Nazis attacked Social Center Klinika & demo in Prague

Hier kun je discussieren over Nazis attacked Social Center Klinika & demo in Prague.
Few Hours before the attack at the Klinika nazis attacked demonstration against Fortress Europa in Prague.

I know it's slightly off

I know it's slightly off topic - sorry - but there is one thing in the video that really really puzzles me.
It's at this moment when the group of nazi's try to affront the antifa demo. There's a lot of 'pumpin' up' (a bit similar to what gorilla's do) but clearly, the nazi's prefer not to engage in any fighting. I suppose that they're just smart enough to notice that they're quite outnumbered.
What's odd though, is this cops line in between. I counted eight or nine cops at most. No shields. No armor. Not even helmets. I think I saw one or two hits with a baton, but most of the cops didn't even hold their batons. And still - here's what really puzzled me - nobody tries to break through, not on the fascist side, not on the antifa side.

Less then ten cops separating two groups without trying to smash everyones face, that's almost unthinkable here in the Netherlands. It strikes me every time I see footage from other countries: it really seems that dutch cops use much more violence then cops elsewhere. Whereas other cops often stay more or less in control of themselves (I remember the cops at Blockupy), Dutch cops go crazy and freak out completely. It shows us a lot of how much this country had become a police state.
Problem is, every time I talk this through with people from other countries, they think I exaggerate and find it hard to believe. Think it's the same everywhere. But I really see a difference between footage from here and footage from elsewhere.

Anyone's thoughts about it?

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