Hands off the solidarity people: Lesvos, Chios

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End the criminalization of solidarity to refugees NOW!

With the time passing we learn to expect everything from the "first time left" government of SYRIZA, but we stand shocked in front of the criminalization of solidarity to refugees, a policy which resembles increasingly the policy of its predecessors and the one of its European partners.

Last week started the implementation of the announced upgrading of the Frontex policemen, who now have the authority to control Greek and foreign citizens or members of social and political organizations that offer support to refugees, either by rescuing either on the proceedings of reception and solidarity (social kitchens, clothing distribution) with the arrival of the people on the islands. In Chios a solidarity Spaniard is on trial for espionage because of photographing a Frontex vessel. In Mytilini, solidarity NGO members from Denmark and Spain who towed a boat to the coast of Lesvos to rescue the people onboard are prosecuted on felony charges for help with entry of illegal foreigners.

The accusations are ostensible and without substance, and let's not fool ourselves: if there was organized, adequate, determined and effective state reception for the refugees and immigrants, there would not exist phenomena of abuse and exploitation from which, aside from the "safety" of frontiers, the new forms of policing and repression that so suddenly and immediately launched the Ministry of Immigration, are supposed to preserve us. The fact that the purgatory Petrou Ralli[i] operates in unacceptable conditions, the fact that under the government that calls itself left, work Detention Centers, Amygdalezas[ii] and Hot Spots[iii] and that solidarity people are prosecuted on the islands consists repressive and racist policy.

It is required[iv] from the Syriza government to manage the hot European issue of the closure and expansion of the borders to prevent in every possible way the flight of the populations from "there" from the terror and the misery of imperialist wars, of local dictatorships, fascist terrorism type ISIS and of the geostrategic game of the powerful. The fact that Greece was converted into a country under ironhard control and has lost its free will, forces the government to withdraw fundamental preelectoral positions also as regards the refugee issue and assigns to the country again the dirty work of dividing between refugees and migrants and the deportation of a large number of the shelter seekers. In its turn Greece is trying to push the pressure of interception to Turkey.

The government under pressure is trying to put pressure on the solidarity: It tangles with the solidarity people and thinks up ridiculous validity credentials for those who may help refugees. Let us remember that it is thanks to the unprecedented and remarkable solidarity that show both the crisis-stricken local population and the Greek and European solidarity people, that there is still maintained a certain social cohesion in the islands. The government owes, they don't owe to the government!

We demand:

End immediately the persecution of the solidarity people
Frontex out of Greece
Down with the Evros fence[v]
Build up open and adequate hosting structures
Political asylum for those with grounds for asylum
Legalization of the immigrants


Network for the Social Support to Refugees and Migrants
Network for the Political and Social Rights


[i] The migrant detention center of the Athens police

[ii] Amygdaleza is the biggest Greek detention center, about 20 km north of the Athens city center

[iii] the new Screening Centers (until now in Lampedusa/Italy and on 3 Greek islands (planned are totally 5), where in accelerated proceedings is decided whether the refugee will be granted asylum or a right to remain temporarily in Europe whether he will be deported

[iv] i.e. by the EU

[v] The fence at the land border between Turkey and Greece, which prevents refugees to cross the border on land


A recording made by Slovenian activists about the self-organized refugee squat Orfanotrofeio in Thessaloniki, Greece. http://aradio.blogsport.de/2016/01/16/a-radio-in-english-mediterranean-3...


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