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Antifascist benefit festival in Amsterdam. Expect three days of music, workshops, talks, films, art and food.

We want to bring together different cultures and music styles under one united antifascist front.

Watch this space in the next coming weeks for announcements of bands, workshops, talks and lots more.




ONTVLAMBAAR CREW – Hiphop, Boom bap from Belgium…/…/ontvlambaar-crew-vol-1…/Alles-Kapot-Sti…/400828470073279…

G-DO & XCEPTION – Hiphop from Chicago/Amsterdam

MICROGLYCERIME – MGR Metagore from Belgium…

THE SOUL TRAVELERS - The Soul Travelers navigate the musicverse with a transient ensemble sharing an acoustic sound of poetic raps wrapped in fabrics of folk, soul, and fun from Amsterdam.

MC MUSTAJ – Rapper from Amsterdam

Get ready to move with some Funk Rare Grooves Hip Hop Disco Italo Disco Dance choons plus more from Amsterdam based DJ and turntablist

is one half of The Hague-based tropical bass selectors Dagga Dagga. With DD he organized the regular World Ghetto Beats nights and has played parties and festivals like Rauw, Rewire, State-X and Sziget. He hosted the Insomnia Sessions radio show on Radio Tonka for 4,5 years as well as playing regular solo sets in NL and abroad, playing tropical sounds from all over like dancehall, soca, digital cumbia and kuduro to name just a few.


AUTONOMADS - Dub Punk and Ska from Manchester, England. /////…/from-rusholm…

ZIBABU - Freak punk from the swamps of Amsterdam, NL.
With deadly ska hip-hop and hardcore combinations, lyrical lazer beams and a punk rock passion.

LOST UNION - progressive hardcore punk from Belgium

PRIMEVAL SOUP – ska punk from England

KAPOT - 80's HC/PUNK from Hamburg, DE
Hardcore Punk Rock Band from Hamburg Germany. Started in May 2014, will be their first gig!

SILENCE MEANS DEATH - crust 'n' roll from Hellgium. The members of the band are also playing in Nahende Vernichtung (Belgians longest running d-beat band) and ex Last Legion Alive (stenchcore/crust but no longer active).

FRANKENBERRIES - A mix of rock'n roll, garage, indie, pop, surf & punk from Amsterdam. With members of Mexican Holiday, Pattern Cut Off & The Sasters.

MR.SAN with the riot sessions playing ska, oi, rocksteady and punk

DJ DANIEL QUIROS - He loves to play Rock ,Punk, Rock and Roll, Blues , Psychobilly , Rockabilly , Garage , New Wave, Ska.


SHOE EATING RABBITS - Acoustic folk blues trash from Groningen. "We play the banjoquitarviolinaccordionvocals. Our songs are about deserts, cities of hell, troubles, poison, and trash."

SLACKBIRD - banjo driven folk punk from Finland

THE BUCKET BOYZ - knee slapin, crazy anarcho blue-trash from the amsterdam bayou!!!! Maximum music with minimal means.

MOMMA SWIFT – anarcha/fem folk punk banjo player from England…

A LAZY CAT – Singer-songwriter from Germany

SEEKING A DROP – Country, Folk, Punk, Indie from Germany

SPRANK - an acoustic folk trio from Elst with instruments like clarinet, accordion and a strange "washtub bass", they lead their varied repertoire of folk-tinged ballads and klezmer waltzes leap to frenzied dance and critical speech. Spark has only just ascended the stage and seems to thrive in cozy living rooms, cozy eetcafétjes and on any street corner.

ZTRATILA SE KOCKA - Strange darkhordeon, screams, singing, text. Solo project with an accordeon, live in streets and more louder on stage. Speaking about streets, travel, squat, life...

DANGLE MANATEE - a travelling anarcho-folk/dada-folk duo from Glasgow, Scotland.


A workshop about rap and rhyme, some pointers and tricks on how to write and construct (rap) lyrics, afterwards you can work on your own 'bars', 'punches' and 'flows'.

Live graffiti painting of an antifa mural, wanna know more? Ask the artist.


It's never a bad idea to learn how to defend yourself. While kickboxing isn't necessarily always the best option in any given situation (we recommend to combine it with other martial arts and practical self-defense classes like Krav Maga), it is a good start. In this workshop we'll go over some basic, easy to learn and hard-hitting techniques to give you an idea of the empowering and straight-up fun sides of kickboxing. Gear will be provided and you can expect to join in safely whatever your level of fysical fitness. There will be no macho bullshit during and hopefully no more dry T-shirts after the session.

*Introduction to Krav Maga.*
Krav Maga is a self defense system based on effeciency and effectiveness. It's principles and techniques are designed for everybody to be learned quickly and independent of someone's size, age or level of fitness.
The system covers all possible scenario's where self-defense is needed: from grabs and chokes to punches and kicks. In this workshop we will talk about realistic self-defense. What does it mean and what can you do? This will be a physical workshop, but we will talk a lot too. Everybody is welcome, but leave your inner macho and ego at home.

Try your hand at Corde Lisse/Vertical Rope no experience necessary. Led By international aerial performer Jake Williams. Learn to climb with confidence, improve your body awareness, core strength and a verity of other skills. This workshop will include a full warm up, stretch and cool down. Bring comfy close fitting clothing as you will be going upside down. We look forward to meeting everyone and introducing you to the exciting world of Circus.

Bring your laptop and a usb flashdrive!This workshop is meant for everybody, you don’t have to be a computer geek to understand it. After our presentation we will help you set up encrypted email and chat software on your own laptop. We will also have time to cover any subject that wasn’t part of the presentation. Be sure to bring your laptop and a USB flashdrive!
The workshop can cover the following subjects:
-Big Data and online tracking
-Usefull browser plugins
-PGP/GPG (email encryption)
-OTR (chat encryption)
-Tor (online anonimity)
-TAILS (easy-to-use secure operating system)
This workshop is organized by PinkNoise, an independent media collective. More info:


AFA Den Haag - distro with campaign t-shirts, books, stickers, buttons plus more

Always Antifascist – distro with tshirts, books, patches, stickers

When the shit hits the fanzine – diy distro with zines, cds, buttons, art

Mumia abu-jamal – info and merch stand

Antifascist Network UK campaign stall - with info and merch

Firestarter - an anti-fascist clothing-collective based in Copenhagen

DIY patch stand - with sewing machine for sewing on the spot! You ever wished you could sow your patch during a gig? We can make that happen.


MAD MOTHERS - Talk on Zwarte Piet

D'HERO - decades of heroes for the elimination of racism and oppression
A talk on reparation actions for colonial crimes, slavery and trans-atlantic slave trade.

Redmond is an intersectional feminist collective that produces a radioshow on Radio mArt and organises screenings and discussions around oppression and liberation.

AFN - Community Resistance, Direct Action & Street Fighting; The Anti-Fascist Network.
In 2011, independent grass-roots anti-fascist groups started to work together to counter the English Defence League. They formed an Anti-Fascist Network. The Network has had some real successes and learnt some important lessons. Join a discussion about different strategies of mobilising, opposing and fighting fascists in Britain.


161>88 - The movie maps the evolution of the Czech antifascist movement since the late 1980's up to 2011. The footage takes the viewer through the period of the first racist murders in the early 90's, to the protests against the Sládek's Republicans, clashes with racist hooligans and National Resistance, up to the recent anti-Roma demonstrations. The footage is completed with commentaries and memories of both academics and activists.

SAD BUT TRUE - At 16.11. 2009 Ivan "Vanya" Khuturoskoy was shot on the stairs to his apartment by a neo-Nazi. As "Bonecrusher" he was known in Moscow Antifa scene and protected in its role as an anti-fascist Security, punk and hardcore shows in front of Nazi attacks. However, it not only tells about the loss of a friend and comrade, but also gives an insight into the situation of moscow punk underground of the 2000s and the conditions that confronted the anti-fascist movement in Russia. Sad But True is both a film about the struggle for anti-fascism under life-threatening conditions, as well as on the emergence of a militant, political and positive punk subculture in Russia.

Kidsprogram by Occii Kinderpret
Sunday 10 may ongoing from 13h-18h :
* A little super 8 cinema running on stage with films for kids + popcorn & lemonade
* Button/pin making
* Beads and earring/necklace making
* Painting a better world on a big wallpainting
* Autonomous facepaint
* Sticker making

Thanks for reading, please invite, share and spread the word!

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