Articles translated into English

Hier kun je discussieren over Articles translated into English.
Good afternoon,
My name is Joana and I am writing this message, to try to create some awareness on the lack of English translated articles.
First of all, I really appreciate the work and effort that everyone is doing in order to keep this website, however I must say that it makes me sad to see this hapening.
I am aware that this is all volunteer work, however this is IndyMedia/Vrij Media Nederland, so I do not understand the reason why you choose to keep non-dutch speakers in the dark about such important subjects, in a country where so many people from other countries gets together and fight together for what they believe.
The Netherlands is full of emigrants, including the ones that are activists and interested in feeling fully integrated in the country, witch obviously includes being able to read and spread the information about what is surrounding them and that they are a part of.

Thank you for your time and would love to see improvement and realization.
Have a good day,

hallo Joanna, is english your

hallo Joanna, is english your first language?

Articles translated

Several things to address here..

Why do you treat English as "more equal than other languages"? Half our imports are from Germany, half our exports go to Germany, Germans are the largest ethnicity of immigrants in this country.
Sure, English is supported by the big multinational corporations, but so are lots of other things we don't like to embrace.

How would posting things in English help immigrants integrate? They will remain "tourists" until they understand Dutch - including many dozens of words and expressions for which English doesn't have an equivalent.

It's not a matter of "keeping certain ethnicities in the dark". It's about not playing along with capitalist globalisation, and not discriminating foreigners because of native language. If we want international equality, we can't promote an ethnic/national language to world standard. We need a worldlanguage that's nobody's only language, and is easier to learn than any of the national ones. Until something even better comes along, I support Esperanto for that role. It's not perfect, but it has been in use for almost 130 years now, and can be adapted by ordinary users

Although I don't agree with

[voor nn hier verplaatst omdat reageerfunctie een beetje in de war is]

Although I don't agree with the statement that people will remain tourists untill they learn Dutch, I generally grees with most of this post. Also I think it is odd that there's no response to reactions, so the whole post smells more like a general demand for English translations than like a discussion on languages and politics.

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