Liberate or Die Actie-week in Hambacher-bos!

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We've been missing a real activist-run, animal-rights-based, radical action camp, so we decided to make our own. In the Heart of the Hambacher Forest, a landmark of anti-capitalist and climate justice resistance, we will be hosting our first antispeciesist event.


- How to pick locks, by UnoffensiveAnimal
- Basics of climbing, by Hambacher Forst Besetzung
- Who is the ALF // History of the ALF, by UnoffensiveAnimal
- Introduction to Hunt Sabotage, by Hunt Saboteurs
- What is the Save Movement, Save Movement UK & Europe
- How to build a lock-on, by Hambacher Forst Besetzung
- Learning from previous struggles: vegan advocacy for animal liberation, by Seb Alex
- Establish the confrontation by direct action. How create a real offensive movement against the speciesist industry? by 269 Libération Animale
- Action climbing training by Earth Resistance
- The strategy of non violent direct action by Earth Resistance
- Vegan Vs Freegan, An open debate. by Hambacher Forst Besetzung.

THIS EVENT IS FREE. With our concept of Anti-Capitalism, we do not believe people should have to pay to learn, share knowledge and take part in actions. Donations are well received as the occupation can always do with some funds, but they are not necessary! (We have been told they really like chocolate, hint hint!)

THIS EVENT IS VEGAN. We would like the space to be vegan and the participants should be able to respect it. We dumpster dive most of our food and although the forest has a divide between freegan and vegan diets, the Antispeciesist Space will remain fully vegan.

THIS EVENT IS ACTIVIST RUN. We are all crew. We all take turns to wash up dishes and to cook dinner, we all collect firewood and build a fire! From each according to their need to each according to their ability, do not be shy to help out!

THIS IS AN ACTION EVENT. On our first day, we would like to discuss different actions that could take place during the week. Depending on the skill level and legal comfort we will make a decision to take action one way or another. Bring ideas and listen to the group, we are sure that whatever is decided will be a wonderful action!

THIS EVENT IS BASED AT THE HEART OF A COMMUNITY. We will be sharing the forest with others and many have lived there to protect the trees for
years. Some are VERY camera shy. Taking photos of the occupation is wonderful, but DO NOT take photos of activists without express permission. The same way, phones aren't very welcomed in plenaries and workshops. Trust us, you'll feel a massive relieve not carrying it around at all times!

You should firstly bring yourself. Call in sick at work and avoid going to uni, what's best; being a wage slave or fighting for the animals? There is a list of things you could bring with you but if you don't have something specifically DO NOT WORRY, we will find a way.

- Sleeping bag and mattress
- Tent (it would be good to bring them depending on how many we are!)
- Rage
- Head torch
- Love
- Warm clothes
- Boots
- Hugs (but please ask first before sharing them!)

If you are coming from outside of Germany, Cologne has great bus connections! Check FlixBus and get yourself here! From Cologne, you will need to grab the train line "S-Bahn" to BUIR. S12 to Duren will work, but google map it if you're lost! Once you arrive at Buir's train station, go down the stairs and turn left. Keep walking over the motorway bridge and another 200m until you arrive at a junction signalling left towards Morschenich. Take the left and carry on walking straight until you see an airfield to your right. Then use the sand road to arrive at The Meadow and say hi!

If you need more explanation, click on the link below:

Come whenever, come for the event, come before and stay for years or come for the weekend. It is up to you!

Yes. Food, smiles and a place to sleep, all for free. Fuck capitalism big time. We are here to change the world, not to become part of the system.


DISCLAIMER: This is an ANARCHO-VEGAN event. Nazis, right-wingers, sexists, transphobes and any other form of oppressive bigot needs to abstain themselves from attending. Also cops not welcome but we know you'll be there, won't you?

DISCLAIMER 2: Many people in the forest have "forest names". You can rename yourself too if that makes you happy! We also don't tend to ask for real names, ages, place of origin and all that stuff. Also, we don't usually have IDs in the forest. Up to you to consider your own security, of course.

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