Antenna Expert Explains GCR Broadcast Irregularities

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“This is the long awaited statement on the Twelve Apostles Incident. We decided for this name after the navy college school on Guam from which, it was figured out, the internet streaming port request allegedly came from, or was relayed to us, that, illegally under our creative commons license, was fed into a military antenna grid an ended up as a shrill noosphere dissonance resonating around the planet triggering mayhem and disaster. Welcome on Garvey County Radio antenna expert Alex Bourque from Fjord Taggart.”

“Good Morning.”

“Earthquakes, droughts, famines, floods, killer storms in our name. What has happened?”

“Let me begin with the story of the Maldives Musical Guild conference. These people met to figure out among professionals of the pleasure of the ear what is the best tsunami warning signal. This happened on the background of the Gewindeberg theory on stampedes and acoustic interdependence. How could they warn people in such a way that they would not step on each other’s feet in heeding to the warning.”


“First moments matter most. But more to that soon. They could not agree on a ringtone, representing so many cultural backgrounds and contexts. Yet they figured out something they had not directly reached for although it is of central significance in Gewindeberg’s thoughts, that really mattered for their goal.”

“You tell what.”

“They found that the best step towards higher safety was a bionic delay, that is a phase-off or cut-out of whatever current signal there is just right now followed by the one second it takes the human spine to realise for example that its situation has suddenly changed from everything relaxed to being in the middle of a car crash. After that delay, most ringtones are fine.”

“– – – –”

“Whereas the signal shut-down profile curve might be as steep as a tsunami wave. – – – – Then the warning can kick in and start your emergency reflex without you falling over your toes.”


“I am telling you this in that much detail because the impact of the concerned military antenna activity on the noosphere, atmosphere and biosphere is exactly the opposite, set to cause as much unchecked damage as it can, not only in terms of belligerent u-boat orders, but upon just as everything else that is being reached easier than a submarine.”

“So what happened?”

“The Twelve Apostles College of Guam served as a front-end, possibly as a virtual one without the signal actually going through Guam, as your program was relayed upon the military occupied airwaves and amplified to grotesque proportions. You must remember that this is a deep seawater penetration device built to get text messaged into nuclear submarines luring in mad positions. For everything in between it resembled a badly exaggerated sound check, in the best case annoying, in the worst destructive.”

“Is there no constitutional safeguard against this abuse?”

“It is especially difficult with constitutions in which such safeguards or phoney substitutes thereof were only amended to technical regulations and not established in foundational articles as their self-evident base. But, however, this generally should not happen. The mad channel is no toy, no toying around can replace mutual assurance. Such abuse categorically must not happen already by the underlying spirit of the document, if any.”

“So it proves apparatchik racket lawlessness?”

“Not only that but also public immaturity. Of course the lawmaking prescribes that the military antennas have to shut up for everything except formally approved military orders. But your constitution does not explicitly prohibit regime conspiracies from putting themselves above the law and forcing lawmakers to amend constitutional articles with fraudulent exceptions under phoney pretexts. The Twelve Apostles Incident belongs into that category. It proves that constitutionally, Unitedstates is a failed state. Just like a Christmas tree light working as an electric fence is a failed light.”

“Although it shines?”

“That makes it worse than if it was not being put at work, because it might deceive naive folks, plus the shine might not last. Just like some people who were exposed to the distorted military signal have been badly confused by their perceptions of remote resemblances of Garvey County Radio patterns in the destructive output, although our calculations balancing what went into and what came out of Twelve Apostles School have clearly brought the result that is nothing but shallow mimicry without any usable value.”

“Unlike biological mimicry which benefits from the deception, this kind does not. It does not produce a competitive challenge for listeners. It is symbolical mimicry with no practical purpose, but only the theoretical one of denigrating the original. Mimicry without a practical purpose in natural evolution dies out in the survival of the best fitting because it is a pointless waste of energy. But not so artificial mimicry. It continues without producing a benefit, and in its propaganda form is a pattern alienated from itself.”

“Wow, that is stupid design.”

“Stupid design so stupid that it thinks of itself as exceptionally intelligent. That is how the military output pattern puts itself into the context of creationism. In my evaluation, the Twelve Apostles incident is sheer blasphemy fallen from its own attempt to put itself above Nature. This form of mimicry in biological terms is an indicator of overpopulation.”

“About a year ago, an American Christian teacher there stabbed to death his three minor sons in a religion lesson, because the American community is so incestuous that there would be no separation of school and family. They had complained in their homework that local ethnic minorities there were totally deprived of their native heritage except of a commercially sugar-coated derivative thereof filtered through foreign monopoly corporate channels.”

“Their focus was mathematics, one of them blatantly called the native alienation a topological fraud, his father imagined he had heard a childish pun on his theological pride and fell into butchery. After their military police nabbed the child murderer, the class got a fresh teacher who among other things taught them his predecessor had been a Russian secret agent, but no further consequences followed.”

“And we thought we could rely upon the validity of school licenses because the schooling system checks itself.”

“Another deep profile case at Twelve Apostles Guam was when a blue-blooded oligarchy sprout, whose father worked as military deacon of a bomber unit there, called the current American president a devil on a sock buddy network, in an apparent attempt to penetrate both Antiamerican sympathies and these of oligarchy rivals, and line them up in a mutual zero sum game constellation. The public scandalised the medieval remark without even being aware that it confronted the occupier oligarchy at its weakest point.”

“As long as there could be even only a single pupil benefiting from our program we cannot shoot down a streaming client on suspicion.”

“I know. It is because you want to be consistent. And if you did so consistently you would put yourself out of balance. So when there is no way to tighten the criteria there is no action. In a monopoly-centred topology the stochastic advantage mostly is on the side of the monopoly. Stochastically. This is the understanding at which the consistency demand comes to challenge the monopoly situation. When such a client appears as human shield of a secret military attack it is not the operation, in this case of the broadcast, that is to react, but the defence.”

“So what?”

“Please let me pick up the mimicry aspect in order to lay out what is on the mind of the war criminal closing the circuit. The acronym of its job is itself of this form of mimicry, a derivative type of retronym. In this case it is a parasite of a music instrument. The war criminal is in the delusion it was playing a yankee doodle on all our lives, while in fact it is running amok with a dangerous weapon. Which may not be loaded with hot bullets just right now, but who knows for sure. The dry run irritation alone is bad enough.”

“Please elaborate.”

“In the street action piece ‘Bitter Green Townhall’ the evil psychopath walks around a formal reception in a town hall with a machine gun of which no one knows whether it holds hard ammunition, and gets into yelling matches pointing his gun to random visitors, telling them things like: Do you now accept that I do not want to kill you, because if I wanted to I would have used a live bullet just right now, and so forth.”

“Bad craziness.”

“From being threatened, people are being expected to conclude that they were not being threatened, at least not as badly as it could be, and to agree with the psychopath continuing to threaten them. That goes on the whole time until someone grabs a sharp iron knife and handles it in order to kill the villain with a single stab. The end. That is the way to go for Twelve Apostles.”

“And you are that someone?”

“No, I tell you how illicit signal multiplication works. Because when you know that it at work then it works a bit differently. And when you suspect that it might be at work then you can take a few pre-emptive measures with little effort or risk. That is effectively what the author of ‘Bitter Green Townhall’ teaches. Only at the first superficial glance this great agitprop blueprint is about local deputies yelling at each other over emission regulations. At its heart, the work is a pedagogic instruction on the nature of violence.”

“The violence of Nature?”

“No. Nature may be ruthless but never violent. It does not intend to destroy us. We only happen to be in its independent ways. On he nature of violence. That is, why do some people intend to destroy us, and how do they hide it. Because even these people perceive some remote echo of the self-evident fact that their intent is evil, and humanity does not like evil. I have myself played it in many roles and variations on street protests, actions and demonstrations to get the hidden violence exposed in time.”

“Give us an example please.”

“Example, Citizen Kare has signed the petition against aircraft pollution. Maybe he thinks controllers are wrong to operate the runway in overdrive mode, that is with a virtual pre-runway in the air above everyone’s heads. Virtual runway means blanket low altitude order instead of specific aircraft climbdown calls. What do you do as a greedy conspiracy intending to make Citizen Kare change its mind, when you do not want neighbours witnessing you pointing a gun at Citizen Kare?”

“Too stupid! Plain loud! I will continue my argument in a minute.”

“A job offer does not suffice to ring a bell. Observers of the performance learn what an evil conspiracy does in such a situation. They drink a decaffeinated coffee. Haha. They serve it to the neighbours. Hahaha. Of course not. They do something totally violent but for now take the violence element out of it, as I said. And when someone begins taking notice, mix in a few obvious duds to spoil evidence gathering. Like the psychopath in the BGT plot.”

“What happens to Citizen Kare?”

“Citizen Kare steps out of his garden door. In that very moment an expensive car with darkened windows runs over the round crossing in view at over-speed. A bit later, Citizen Kare again steps out of his garden door. Another significantly insignificant vehicle runs by. Another opening of the door. Another disproportionate traffic spike. Again. And again. And likewise. Citizen Kare gets angry at this, and bis neighbours wonder why because they might be the next ones happening to drive by if they noticed the coincidence at all. Bad confusion.”

“What is it?”

“In the war zone, the death squad is in one car. The co-driver operates the machine gun. In the covert war zone, the machine gun is exchanged with a second car. When the death squad is redeployed to the war zone, or the covert war zone is being upgraded into a war zone, the second car is again being exchanged with a machine gun.”

“Uh… don’t death squads need doctors?”

“Theoretically yes. But how do you heal a person who thinks Citizen Kare was getting mad over nothing and does not realise that killer rackets are running rampage for flight discounts? You would basically have to take the person by the hand and walk them around several corners only to arrive where you have started. Any doctor is in the situation of standing in frond of a dialysis machine whose doctor interface is defunct as it engine works on. Yet doctors are used to insisting on a good reason for pulling the plug, not to insisting on a very good reason for not pulling the plug.”

“Garvey County Radio didn’t either. Just that a bunch of bloody psychopaths is struggling to get on our track does not mean we would change our principles. I want to have their plugs pulled, I think this entire Twelve Apostles Affair is a very good reason to do so once and for all. There are morons colliding with us, we are right, they are wrong, they have to get out of our way, full stop.”

“I am working to pull that plug. What you can see, like the bystanders in the agitprop, is that no lowering of proportionality and appropriateness level is too low for a certain racket of violent psychopaths to avoid clinging to. From the human standpoint however it is being expected for the evil to loosen its grip once it becomes self-evident that it is getting the situation nowhere and exhaustion tactics is not an argument.”

“And when the devil doesn’t?”

“Then it has to have its audience taken away. That is what agitprop pieces are being made for. My job is to stay on track of the racket even when it lets your station off its hook and lures to bite the next one. My job is to make sure that Citizen Kare can freely step out of his garden door without fearing to become guilty in the loss of innocent human life by means of contributing to the training of snipers and bombers; and I do so by putting an appropriate counter-current of noosphere pressure on the antenna grid concerned in order to neutralise and eliminate the illegitimate and destructive signal without killing the host with the parasite.”

“What does this mean for our listeners?”

“Reality is always crasser than the crassest story. This includes any BGT staging. We found another remarkable incident that happened at Twelve Apostles School about a year ago. Well, they decided that they needed a yoga teacher, so they hired one. He was from South America, so the security check was tighter than usual. Military agents found in his belongings a device they did not understand which was made of various metal and rubber parts. They questioned the applicant and he gave the likewise tight answer that it was a precision instrument he made in his mechanic training. He still got the job because there are so few candidates, especially at a remote military colony like Guam. Not very meditative there, hahaha.”


“Of course it was all true. But the North Americans thought it was decoration because he had not mentioned what the mechanics teacher had said about its purpose, and once their guessing arrived at their own focus on meaningless competition they stopped thinking any further. So when he did his job, and stood for a dissenting view, he was cited to the director’s office and confronted in a bully talk suggesting him he should be ashamed that he had not donated it to family relatives to glee about it and admire his ranking in a precision manufacturing competition. Well, you really shouldn’t say that to a teacher who works to bring you down from your competition mania and can afford to do so because his record is immune to sour grapes type slurs.”

“What was it?”

“The teacher fired his employers for unsolicited interference in his family affairs. We are talking about a device for the clean testing of fire extinguishers. Instead of soiling the room with white powder, you just connect the two devices to each other, and can perform a function check that is technically sufficient to provide the response reliability necessary to avoid an installation of smoke detectors. Not only did they insist he had to teach with a smoke detector above his head, they also failed to understand the technical part because they were blinded by their lust for competition.”

“Military colonies seem to be every pupil’s nightmare.”

“From incidents like this you can see the patterns of habits that are behind the signal relaying and distortion attack. It is a matter of competition for the sake of itself extending way too far into unfair competition until it defeats itself. And maybe I should also chew upon what every mechanic who ever went trough any such exercise should know. These devices do not only have a declared purpose. They also have an undeclared one. And that is, when an apprentice making them is focussed on the declared purpose he achieves fine results. But an apprentice who is merely focussed on working visibly better than the next one to his left or right side will produce trash. The hidden purpose of the device is to measure a pupil’s immunity to competitive pressure.”

“And for that, one may happen to get officially questioned at Guam?”

“What the Twelve Apostles Incident has added to the general knowledge of the matter is that it is further proof that the North American presence there is a cover for dishonest intentions. If that is the case, as it is now known to be, then it is no surprise that a yoga teacher with a precision instrument to properly maintain his workplace attracts that much effort. I spare you of the irritation inflicted upon the family, although it did not even move to Guam but remained in South India.”

“To wrap this up, what can we as a local station do to keep the noosphere tidy?”

“You are already providing a valuable contribution by calling me in on your client. I contacted a religion expert to figure out in which way the use of that name as a front-end of a military multiplication short-cut matters for my work to shut down these abusive antennas in the least damaging way. They have been there for too long, so eventual collateral dependencies upon them must be dissolved with great care. That requires knowledge part of which comes from targets choosing to defend themselves. Actually, the most basic part thereof.”

“The story of the historical twelve apostles is remarkably bizarre. Once he has his peer group assembled, their leader is gone. None of the peers can replace him. That is the first alarm sign. The replacement is a renegade occupation government official from whose writings it quickly becomes obvious that he has a track record of covert hostility against his predecessor. Full alarm. The peer group effectively has suffered a micro-coup, because its steep hierarchy was susceptible to it. Then the catastrophe. Of course the occupier drops its former tool like a fool, he ends up in prison.”

“From there he writes the most pompous and phoney encouragements to other prisoners you can imagine, making them empty promises by the catchphrase, until a better writer of independent background comes up and publishes a definitive end to the twelve apostles story. Ironically, that number is a bookmark on earlier scripture which says precisely the opposite of the bloody renegade replacement. The expert also told me that any government renegade switching to opposition side, especially so when from high ego profile to high ego profile, brings with it serious whitewashing issues that could poison opposition activity over long times. Bigots might mistake them as a blank cheque for sinning. That is the case here.”

“So much for bad vibrations. – – – – And now, for some good ones.”

Saturday, Sep 2nd 2017

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