for federal intervention that's a tacit declaration that he cannot govern, and he's caught by the fact of the ungovernabilty- which means that he can be replaced --it's sort of like a catch22 for him, but that legal scenario wouldn't apply if he can get other PRI states to do the attack, as long as it's a success - -. If it fails he's out, so I guess he thinks he has nothing to lose. 5,000 might not be enough men to do it. "No pasaran" says the radio, let's multiply the barricades.


Señala Flavio Sosa, uno de los dirigentes de la asamblea, que fueron ocho helicópteros los que llegaron a la ciudad

This message is talking about 8 choppers, comming from a military / marines base near the oil refinery at Salina Cruz/Tehuantepec who transported troops (and/or materials?) to Oaxaca-city.
Troops to Istmo Thehuantepec / Salina Cruz 
AaM - 01.10.2006 05:29

Corr: Troops also deployed on Salina Cruz / Tehuantepec (whole Istmo region are PRD and anti-PRI strongholds, which will inflame after attack on Oaxaca-city). Excuse my Spanish: no direct connection seems to be made between the choppers and this event.
C 130 troop transports 
AaM - 01.10.2006 06:52

En alerta máxima APPO ante incursión de aeronaves militares
OAXACA- La Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca (APPO) se declaró esta noche en alerta máxima ante la incursión de dos aviones C-130 de la Fuerza Area Mexicana -para desembarco de paracaidistas- y dos helicópteros de la Marina que sobrevolaron el centro de la ciudad y la periferia a lo largo de la tarde.
A las 18:40 horas de hoy un avión bimotor ATR empezó a circunvolar por toda la periferia de la ciudad.
Pic's heli's & marines involvement 
AaM - 01.10.2006 07:28

Heli en Oaxaca
Heli en Oaxaca

Heli Militares
Heli Militares

(Last pic doesn't seem recent)

Info is that this indeed were Marine choppers, versus other info that the choppers were Policia Federales.

"...Los helicópteros de la Marina, uno de ellos con matrícula AMMLT-200, cruzaron también por el espacio aéreo en donde se encuentran las antenas de la radiodifusora La Ley, que es la única que continúa transmitiendo las emisiones de la APPO, ya que Radio Oro salió del aire desde ayer por la tarde. ..."

There is a strong colloboration between militaries and Federal Police.
In that way it is not more than logical, that well trained Marines are involved in the strategical work of this operation, as they also protect Mexican oil-installations.

It seems they carefully examined where are the weak points, so that police forces and/or allied PRI-gangs, can find there way in somewhere.
Request demo Mexican ambassy Oct 3d 
AaM - 01.10.2006 07:49

The Fox Government threatens to violently repress the popular movement in Oaxaca!
Sit-in in front of the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles
Tuesday October 3rd, 2006 @ 8:00a.m.-9:30 p.m.
This same day, the march-walk of the APPO from Oaxaca to D.F. arrives in the capital to demand the ousting of PRI Govenor, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz.
Called by: The Broad Front in Solidarity with Oaxaca
Para más info: (323) 806-2198 o al (323) 286-5243
Misschien iets om elders na te volgen?
pic to above msg +gunshots yesterday 
AaM - 01.10.2006 08:50

Marcha Oaxaca-D.F.Mexico
Marcha Oaxaca-D.F.Mexico

English Google news articles:

For example:
OAXACA, Mexico, Sept 29 (Reuters) - Unidentified gunmen opened fire on Friday near a road block set up by striking teachers in Mexico's colonial city of Oaxaca, where months of protests against the state governor have scared off tourists.
A Reuters witness heard at least ten shots fired before sun-up close to a barricade in the graceful center of the city, the capital of Oaxaca state in southern Mexico. No one was injured.


Update Nancy + article operación 'Zykon B' 
AaM - 01.10.2006 15:12

I went to sleep around 12:30 and could hear the people singing at the barricades, the basic revolutionary songs. It was kind of like being in a movie .

It's now 8:00 AM. There was a strong overnight mobilization of the social movement/ the APPO, and no attack was launched on the part of the government. According to La Jornada this morning, the federal troops are in Salinas Cruz along with 10 (? am I forgetting the number?) helicopters and tanks. The photos Jornada has are clearly military, those a the real guys. So that doesn't sound like the gov has given up yet.

Where's the PRI? That I don't know. I did not hear any shooting.

Thanks to everyone who spread the alarm - who knows how much that helps. I'm inclined to suppose that it deters to some extent. But daylight makes everyone feel better. APPO says, just this minute, take down the barriicades (they go up very night, so I don't know if this means specifically the ones blocking entrance to the city -probably so.

Our source who said the PRI police/thugs are here around the city has not reported in.

So now there will be another march (what else) of the ISSSE national health service, this morning to the zocalo. Another day.


Operation ´Zyclon B´ to clean the ´Jewish Communist´ revolt in Oaxaca, Mexico

“Operación Ciclón 5” is meant to clean up the Oaxacan revolt against the rich-elite´s corrupt Imperialism and false NeoCon version of Capitalism.

With a fresh strong wind, strong enough with the whirling force of its gasses and cleaning all the lower revolting people in it´s path.
Looking back into history, this is exactly what the Nazi´s and Hitler did, with support of
the same kind of people.
It was the war against communists, who were a threath for the very rich high-elite.
The Nazi´s fought this ´war against communism´ and ´war against terror´, first focussing only on the Jews involved in the Communist struggle.

For this purpose, IG Farben, founded by Carl Duisberg,
made a cyanide product called “Zyclon B”. It was meant to clean the Communist Jews with a strong fresh whirley wind.
So they killed appr. 6 million; to be more correct, not all of them by Zyclon B.
IG Farben also had a labor camp with the sign at its entrance: “Arbeit macht Frei” (labour makes free).

Dutch prince Bernhard was a pre war SS officer, also serving at IG Farben, or one of the companies that integrated into it.
After the war in 1949 they founded the “Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft”;
a freemason group for the exchange of elite students between Germany and the USA.
Strange enough they got away with naming a group to the founder of IG Farben.
Henry Kissinger and Carl Bildt are involved and I suppose the late prince Bernhard too, as they are his friends and he worked at Carl Duisberg´s IG Farben before.
Prince Bernhard founded the Bilderberg Group in 1954.
Kissinger was in it and many important people from around the world, to discuss every year how the world should be changed.
Accidently or not, it was the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft that brought over Mohammed Atta to The States, helped by a high-elite German couple.
The same German couple was connected to the Florida flight school of the Dutch Rudi Dekkers.
He had a tax debt of 1 or 2 million dollar to the Dutch government because of tax fraud. They never asked for it, while his flight school had a prosperous bank-account.
Always nice to have friends like Bernhard, arranging things!

Anyway, forget that story, it´s not that important and you´re not supposed to know.
(They now have a new secret flight school on a tiny-miny far away Pacific island, named “Nieu”)

Back to the Operación Ciclón 5:
What could that mean; does anyone have info on that?

Yes; it refers to Zyclon B, in Spanish “Ciclón B”, but that must be highly accidental.
The abbrevation of Ciclon 5 is C.5. And that of Ciclon B is C.B.
The abbreviations C.5. and C.B., don’t look like eachother at all!

I think its code for C.S.-gas the riot police use.
The abbrevation of Ciclón 5 is C.5.
C.S. and C.5: Yes, that´s it! Especially when one writes it down in normal handwriting, a “5”is exactly the same as an “S”!

Well, I already was making all kind of false assumptions.
Luckely it has nothing to do with Zyclon B, or in Spanish “Ciclón B”.
You see that abbrevation doesn´t fit in the picture; one then would get:
CB / C5 / CS. So it must be ONLY C5 and CS

On the contrary: it´s just a code for harmless CS-gas, that riot police uses to clean up the Oaxacan revolt, with a strong fresh whirley wind of gass. Excuse me that I was stuck in ancient times a bit. The whole issue of Communists and Jews was quite a long time ago. It´s history, we´re now living in a new fresh whirley era and we need to keep on moving, so one just has to accept that.
Real soldiers Oaxaca-city 
AaM - 02.10.2006 03:14

Pic military chopper
Pic military chopper

Belongs to article:

See their recent video's:
(more video's: on the right)


La Jornada website:

Waar zou de strijd gevoerd moeten worden? 
poul van bremen - 03.10.2006 18:12

0axaca is een arme Staat in een arm land en velen zeggen dat het de armste Staat is in Mexiko. En die armoede is vooral op het boerenland te vinden: geen werk, geen toekomst, alleen maar stilte. De strijd die we zien is voornamelijk in de stad 0axaca, hoewel de schoolmeesters in de hele Staat hun verplichtingen hebben. Logieserwijs is die politieke strijd in 0axaca te vinden omdat het het sentrum is van de politieke macht. Jammer genoeg is de situaatsie nu zover gekomen dat er geprovoceerd wordt dat het leger en de marine moeten ingrijpen, hoewel ik niet geloof dat Fox zover zal gaan. Morgen is het een belangrijke dag voor 0axaca waarin besloten wordt of er verder gepraat kan gaan worden, of . . . . . ? Dat hangt af van de kreativiteit van de politieke geesten die zeggen dat ze de macht in Mexiko vormen. Ik hoop dat er in de toekomst meer dan iets kan worden gedaan in waar de achterstand het grootst is - het boerenland. Dat zou een strijd zijn waardig voor een paar bladzijden in de geschiedenisboeken van het land. De politiek herhaalt zichzelf en de macht blijft gekonsentreerd in de steden terwijl juist het boerenland meer en veel meer andacht nodig heeft . . . . .

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few quiet days; what next? 
AaM - 04.10.2006 04:50

Few days reasonable quiet now. They've backed up a bit, but stil are there. What next? They won't call them back. Waiting for a better day for a surprise attack? Or just taking time till December 1st (Fox promised to solve his before he leaves office)? Did Fox call back the stupid dog Ulisses Ruiz, the governor, who wanted to attack and/or provoke with his (official, masked, and civil clothes) police forces and PRI supproters? That instead of the Federal Police comming in first, but then they follow to solve the problem. For now this scenario was (temporary) left. Are 3000 Federal Police + other backup, just going to sleep here for a month and awaiting for orders? Or will there soon be an action?
Country struggle & Fox peace speech? 
AaM - 04.10.2006 05:27

@Poul: You're right, but the protestors in Oaxaca city are mainly fron the rural areas! And a fight/struggle in rural areas is much more dangerous; for militaries its an easy combat; they don't like a city-guerila. In Salina Cruz, near Tehuantepec, have arrived even TANKS, because this area is heavily PRD and against PRI, with combats in the past (Juchitan). A month ago, there already was a military build up on the country side overthere; people never saw them before inside their peublo/community; small combat group, many jeeps with an armored car (small tank with rubber bands), inspection plane, roadblocks & inspections, Marines in front of the internet shop & that for a small comunity. And there have been protest overthere; local governments have been occupied recently and there was a hughe demo at Juchitan (where a big battle with the PRI found place in the past with many deaths). That was when rumors came out Ulisses Ruiz might want to transfer his gov to that place.

Addition to the possibilities of attack versus negotiations:

Buscará Fox acuerdo en Oaxaca “hasta el último minuto”

El presidente Vicente Fox Quesada se pronunció por agotar “hasta el último minuto y segundo” toda posibilidad de un arreglo al conflicto en el estado de Oaxaca.
“Comentaba yo esta mañana, porque hoy es recurrente el tema de Oaxaca, y decía que lo que sí tenemos muy claro es que lo que no quiere la gente de Oaxaca ni la gente de cualquier lugar en el país es violencia”, expresó.
Por eso, puntualizó el Ejecutivo federal, “hay que agotar hasta el último, hasta el último minuto y segundo, toda posibilidad de un arreglo, toda posibilidad de sacar adelante una solución para todos”.

Fox is prepared to seek for a solution untill the last minute, second.
He adds that the people of Oaxaca and Mexico don't want violence and a divided country, so he wants to look for every possibilty to arrange this for all people.

So maybe we getting somewhere, step by step.
Before; always the demonstrators were accused of violence, while there even is proof that masked Oaxacan police (in many police cars filmed on camera and accidently transmitted on TV Azteca; they even couldn't stop these hard facts anymore) killed an ingenieer and destroyed a radio/TV station with bullets.

But they probably also will take every opportunity to march on, if there are weak points. Maybe step by step and not one hughe attack.
That is just strategics. Bring the order back where it is 'neccesary'; especial 'liberating' media (because this is a media war) and government buildings.
Just test eachother a bit and advance at some points without a major escalation?
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