Climate Camp, Degrowth Summer School and Actionlab in the Rhineland (Germany)

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Waar: Climate Camp, Degrowth Summer School and Actionlab in the Rhineland (Germany), Rhineland, Germany
Wanneer: 19/08/2016 - 14:35 t/m 29/08/2016 - 14:35

2016 will see another Climate Camp in the Rhineland! From the 19th till 29th of August there will be networking, education and actions... and trying out tomorrow's society today - social, ecological and based on grassroots democracy.

At the camp the Degrowth Summer School will take place once again, where the concept of degrowth is put into action: By learning practical skills and analyzing political and economic developments.

The mass action of civil disobedience "Ende Gelände, during which 1000 people shut down the huge lignite mine of Garzweiler last year, is taking place from the 13th to the 16th of May in the Lusatia region in the east of Germany this year (fore more info click here).

But that doesn't mean that there is no action in the Rhineland. There will be an Action Laboratory, which is going to take place at this years Climate Camp in the Rhineland and is supposed to offer a platform for individual and collective learning of new forms of both resistance and

These new experiences will help to raise the resistance in the Rhineland to a whole new level in 2017, when we will be using an area concept that spans across all parts of the movement (area concept: referring to the route concept used in the resistance against nuclear waste transports, where different groups of different backgrounds can act out the kind of actions they consider appropriate in a beforehand agreed upon designated part of the route, or here: the area). We are sending the invite out to a broad range of groups and people, who, whether involved in the climate movement or other movements, we'd very much like to work on a concept for this ActionLab with us.

Curious? Pull out your calendars and pencil in the following prep-meetings:

- 3rd - 4th February 2016
- 15th - 16th April 2016
- 03th - 05th June 2016
- 22th - 24th July 2016

So there's a lot of good reasons to come to the Rhineland. But the best is to see for yourself by watching the video of last year's event (in German and English with optional subtitles).

More info:

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Falls in Regio Rotterdam sich 3 Leut befinden die Benzinkosten teilen koennen / wollen / werden, waer ich bereit der alte benz anzufeuern ... wahrscheinlich nur ein weg weil ich nit so lange bleibe (schlechte erfahrungen mit TShirt Anzieh Polizistin 2 jahre her) emaile poetpiet @ gmail
uebrigens, ... hier die loesung allerhand energie generation probleme:
Chas Campbell's Snooker Ball Gravity Wheel Concept

auch hier gepostet:
als 53. ... bis jetzt nur eine hollaenderin da .....



einige auf dem Bild bezogene, dieses erlaueternde bemerkungen bei dieser link (auf english):
some clarifying remarks on the image (source, faults and such) in english here:
the maker of this has nothing but a photobucket account i could find (this pic really likes to hide from my linux rig .. but here it is), link in previous share
i will tell you why this is a no go .. AND how it can easily be modified to a DO go.
all the weight depicted above and below the horizons of the top and bottom of the copper coloured hub (from where [slightly inclined] guides must intersect the radial ones) cancels the levergain, max and available at a free roll to the tune of a slightly smaller diameter than the copper hub. Inspired to roll rock yet? Wanna bet wood and rock would suffice for a household version, .. even a community one?
it lookin more like .. twice the length of a forearm with the fingers as the hub/gear diameter to give you better than a 5:1 ratio .. instead of the 8 weights on the rim, you'd have 2 (after putting them closer together)

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