Update on Black December from Thessaloniki, Greece.

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More than 2,500 protesters marched today, Sunday December 6 2015 in the streets of Thessaloniki keeping alive the memory of the student Alexandros Grigoropoulos who was murdered seven years ago in Exarchia, Athens.

More than 2,500 protesters marched today, Sunday December 6 2015 in the streets of Thessaloniki, keeping alive the memory of the student Alexandros Grigoropoulos who was murdered seven years ago in Exarchia, Athens from cop's (Epaminondas Korkoneas) bullets. In the junction of Tsimiski and Karolou Dil Streets, the march was met by riot cops with full gear and gas masks, at least 5 squads, in an obvious attempt to find an opportunity to attack the march. Strong guard, with first the block of Autonomous Formations of Students, prevented the risk of an unprovoked attack by the cops and after a short stop, the march continued with the stifling escorting of the riot squads up to the Egnatia Street. The march culminated in Kamara and at the Rotonda Square, temporary episodes erupted. Protesters clashed with riot cops with molotov cocktails and stones. Earlier, during the march, when demonstrators reached Egnatia Street through Venizelos Street, the block of the "leftist" organizations, who where always keeping distance, chose not to follow the massive Black Block and the students who were ahead and went to the, now empty, building of the Ex-Ministry of Macedonia & Thrace at Agiou Dimitriou Street.

The march had pulse and passion and slogans vibrated the city mainly from the side of the block of the Flower of Youth who gave promise of continuing the struggle.

*Picture from the demonstration:

*Videos from today of the clashes with the riot cops in Rotonda Square, Thessaloniki:

Also, right now in Athens, there are ongoing riots that started at 2 AM this morning, with protesters clashing with the riot cops with stones and molotov cocktails.

*Video from today of the clashes with the riot cops in Exarchia, Athens:

*More info (mainly in greek):
*Live stream from Athens:

The night is still young, Black December has just begun.
For Alexandros! For a Black December!

Let the barricades on the old world BURN!!!

Το αίμα κυλάει, εκδίκηση ζητάει!!!
(The blood flows, it seeks for revenge)

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Black December Everywhere. This post will be constantly updated with the latest info & related links : http://en.contrainfo.espiv.net/2015/11/30/black-december-everywhere/


As time flies, the hatred grows.
As the stones of the old world are cracked, it is on us to shatter them to ashes.
Let black smoke fill the skies of the cities of the hatred.
Let us burn all that represents the statues of the oppressors, the prisons of society and the symbols of enchainment.
Let us not forget our comrades who have fallen in the battle for freedom.
Let us not forget those who have died from the bullets of oppression.
For Alexandros, for those who died or are imprisoned, fighting for what they believed.
Let those in power have fear for their lives, let the barricades on the old world burn!

Lets meet each other on the streets,
for insurrection,
for a Black December!

Thessaloniki 07-12-15


Videos and Photos from the violent clashes with the riot cops at Exarchia, Athens at 6th December 2015.



Photos and Videos of the clashes with the riot cops in Exarchia, Athens, on 6th December 2015:

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