anarchist journal 318 needs your contribution!

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new anarchist journal “318” needs your contribution! the first theme of this issue is “what it means to be a refugee/immigrant”
our email box is . You can send all your questions and ideas here!


heey people!
new anarchist journal “318” needs your contribution! now we’re occupied with some starting points, but there’s no way back!
the first theme of this issue is “what it means to be a refugee/immigrant”

'use of violence against a representative of the authority' - 318 art. from russian criminal code. Taking this name we express solidarity with all the political prisoners who fight against power and state.
we are against all repressive institutes, structures,and against all systems of exploitation including capitalism and patriarchy. against all the forms of discrimination such as sexism, rascism, homo-phoby, transphoby, ableism, specieshism and any type of xenophoby.

we support the notion that the opressed should speak for themselves and others should listen and be supportive. unfortunately, often we can see such a strange formations as ‘white antirascist groups’ or ‘heterosexuals for rights of homosexuals’ or 'men for women rights'. we see it as a weird ridiculous staff. we, as political refugees and immigrants think that we should speak for ourselves and become more explicit and prevent white priviledged boys and girls speaking from our name and stealing our voice, while we stay allmost voiceless due to different reasons, such as depression, fear, traumas, lonelyness and many many more. because only we are the experts in our opression.
refugee identity is of an utmost importance for us. almost everyday we face stupid stereotipical expectations of the place we are from. all this cultural xenophoby, neo-colonialism and rascist bullshit must stop! and we will make it stop! speaking outload and sharing our experience is a good starting point in our struggle against borders and against capitalism and all fucking prejudies and stereotypes
we are fucking angry!

the journal needs your contribution! writting an article, drawing a picture, translating something and speading the word! and everything you can imagine, just dont be afraid to contact us!

we ask you to write an article in your native language or the language you identify yourself with. all the articles will be translated  into colonialistic english, because it seems to be no other way to make it accesible.
our email box is . You can send all your questions and ideas here!
the deadline is the 1rst february 2015!

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