Eviction of the Hambacher forest occupation

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This morning, the German police started 'day X', the evictoin of the occupied forest of Hambach.

This morning, the German police started 'day X', the eviction of the occupied forest of Hambach.

The forest has to make place for the expansion of the largest open cast browncoal mining in Europe.
The police has the place surrounded, they came with a digger and specialized climbing police. They set up a big tent which is a clear sign that they plan to stay for a longer period of time.
The German media says there are people in lock-ons and treehouses.
In the beginning of the forest there are sounds of machines (perhaps chainsaws), already the walkways have been cut by police in cherrypickers (so the activists are stuck in the treehouses), and there is lots of police.

Updates will follow, also check this sites (in German)

http://hambacherforst.blogsport.de/ (also on this site there is a map which shows how to get there)



Press release of the eviction of the Hambach forest occupation 27.03.14

The forest occupation in Hambach forest is getting evicted! A big policeforce since the morning - concerned of safety or just harrasment?

Kerpen , 27 Of March 2014. This morning at 8 clock hundreds of policeman has entered the occupied part of the Hambach forest. Apparently, the police officer will prepare for an eviction . Included are climbing teams and lifts/cherrypickers for use in height. Also in the camp of the climate activists on a nearby lawn police is present and has blocked off the area.

The police operation has been initiated by the city of Kerpen. In a press release , the city said , the condition of the tree houses constituted a real risk for people . The forest occupation was not to tolerate longer for safety reasons .

" Endangered is especially the global climate ," says the occupier Anne. "We are here because RWE with the extraction and combustion of brown coal heats the atmosphere and exacerbated the security risk for societies and ecosystems massively. it is more likely that residents suffer from the effects of particulate air pollution than that a tree house falls on their head during a walk . "

Already last week in Meadow Camp the police held a search, during which they seizured laptops , diaries , cell phones, medication and electronic devices.

The forest occupation persist despite several evictions since the 14th April 2012 and is directed against the expansion of the Hambach opencast mine and the related coal power generation . " Our resistance won't give in so easy ," said one of the occupiers , " today is the day X. That means, the re-occupation will be on 26 April. "

Bron: http://hambacherforst.blogsport.de/2014/03/27/pressemitteilung-zur-raeum...


Here's a video that gives a good impression about the situation at the Hambach occupation for the past couple of months:


RWE, fuck off and die!

The last update, at 20:20

There is still one activist up in the trees, the police has no clue how to get her/him out.

respect existence or expect resistance!

Video and pictures of todays eviction:


Since I have some trouble uploading pictures, here is the link (I someone is willing to opload them it will be much appreciated!):




The eviction is over. All the treehouses have heen smashed and everything is torned appart. The police stated they evicted it becouse the RWE* simply asked the police to evict it.

The re-occupation will take place at the 26th of April and from the 12th of april the skill-sharing camp will take place at the meadow nerby the forest.
Please come by, every help is possible!
The flyer of the skillsharing camp can be found here: http://hambachforest.blogsport.de/2014/03/05/build-resistance-skill-shar...
Please print it out, hang it in your treehouse, your squat, give it to your friends, neighbours, familly and so on!
Hope to see you soon!

*The RWE is responsible for the open-cast coal mining in Hambach and is the 'owner' of the forest


“We Oppose All This Shit”; An Interview from the Hambach Forest Occupation

Since April 2012, activists in Germany have occupied the Hambach forest to prevent the expansion of the world’s largest open-cast coal mine. The mine expansion project would mean the clearcutting of the forest and the eviction of thousands of local residents.






"With and array of machines and violence the police cleared three compost toilets at the Hambach Forest occupation The deployment dragged on and activists made music, read scriptures, danced, barricaded themselves, locked and chained themselves to the excavator. The police responded to non-violent protest as always: with violence.":


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