Declaration of an Autonomous Zone by ZAD NDDL in Solidarity with Kurdistan

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The ZAD declares itself “autonomous”, as did some municipalities in northern Kurdistan (Turkey) in response to the war declared by the Turkish government. These towns are already experiencing some degree of self-management, self-governance, autonomy so. Faced with fierce attacks against civilians by special forces police and army, several neighborhood assemblies have decided to declare themselves autonomous, deny the legitimacy of the state and its repressive forces.

Declaration of Autonomous Zone of the ZAD NDDL in response to the call of the KCK (Kurdistan Communities Confederation)

To those who resist in Kurdistan

We follow what is happening in Turkey. We express our support against the offensive of the Turkish state. This reaction of declaring war is due to election results that do not please the President and against the will of a people to organize horizontally.

We have heard your call to declare ourselves also an autonomous municipality, and across borders and mountains, also we wish to respond.

We follow closely the process of democratic confederalism underway in Kurdistan.

We feel close to you in the search for self-organization outside of a Nation State project, and the in the establishment of horizontal structures.

We admire the process involving all people without religious criteria, ethnic, etc., when we know that states still carry policies of assimilation or annihilation. The ZAD ( Zone to be Defended) in Notre Dame de Landes continues to exist with mass support and block a useless speculation airport.

We share with you the critical role of the women’s movement and the place of the LGBT movement in the struggle.

Finally we respect your self-defense principles and your strategic independence.

We speak from ZAD (“Defending Zone”) of Notre Dame des Landes, France, which is illegally occupied in opposition to a proposed development of the territory since 2009, in a struggle that has existed for 45 years against a Airport project. We have pushed the work of trying, and then resisted the evictions in 2012, thanks to various vigilante practices.

Today, hundreds of people from multiple backgrounds continue to live and to organize themselves in self-management in formal and informal ways. Attempts to reclaim ways to heal, feed, defend themselves against justice, housing, and communism of knowledge, resources, structures, and share it with other struggles. The Kurdish uprising in Syria and Turkey has declared itself anti-State, feminist and anti capitalist. The Kurdish uprising in Syria and Turkey has declared itself anti-State, feminist and anti capitalist.

What is being built in Kurdistan, already attacked by the Islamic State, is now being crushed under the Turkish bombs. The French State, when seeking heroes against IS, had a mouthful of praise for the Kurds, but today supports Erdogan’ shameful ‘counterterrorism’ war which continues to kill and repress Kurdish activists. We declare ourselves ready to help you!

Solidarity with the people of Bakur (Northern Kurdistan), especially besieged cities!
Solidarity with the Kurds attacked by Turkish nationalists!
Solidarity with Rojava (West Kurdistan)!


We are in the offices of Turkish Airlines in Torino (Italy). We are here to break down silences and lies that are hiding the war unleashed by Erdogan’s Turkey against Kurdish people. As in the 90’s: villages and cities bombings, fires, tortures, massive arrests, and also racial aggressions against Kurdish civilians.

It’s useless and hypocrite to be moved by refugees or children’s photos running away from war, while “our” democratic States keep on supporting these wars’ responsibles: Turkey first of all, friend of the West, business partner, Nato’s member, and meanwhile Islamic State’s supporter and slaughter maker of kurds and dissidents.

That’s why we are here. Because Turkeys interests in Europe can’t live in peace anymore. And because our sisters and brothers that are resisting on Kurdistan’s muontains have to know that they are not alone.

National States and capitalistic globalisation failed. The Empire is crumbling down. It’s time for revolution. It’s time to organize our self. In Kurdistan they already started to. That’s why they have all against them. That’s why we are by their side.

For the unity of the peoples in struggle! From Alps to Kurdistan!

Long live international solidarity!


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