Mit Feuer und Flamme: recent anti-fascist attacks in Germany

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You might have heard about the upsurge in xenophobic attacks on migrants & refugee hostels across Germany. Perhaps less well known is that people have been out every night fighting back. This summary of recent hits on fascist targets provides a heartwarming counternarrative to the tide of xenophobia.

Berlin: AfD offices attacked

On the night of Thursday-Friday 6th November, the local office of the (racist) AfD ‘Alternative für Deutschland’ party (Alternative for Germany) lost its windows and had its locks clogged up. This attack was a warning for the fascist demo the following weekend.

Leipzig: AfD stall demolished

On saturday 7th November, four masked individuals attacked an AfD stall, destroying the materials and calling party members “dirty Nazi pigs”, before doing a runner.

Berlin: Wisag security car in flames

During the night of 4-5 November, a car belonging to the company Wisag was torched in Wedding. Wisag is a services provider known for supplying security – whether it be the security pigs for the BVG (Berlin public transport), or security for airports.

“In a period where every night there have been racist attacks, it’s a case of not just of fighting neo-nazi groups, but of identifying and attacking the profiteers of institutional racism, whether during the deportation of migrants, or the inspection of tickets”. The communique can be read here.

Berlin: Paint attack on nationalists’ offices

Night of 31st October-1st November: the offices of ‘Pro-Deutschland’ nationalists in Marzahn-Hellersdorfwere covered in paint. This is a “necessary response to those who sow and spread hatred against refugees, as well as all those who are not considered ‘german’. ‘Pro Deutschland’, AfD, PEGIDA – just as established parties, the CDU and SPD – use the current atmosphere to adapt their policies of contempt to the logic of capitalism. Stone by stone, piece by piece. We’ll come back. No-one is illegal.”

Magdeburg: ‘Demo for All’ hit in the wallet

1st November: a minibus belonging to the scaffolding firm ‘Bever’ was set on fire overnight. This company belongs to the ‘von Beverfoerde’ family, of which their most famous member is Baronness Hedwig von Beverfoerde – the key organiser of the reactionary, homophobic mass movement, ‘Demo for All’. Along with the anti-migrant movement PEGIDA, the ‘Demo for All’ are appearing in greater numbers on the streets all over Germany. After more or less failed attempts to establish itself in Hannover and Munich, it appears that this movement has succeeded in making its nest in Stuttgart. According to the cops, the damage from this act of sabotage cost over 80,000 euros.

(From the German media & the communique claiming the sabotage).

Berlin: AfD racists not welcome in Kreuzberg!

31st October: at 4pm the racist & populist AfD party had planned to hold a stall in front of the Roten Rathaus (red town hall) in Kreuzberg, where they would distribute racist and anti-migrant texts. Anti-racists stormed into the square and destroyed their stall of nauseating propaganda. The communique ends with “Keep your eyes open and attack them! No place for the AfD!”

Leipzig: CDU offices get some ventilation

In the night of 30-31st October, the offices of the CDU (a governing party) MPs, Thomas Feist and Andreas Nowak were attacked. Every window was smashed, leaving the glass pockmarked with large holes. It brought a breath of fresh air to politics!

(from the German media)

Berlin: Fascist den has its windows put through

29th October: During the night, the ‘Stumpfe Ecke’ in Naugarder Str.15 was attacked with stones. On Saturday 7th January, the bar had hosted neonazis from the ‘HoGeSa’ (Hooligans against Salafists) network, who benefited from police protection and the support of the bar manager.

Kiel: racist AfD party attacked on the edges of an antifa counter-demo

29th October: Ahead of the racist AfD march in Hamburg on 31st October, the AfD office in Kiel lost several of its windows overnight and a call was left to disrupt the Hamburg demo.

Dresden: fascists forced to walk home

26th October: At around 7.30pm, three cars belonging to protestors on the PEGIDA march were torched (an Audi, a VW and an Opel). The cars were parked in Marienbrücke, near the racists’ rally. Four cars parked in close proximity to these were damaged as well. The cops are increasingly concerned about arson cases; a similar attack took place the previous week, aimed at vehicles belonging to PEGIDA demonstrators.



(from the German press)

Berlin: racist MEP loses official car

On the night of 25-26th October, the luxury car of European Member of Parliament Beatrix von Storch (of the AfD party), was set aflame. According to the cops, the incendiary attack occurred around 2.30am in Swinemünder Straße, Mitte. Two other cars parked nearby were also damaged by the flames. Investigators are looking at the possibility ‘far-left’ activists were behind the attack. This 44-year old racist politico has held a seat in the European parliament since 2014.

(from police reports)

Leipzig: cops attacked with stones

24th October: Five cop cars were damaged after being attacked with stones whilst they were being used to protect the nationalist ‘Offensive für Deutschland’ demo.

Stalsund: While the fascists march…

23rd October: While neonazis & fascists responded to ‘MV Patrioten’s call to march against migrants, ten of their vehicles left in a supermarket car park went up in flames.

Berlin: neonazi collaborators don’t go unpunished

22nd October: The ‘Zum Igel’ pub on the corner of Gürtelstrasse and Scharnweberstr had all its windows put through. This pub is known for regularly serving neonazis. During the refugee struggle last year at the Gürtelstraße hostel, the landlord and his fascist friends used his bar to launch attacks against people acting in solidarity with the migrants. This is a small act of vengeance against a backdrop of arson attacks and racist assaults across the country.

Halle: Attacks against the AfD

21st October: the AfD demo in the evening didn’t go without a hitch. At around 8.30pm, an AfD activist was attacked and was pelted with eggs on Wilhelm-Külz-Straße. At around 7.20pm in Salzgrafenstraße, unknown individuals attacked the car of a party activist. Fascists were also assaulted. An AfD van transporting equipment (PA, megaphone etc…) had its wing mirrors and a number of windows destroyed. The police have launched an investigation for each of these incidents.

(from the German press)

Göttingen: leader of AfD youth takes a few punches

21st October: at around 10.15pm, the head of the youth wing of the AfD, Lars Steinke, was given a beating whilst walking along Groner Straße: he took some blows to the back of the neck and head. The attackers told him: “Lars Steinke, if you show up again on campus, you know what it’ll cost you”.

(from the media)

Cologne: fascists’ homes attacked

In the night of 20th October, several neonazis (at least 3) had their homes attacks with stones and paint. Graffiti highlighting their sick activities was left at the scene.

Berlin: neonazi venue goes up in flames

19th October: During the night, a metal club was the target of an arson attack. ‘Blackland’ is a rock metal bar in Ernst-Thälmann Park that tries to appear apolitical. Yet this is far from the case – the place has a long history of organising nazi gigs.

Dresden: Can someone give fascist vermin a lift home?

19th October: Fascists in Heidenau, who were in Dresden to demonstrate their hatred of migrants got an unwelcome surprise when they returned to their cars to go home. Three of their vehicles (two cars and one minibus) had been torched in their absence. The 10 racists who were stuck there had go on Facebook & plead with their comrades to take them home.

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