Travel warning for undocumented people

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De eerste twee weken van april vind in de hele EU de politie operatie “Amberlight 2015″ plaats: nationale politie in zal in samenwerking met Frontex op mensen zonder papieren jagen. In het bijzonder in treinen, op treinstations, op vliegvelden, op snelwegen en aan de binnengrenzen van de EU. Ze willen informatie over migratie routes en zoveel mogelijk mensen arresteren. Waarschuw asjeblieft alle mensen zonder papieren! GEEN MENS IS ILLEGAAL!

Er is online nog niet zoveel info beschikbaar over operatie Amberlight 2015, de opvolger van Mos Maiorum (oktober 2014).
De weinige beschikbare links:
Europa nu

In een document getiteld "Doc. 5195/15 FRONT 14 JAI 15 ENFOPOL 9 COSI 1 COMIX 16" zou dus meer info moeten komen te staan, maar dat staat kennelijk nog niet online.

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New info sent over a mailinglist: the first spread info (see above) is half true.

"Amberlight 2015" is one of these "joint police operations" (JPO) that happen under each half year EU presidency (except Greece, they did not make any JPO when running the council last year). The operation is a bit similar to "Mos Maiorum" from October, but just a bit. Now they are targeting not people without papers in general, but over stayers" (people that stay with official papers in the EU and don't leave even if their visa is not valid anymore).
AFAIK the controls will NOT happen in streets, trains, public places like in "Mos Maiorum". In documents it is explained that controls will be carried out only at airports, and only departures (not arrivals). "Amberlight 2015" may be for getting statistics of people "extending" their visa. These data is then used by frontex for their "risk analysis". As you might know the EU is setting up a large new database and control system "smart borders" which is against "over stayers" as well. One might see "Amberlight 2015" as a pilot. This is what documents explain. ofcourse there still might be a hidden agenda.


nn, do you have additional info/documents/links to this? because although the two links in the article actually talked about overstay, it didn't specify that it would not target stations and such, but only departure flights at airports.


according to that link, there is no reason to minimize the warning. It is stated that the operation mainly targets overstayers, but also that ""Overstayers" refers to visitors, students and others on visas and undocumented migrants". If during control, an undocumented migrant is detected, I don't think the officials would let her or him go, saying, oh sorry that we bothered you, you are not part of the targeted group of overstayers. Besides, people who have been summoned to leave the country after a rejection of the asylum apply, are officially in overstay after 30 days...

It's first target will indeed be external borders for departing people, but "It may be extended to land and sea borders". I wouldn't be surprised then if this might also be easily extended to inner EU borders and therefore to 'mobile border control', that can take place anywhere (such as on stations, busses etc).

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