Hier kun je discussieren over RIP.
already lods of people is asking around why we amsterdam activists dont organize small SOLIDARITY action , walk whatever for what happen in den haag ..if sameone knows or want to do samething and is safe to post it here OLEASE do it WE CAN,T SHUT UP AFTER WHAT HAPPEN all cops are bastards

learn to write you retard.

learn to write you retard.

take action against raiding and arresting migrants

Police raided two workplaces and arrested 17 migrants, 'illegals'. This goes largely unnoticed. Happened yesterday. Take action and let the cops have it.

Indymedia is not your

Indymedia is not your Facebook wall. Please check the quality of your messages. Mag het verder in het Nederlands?

i dont have facebook acount ,

i dont have facebook acount , plus indymedia is the place where we shud organize and show solidarity NOT FACEBOOK ...yea as usual is easyer to criiticize that organize


You don't need a Facebook account to check a lot of what's going on there (unless those pages are made to be for Facebookers-only).

Good chance there is stuff being organized and announced there, no thanks to the Dutch usual-suspect activist movement.

In terms of organizing, instead of asking for stuff being organized here or complaining if it isn't, it would stand to reason that if something public is organized by people who wish to post it here, that is what they'll do; and if there isn't, there is of course nothing to stop you from doing it yourself.

It certainly is interesting

It certainly is interesting from a social perspective - let alone from an anarchist or anti-authroritarian one - that there are accusations in the comments regarding the insufficient English of the initial uploader and no discussion on taking action against yet another murder from the cops. Maybe the commenters should suggest teaching English speaking and writing classes to the people raging against totalitarian regimes and those in solidarity with them. That would undoubtedly be helpful in numerous ways. We, of course, most likely wouldn't have the chance to diferentiate ourselves and project our own agenda as communities onto the matters that are most relevant to us. It is utterly important that we first educate ourselves and our peers on the correct usage of the language we choose to post it - God forbid it is not Dutch also.

Wee doo not kear abaout yior boorzooar speling end gramar end yior dats.

Now, please, do us a insy bit of a little favour and go back to your - quoting - Facebook walls.

It all starts and ends in the streets. See you in the streets.

I DONT FACE BOOK thats why

I DONT FACE BOOK thats why i post it stop criticizing with even know


Treu, people shouldn't be complaining about some spelling, totally off-subject
But, if you'ld like to do something in solidarity, why not organise it?
Think of something, plan it out and carry it out, either with others through a public call out or just you and some comrades simply doing it.

I don't mean to be an asshole, but if you want something, get busy


And remember, kids: Be good, and if you can't be good, be careful.

was already done go around

was already done go around amsterdam and see the hundreds of posters that got pasted yesterday ... DONT CRITIZE ORGANIZE

you so much right , i

you so much right , i really got amazed even to see that still same people are stupid enough to critize my spelling , thats why the dutch scene sucks is full of people who are concerne about the spelling but at the end of the day they go to coffee company get is super awesome chai latte really you guys make laught


Please keep in mind that the posts on indy, especially those in the 'forum' section are not by definition the general opinion in what you call the 'dutch scene'
Internet is great for shouting random comments to random people and take things out of their context, but do you really think that the people who did the paste ups are the same ones that are hasseling you about spelling? Or could it be that the people invoved with the paste ups, didn't even have/take/make the time for some i-net sidetracking spelling ish?

Don't let yourself get trapped by trolls to play there game, sure, confronting people about the bullshit spelling comments is fine, but to project that kind of behaviour on to an entire scene as being representative to that scene, that is a bit stupid no?


Een forum wat willens en wetens mensen via een zeer beroerde interface met elkaar laat communiceren is vreemd. De discussie is al vaker gevoerd. Van 1 moderator weet ik ook dat het ook nergens over gaat hier.
Dus: Creeer een ' fatsoenlijke ' discussie functie of kies voor de ' makkelijke weg' en schaf het helemaal af.
Om deze manier komt het allemaal wat bizar over allemaal. Trollen zijn het probleem al lang niet meer hier maar het ligt denk ik juist aan de inactieve houding van diegenen die de touwtjes in handen hebben hier, wie dat overigens zijn weet niemand. Aan de ene kant is die anonimiteit wel grappig (kleinburgelijk naief anarchistisch) aan de andere kant hopeloos als je ook maar iets van n (digitale) beweging van de grond zou willen trekken. Indy zou daar een passende rol in kunnen hebben lijkt mij, als vertolkers van et vrije en eerlijke woord. Maar op dit moment is de boel enkel te vergelijken met inactieve rechtse politici die ook vinden dat alles vooral moet blijven zoals het is . Verandering is slecht! Zoals Thather het eens treffend zei: " No, No, No "


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