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Criminal charges in Belgium against US gov't, judges, others
Marc DeRuijter - 14.01.2010 14:29

Criminal charges filed in Belgium today for terrorist crimes to murder and destroy Brussels journalist Les (Leslie) Sachs, against the US gov't; 4 US federal judges; US official Patrick Fitzgerald; author Patricia Cornwell; Google Inc.; Jimmy Wales & Wikipedia; CNN; AP; New York Times; Pearson plc; 7 US & Belgian law firms; college professors; and others.

Photo Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs, victim of US attacks in Brussels
Photo Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs, victim of US attacks in Brussels

Today, numerous criminal charge complaints were registered in Brussels, Belgium, before Belgian police and commencing process with Belgian magistrates, detailing a wide-ranging scheme of terrorist and anti-Semitic crimes to murder, destroy and slander the Brussels-based journalist Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs, a non-Zionist Jew of unitarian Christian faith, now an EU citizen, and a political refugee dissident from the United States, who has lived in the Netherlands and Belgium since March 2004.

Criminal charges were filed in the name of victim Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs, charges including the following:
- acts of terrorism, in particular, politically related threats of murder against Sachs;
- acts of anti-Semitism and racist hate crimes, threatening the murder of a Jew, and inciting the worldwide racist hatred of a non-Zionist Jew, and a series of criminal acts to take away a Jew's human rights;
- acts of criminal and racist defamation and calumniation against Sachs, spreading lies about Sachs on the internet and in global media, lies that Sachs is a 'stalker' and many other lies to calumniate and destroy him, and frighten others away from associating with him or helping him;
- extra-judicial acts of terrorism by corrupt US judges, using the 'colour of law' and fraudulent 'legal proceedings' as a vehicle to engage in crimes of political terrorism and criminal defamation and threaten to torture Sachs to death; and illegal attempts by these judges to enforce their malice against Sachs by criminal acts on Belgian territory, including sending harassing e-mails to Sachs and illegal 'orders' to Google to block Sachs' journalism around the world;
- international acts of criminal extortion, intimidation, fraud and deception; including criminal e-mails with viruses sent by US agents to destroy European computers; and extortion and intimidation by US agents, of Belgian lawyers who had promised to help Sachs; as part of the racist and terrorist crimes above;
- illegal controls of the European internet by US judges and the CIA, the illegal blocking and erasure of the European websites of Sachs, from Google and internet search engines, as part of the terrorist crimes to murder Sachs and defame him, and to spread lies about Sachs in Belgium and Europe and throughout the world.

Criminally charged in Belgium, as involved in the terrorism and related crimes against Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs are the following:

Criminal charges against:
- Four US federal (national) judges of the United States, in the US Virginia Fourth Circuit: Judge Henry Hudson, Judge Norman Moon, Judge Robert Payne, Judge Harvie Wilkinson; these US judges charged with extra-judicial and anti-Semitic crimes of threatening to torture to death the Jew Les Sachs in a US jail cell, and then taking a series of criminal actions to destroy the human rights of Sachs in Europe after threatening to jail and kill Sachs in the United States;
- US Virginia federal courthouse employee Donna Kuniholm, other US courthouse staff to be named;
- the United States Government, and officials and FBI and CIA agents yet to be named;
- United States Justice Department US Attorney and CIA representative Patrick Fitzgerald, charged in participating in criminal acts to try to murder Les Sachs in Europe and destroy his human rights;

Criminal charges against:
- George Bush family friend and well-known author Patricia Cornwell (Patricia Daniels Cornwell), her companies such as Patricia Cornwell Enterprises, along with numerous agents, law firms and companies financially tied to Cornwell and charged with involvement in criminal and terrorist acts with Cornwell to destroy and murder Dr Les Sachs, and Cornwell employees and staff members, some yet to be named, some named below;

Criminal charges against:
- Google, Inc.; and other US-based internet search engines to be named as committing similar criminal terrorist offences along with Google, illegally blocking the websites of Les Sachs in Europe to illegally aid the CIA and US judges, to help in destroying Sachs and to enable his murder;

Criminal charges against:
- Wikipedia and the Wikimedia foundation; Wikipedia founder and leader Jimmy Wales; Wikipedia UK spokesman David Gerard; Wikipedia Belgium spokesman 'Walter' (last name unavailable); CIA contractor Dynacorp - Dyncorp, and staff members of Patricia Cornwell, charged as operating on Wikipedia for criminal and terrorist purposes to slander and murder Dr Les Sachs;

Criminal charges against:
Six US law firms, and two Belgian law firms, and various particular lawyers at these firms, charged as committing terrorist and racist criminal acts in service to Patricia Cornwell over several years to harm, murder and destroy the Jewish Sachs, and take away his human rights, specifically:

US law firms criminally charged:
- Ropes & Gray, and its lawyers Joan Lukey and Maria Arlotto;
- Morris & Morris of Richmond, and its lawyers James 'Jimmy' Morris and Michael Ward;
- Franklin Weinrib Rudell & Vassallo, and its lawyer Michael Rudell;
- Willcox Savage, and its lawyers Conrad Shumadine and Gary Bryant; and its former lawyer Michael Davis (now at US law firm Venable);
- Thomas Roberts & Associates, its lawyer Tom Roberts, and its former lawyer Tim Schulte, and its associated Virginia lawyers F J Murphy Pepper, Scott Ives and James 'Jim' Magner;

Both a US and Belgian law firm criminally charged:
- WilmerHale, its Brussels managing lawyer Christian Duvernoy, its former lawyer Joan Lukey (now at Ropes & Gray), its former lawyer Jonathan Thessin, other WilmerHale lawyers to be named;

Belgian law firm criminally charged:
Hoche Demolin, its lawyers Létitia Dumont and Yves Brulard;

Other Belgian law firm related criminal charges:
The users of the e-mail account of Romain Lamolle, after completion of criminal investigation of Monsieur Lamolle's claim that his e-mail account was hacked by either US government agents or Patricia Cornwell's staff, for the purpose of being used to murder the Jew Dr Les Sachs in Belgium;

Criminal charges against:
Pearson plc, long Patricia Cornwell's main US publisher; and in particular criminal charges against Pearson - Penguin Putnam New York City General Counsel Alexander Gigante;

Criminal charges against:
Pace University Law School Prof. Rosario 'Roy' Girasa, working for Cornwell's publisher Pearson and criminally charged with publishing an article telling lies about the crimes of US judges and lawyers working with Patricia Cornwell;
Criminal charges against other US college professors telling lies about Sachs and about Cornwell's attacks on Sachs, to be added;

Criminal charges against US and other media companies, charged with spreading lies about Dr Les Sachs and about Cornwell's attacks on Sachs, in order to have Sachs slandered and murdered:

Criminal charges against:
- CNN news, actually a corporate branch of Patricia Cornwell's publisher, Time-Warner Books;
- AP (Associated Press) and in particular Zinie Chen Sampson, and other AP journalists and staff, with AP another company partially owned by Patricia Cornwell-tied financial interests;
- New York Times Company, its subsidiaries Boston Globe and Boston.com, and its former staffer David Mehegan;
- Other media companies criminally charged as involved with Patricia Cornwell in producing or repeating stories with lies about Dr Les Sachs, spreading the hoax 'stalker' and 'cyberstalker' stories, lies that Sachs 'agreed' to the banning of his own freedom of speech, and similar.

Background of the criminal charges against the above, in the name of victim Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs:

As was said, these criminal charges filed in Belgium, detail a wide-ranging scheme of terrorist and anti-Semitic crimes to murder, destroy and slander the Brussels-based journalist Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs, a non-Zionist Jew of unitarian Christian faith, now an EU citizen, and a political refugee dissident from the United States, who has lived in the Netherlands and Belgium since March 2004.

This journalist Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs, is not only an author and writer, but actually a scholar with seven earned university degrees and a Harvard classmate of US leaders. Sachs had been one of the world's leading web critics of US legal corruption, before Google agreed to start blocking the journalism websites of Sachs in order to try to 'erase' his work and many facts about his life.

It seems there are actually two major purposes in the evidenced US government programme to have Sachs destroyed and murdered and to erase his journalism from the internet.

The original purpose, it seems, was to stop Sachs from becoming a journalist about the corrupt Patricia Cornwell, because the truth about Patricia Cornwell leads people to be disgusted with her and not buy her books, and much of the money from Cornwell's books goes into the pockets of the Bush family and US political figures of both of the US ruling political parties.

But Cornwell's initial attacks on Sachs when she started to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for attacks on him, clearly also involved significant criminal acts and court fraud by US federal judges - the US judges themselves now, as well as the Obama government, are not denying this.

When Dr Les Sachs surprised his attackers by escaping alive out of the USA, to become a refugee in Europe, it was Sachs' world-leading journalism on US legal corruption, which then seems to have become the much deeper reason and motive for all the resources of the US government, its judges and CIA agents, to be employed to have Dr Les Sachs silenced and murdered, and his major work just erased from the US-Google-dominated internet.

With thousands of pages of documentary proof files, and evidence of terrorist crimes in many e-mail communications as well, it seems the criminal charges against the above parties are very well founded, despite how at the moment Google is blocking the websites of Sachs himself, and smear stories attacking Sachs have been dominating the Google search results.

The smear stories against Sachs on the internet, the clearly false 'stalking' and 'cyberstalking' stories and so on, the hoaxes the case are about 'plagiarism accusations' that Sachs never made, or that Sachs 'agreed' to the banning of his own journalism, are themselves actually evidence to Belgian magistrates, of the comprehensive nature of the US-based criminal and terrorist scheme to destroy Sachs.

Dr Les Sachs' own websites are censored by Google, and the internet is filled with lies about Sachs by US-sourced media, by the lies told in the past by the US judges themselves, and US college professors subservient to the US government and to Cornwell who seem to take a pleasure in smearing and lying about the Jewish victim Sachs.

Perhaps saving his life in Belgium, Dr Les Sachs has benefited from informal support from the royal house of the King of the Belgians Albert II, and the government of France, while extensive operations have been conducted to have Sachs silenced and destroyed over the past several years.

There seems to have been some extortion and intimidation of Belgian lawyers who had engaged to help Sachs, delaying the legal actions in Belgium, and there is some fear the US may yet try to murder Sachs in Belgium before the US regime and its partner companies like Google suffer a devastating defeat in the Belgian courts.

Endless hundreds of pieces in evidence in Belgium, show that Sachs is a major hero to thousands of common US citizens, and to victims of the US regime, while the US government and corporate media establishment has been working to have Sachs smeared and destroyed, and his journalism blocked and erased from the internet and from Google search results.

It is expected US major media companies will be trying to hide this story regarding these criminal charges filed against the US regime, US judges, US political figures and the major US companies involved with them.

A US law firm, Ropes & Gray, itself criminally charged in Belgium in these proceedings, has already begun filing US federal court lawsuits against journalists as part of intimidation to try to prevent this story being reported, in what Ropes & Gray spokesman John Tuerck does not deny, is an attempt to cover-up for criminal acts by both Ropes & Gray lawyers such as Joan Lukey, and Lukey's Ropes & Gray client, the author Patricia Cornwell.

Accurate summary background about this case and about Dr Les Sachs by other journalists - without the lies and distortions of various US corporate media and US college professors, who themselves are being criminally charged in this case - can be found here:

The criminal charges against the US judges and FBI and CIA agents, and against Google Inc and Wikipedia and Wikipedia officials, are maybe the most significant here - especially the fact of Google apparently having agreed to become a CIA and US government tool to block European websites and help murder European citizens, hiding the journalism of Sachs from the citizens of the world, while pushing articles telling lies about Sachs to the top of Google search results.

The criminal conviction of Google, for illegally censoring European search results to help murder an EU citizen who is a major critic of the US regime, may lead to a loss of Google's reputation that it may never recover.

The criminal conviction of Google as being a CIA tool to murder European citizens, may end up shifting Europeans toward using a non-US based search engine that is not subject to US government manipulation and intimidation, perhaps one like the privacy-favourite and Europe-based Ixquick:

Regarding the criminal charges in Belgium against Wikipedia and Google, a past published article on the Google role in trying to have Sachs destroyed and murdered in Europe, is here:

For background of Wikipedia's long-running spreading of lies about Sachs, see here:

But maybe the biggest fallout of these criminal charges in Belgium, is the clear proof in Europe that the US courts are Stalin-like frauds, that no one can trust them, given that US judges are simply gangsters, holding extremely fake and fraud-ridden 'trials' to murder European citizens, and to slander people who managed to escape US government control and who can show proof that US federal judges are criminals.

The Sachs case of criminal charges against the US judges in Belgium, has the potential to save Roman Polanski (a fellow anti-fascist Jew along with Sachs) or any other European citizen from ever being extradited to the USA, given the proof in Belgian police files, that US judges themselves behave rather like Nazi thugs, even sending multiple harassing e-mails to Belgium from the US courthouses.

Even US officials themselves, and the US Embassy and State Department, are not denying that US federal judges held extremely fake and illegal 'proceedings' to destroy and threaten the terrorist murder of the refugee Les Sachs:

Nonetheless, this case may be initially more known for the criminal charges against right-wing author Patricia Cornwell, a 25-year friend of the George Bush family, and a donor of many millions of dollars to the Bushes, the Clintons, US Senators and US politically connected organisations, who are all in a position of profiting from Cornwell's book sales, and from slander and murder of Cornwell's victims.

Backed by nearly all the powers of the George Bush machine and the US government, Patricia Cornwell has boasted she can murder anyone and get away with it, as recorded in Vanity Fair magazine:

Patricia Cornwell is documented as denouncing the "dirty, filthy Jews" - though also herself having sexual relations with Jewish lesbians, which Cornwell uses as her 'excuse' to distract from the proof of her crimes against Sachs. When Cornwell is asked if the Nazis who murdered Jews should also be excused because some of them also had sex with Jewish women, Patricia Cornwell has no reply.

Patricia Cornwell initially made anti-Semitic threats of book-burning against the Jew Sachs a number of years ago, and filed papers asking for a Hitler-esque and Nazi-like book-burning of this Jew's books:

And since then Patricia Cornwell has spent many hundreds of thousands of dollars attacking Sachs, trying to silence him, giving endless hundreds of thousands to one law firm after another, looking to finish the destruction of Sachs. Spokesman John Tuerck at Cornwell's Ropes & Gray law firm, does not deny that Patricia Cornwell is guilty of terrorist crimes to have the Jewish Sachs murdered, and other various well-proven criminal acts, such as Cornwell's felony perjury and lies in US courtrooms against Sachs, shown in US court documents here:

John Tuerck and Ropes & Gray do not deny that, as stated in the criminal charges in Belgium, Cornwell long ago hired two extortionists, Thomas Roberts and a neo-Nazi from Germany, Tim Schulte, two friends of Hitler-admiring and anti-Semite US judge Robert Payne, to threaten to torture Dr Les Sachs to death, and that afterwards Cornwell has funded a constant stream of lies on the internet over several years, including perjured and fake 'stalking' and 'cyberstalking' stories, as part of a running Cornwell scheme to have Sachs destroyed and murdered.

Somewhat ironically, documents show Patricia Cornwell herself as a stalker of heterosexual married woman, trying to compel them to have lesbian sex with her, and in the 1990s Patricia Cornwell was humiliated in Hollywood with Cornwell's own lesbian stalking of actress Jodie Foster, reported back then in Esquire magazine:

Some of the Belgian police and court proof files evidencing criminal acts by Cornwell and her allies, are already online at the website, 'Patricia Cornwell Court Trial Documents':

There is an extremely interesting biography of Patricia Cornwell's early life, how she became friends with the George Bush family in the early 1980s via the anti-Semitic US Christian preacher Billy Graham, who supervised Cornwell's teen-age upbringing. This biography details various criminal scandals in which Patricia Cornwell was involved in the 1990s, which US media now generally suppress and hide, out of submissive to the US political rulers who wish to hide facts of Cornwell's life. Patricia Cornwell's lawyers do not deny this biography is true and accurate.

However, the US judges who are criminally charged as involved in the threats to murder Dr Les Sachs, have asked Google to block this biography of Patricia Cornwell from internet search results, and Google has agreed to do so as part of the Google programme to assist Patricia Cornwell and hide key documents about her crimes. This biography of Patricia Cornwell which Google tries to censor, can still be found, however, by direct access here:

Contacts with the US Embassy in Brussels, and with advisors at the Obama White House (some of whom are Harvard classmates of Dr Les Sachs), have confirmed that the Obama administration continues to support the policies of having Dr Sachs destroyed, and not prosecuting the criminal acts of Patricia Cornwell and her lawyers and the judges, felony perjury and other crimes, which are acknowledged as well-proven in United States Justice Department files.

The US government does not deny that its objective is to have Dr Les Sachs murdered, because killing Sachs is the only way to really silence his journalism. A dead journalist is the only truly silent one, and killing Sachs will be the only way to exterminate his voice about the corruption of US judges.

The US so far seems casual about the criminal charges against it in Belgium, and is not even trying to deny that Sachs is telling the truth about the criminal terrorist acts of the US judges and government and Bush's friend Patricia Cornwell, to have Sachs murdered.

In talking to the US embassy, it seems as if the US feels that an 'accident' can be arranged soon, so Dr Les Sachs turns up dead before criminal proceedings in Belgium can get very far, or else the US is counting on being able to bribe or intimidate Belgian judges and courts.

However, the US regime may be over-reaching its estimate of its power to bully and intimidate or corrupt the criminal court proceedings in the small nation of Belgium.

In Belgium, though his main websites are blocked from Google search results, Dr Les Sachs has already become a significant Belgian cultural figure, and is the leading photo-journalist on some of the important cultural sites in Brussels:

Very interestingly, some of Sachs' cultural work in Belgium involves documenting the Jewish and other martyrs of Nazi oppression in Belgium in the 1940s. The criminal acts against Sachs in Belgium by the US government - which the US government doesn't deny - seem to prove the point made by Sachs, that it is the US regime who are proving themselves to be the Nazis of our own day and time.

Once again, for more background on these criminal charges just filed - and for access to Sachs' own journalism sites which Google has agreed to censor from search results - these links provide the background:

A general but accurate site about Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs by another journalist:

Excellent article:
« Two EU Writers Under Threat of Murder: Roberto Saviano and Dr Les Sachs »

And for documents and some of the Belgian police evidence files about these criminal charges just filed in Belgium:

« Patricia Cornwell Court Trial Documents »

- Marc DeRuijter

- E-Mail: deruijter.marc@gmail.com

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