Update from Hambach Forest: Start of deforesting and evictions from Monday on

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According to police, RWE will start on monday clearing work in the Hambach forest. We hope and know that as many people as possible will be in the Hambach forest from Monday morning 3:00 clock to defend it. We assume that this year they intend do a complete eviction (all tree houses + meadow occupation).

Because it is impossible to enforce this year’s clearing without evicting tree houses, we are prepared for it. We’ll prevent the deforesting! Here are some suggestions:
The last clearing season has shown that 2-3 weeks are enough to destroy about 70 hectares of forest. If you have the opportunity to come over for the next few weeks, then do so! You are needed here more than ever. Here on the spot we need people who occupy the clearing area as extensively as possible. Temporary tree occupations with mobile platforms are prepared and we will provide you with all the material and equipment you need. But also people who can help providing the tree houses, help with press and public relations work and provide emotional support are incredibly important. Since it may be that especially weekdays police in the forest is present, you can call before to ask if it is possible to come into the forest without being checked by police. Every Sunday at 9:00 clock begins an action and climbing introduction. Meeting point is the round house in the meadow.
If it is not possible for you to come for a week or more, you’ve got still the opportunity to be here for one action. For example, you could use an affinity group to prepare a blockade on the access roads (see action map) by which the clearance vehicles come.
Right now it is important to stay up to date and to make known what is happening here as widely as possible.


Spontaneous Demonstration Following Cologne Courts Pro-RWE Decision


Normalising corporate counterinsurgency: Engineering consent, managing resistance and greening destruction around the Hambach coal mine and beyond

Over the last seven years, RWE, the mine operator, has faced an increase in militant resistance, culminating in the occupation of the Hambacher Forest and acts of civil disobedience and sabotage. The mine provides a European case study to examine the repressive techniques deployed by RWE to legitimise coal mining in the face of a determined opposition. Drawing on political ecology literature and work on corporate counter-movements, this paper peers into extractive industries and their corporate social responsibility (CSR) engagements through the lens of corporate counterinsurgency.


Code Rood

Hambi bleibt! Yesterday we got together together with 75 people in De Samenscholing in The Hague, for the second Code Rood conference to talk about mass civil disobedience action plans for 2018. We decided to drop Amsterdam, Schiphol and the 'Giro di Blockadia' for now, and are further investigating the possibilities to go to the Rotterdam coal port or the Groningen gas field. On 12th of December the final decision will be taken.

At the end of the conference we took this solidarity picture with the Hambacher Forst Besetzung, where 200 forest protectors are living in tree houses and bravely resisting RWE and its plans to expand the climate killing Hambach brown coal mine, the largest coal mine in the European continent. So from The Hague to our comrades in the Rhineland we shout loudly:

"Ende Gelände! Hambi bleibt! One struggle, one fight!"



29.11.2017 27. & 28.11.2017 - RWE startte maandag het kapseizoen in Hambacher Forst. De energiegigant wil het unieke oerwoud vrijwel volledig opruimen om bij de daar opgeslagen bruinkool te komen. Dit ondanks het feit dat het einde van deze energievorm in zicht is. Kleine groepen en boombezetters interfeniëren in het proces.


Clearing stop does not mean that the forest is safe…

Today (01-12-2017) we woke up and the forest was calm. No rumbling of the machines tore the silence, no police helicopter stood over our houses. Since yesterday 6 pm RWE is not authorized to continue the deforestation. However, this does not mean that the forest is saved: the grubbing-up is prohibited until the court has decided on the application. When that will be, no one can exactly estimate here. In addition, the lawsuit is directed against the operating plan for 2014-2017. Even if the court decides in favor of us, deforesting would be possible again from 1 January 2018, unless the main operating plan, which will apply from 2018, is successfully challenged.

What clearing stop does not mean either is a ban on evictions. Tree houses and the meadow camp still can be evicted (and for Armin Laschet, the lignite also seems to be a special heart issue). Therefore, be careful, keep yourself and your allies up to date. In case of another police operation, there will be a warning again by SMS.

Website: https://hambachforest.org/


Party at the newly settled Beach Club!

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