Upcoming Riot in Berlin 1st May

Hier kun je discussieren over Upcoming Riot in Berlin 1st May.
Since then there are every year demonstrations and clashes against the metropolis of the rich and oppressor, against Germany, war and fascism.

In the last 25 years these violent clashes have become a ritual. Sometimes the cops get the upper hand, but very often also we achieved to be out of control.
Street battles are risky at the 1st of May in Berlin, because the cops here are one of the most effective ones in Europe. But there is a big amount of stones everywhere.
To the 25th time this year´s 1st of May symbolises the hope of going one step further to the end of the ruling form of society.
Everybody has to come to Berlin - between 30th April and 2. May it´s getting hot!!!
Against state and capital, against the state of the murderous pigs!!!

A very hot riot happened 1st May 1989:


this was 1st May 1999:


also very good was 1st May 2001:



and 1st May 2002 with more looting:



one of the best years 1st May 2003:


or this 1st May 2009 with again lots of injured cops:


more information about this year:


Dont miss it! See you in Berlin 1st May 2012!



De 1 mei demo is duitsland is bekend om zijn rellen, mensen gaan er naar toe om te rellen en de politie gaat er naar toe om te slaan.
Het worden ook wel de chaos dagen genoemd.

Men kiest er bewust voor en ik kan mij indenken dat het wel even lekker is om al je frustratie te laten gaan tegen de gevestigde order.

Ik kan zelf niet gaan dit jaar, maar 1 ding kan ik wel zeggen, het is een enorme happening .

Indeed, a pretty stupid

Indeed, a pretty stupid posting in the category: upcoming events for young men with too much testosterone.

To keep you informed about these grand riots in Berlin:

- the police know that you are coming and that you are stupid

- people throw stones and even molotovs over your head, so they sometimes don't land on the cops but on YOU

- the whole tradition of a revolutionary 1 May demonstration in Berlin is completely dead for many many years, thanks to political opportunism of the people who organize it, what is left are just a bunch of Stalinists and riot-tourists in a senseless clash with the cops

- this demonstration is completely out of touch with social reality in Berlin, Berliners don't go on the street and are even hardly aware of the whole event. so there's absolutely no connection with local social struggle, just some disconnected idea of a tradition (which is actually dead)

- each year a bunch of rioters get arrested and the punishments are severe: you'll land in jail for quite a while and there won't be many people who will care about you

If you want to contribute to the continuation of 1 May as an international day of social struggle: try to organize something in your own city or somewhere nearby - it might be small and not very spectacular, but at least it might make some sense.
When you don't have that many braincells and too much testosterone and you think you're some sort of a hero: please go ahead to Berlin and try to get your kicks over there - but please don't wine over police violence or repression, don't play any martyr game and don't try to bother us!

Chose your method, chose your

Chose your method, chose your location.

Those who claim that there is a disconnect, are disconnected. Read and follow the German updates and then you'll see demostrations of 10.000's per city.

So feel welcome to show your international solidarity on the streets of your Eastern neighbours.

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