No revolution from Gezi Park

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Wanneer: 15/06/2013 - 17:04

Gezi park right now is still occupied by many different political groups, and the word 'commune' is on the lips of some. There is several very busy Voküs, and free drinks and cigarettes are to be had everywhere.

Some of the groups present want a revolution, some do not want to go so far. But on keeping the park everyone agrees. Differences are overcome beautifully. Radical left-wing groups who usually attack each other with sticks can be seen dancing hand in hand. One activist said 'The only marginal person in this park and in the country is Erdogan' (one of the many terms Erdogan used to put down the protesters was by callign them 'marginal').

Yet, on the weekend the park acquired a bit more of a festival sphere, too many people, who oftentimes do not even know about the situation, why people are sleeping in tents, why food is handed out for free etc.

Will there be an eviction soon?

Several units of reinforcement of the police forces sent from other cities to Istanbul went into 'uprising', or so the Turkish press titled two days ago. Altogether 500,000 riot cops sent from many different cities refused to do this work for the president. However, Erdogan is pushing everyday for eviction, giving an ultimatum again this morning.


'' Altogether 500,000 riot cops sent from many different cities refused to do this work for the president. ''

is this correct? This would mean 1 on 150 people in turkey would be a cop that refused to ''do this work for the president''? I don't know how many people there are in the police in Turkey but it seems a bit mutch?


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