Some thoughts on the Appelscha debacle

Hier kun je discussieren over Some thoughts on the Appelscha debacle.
I was enjoying this whole saga for a while because you know, a good ol' indymedia bunfight is a traditional popcorn feast for an activist ground down by this cruel world. It helped me smile again for the first time this year. But actually now I'm starting to wonder how people can actually look at themselves in the mirror any more.

Just to be clear, I don't give a shit about Appelscha... i went a few times, i found it very cliquey, adults behaving like stupid kids running around drinking/kissing in the woods, jaja whatever. One year there was a circus with animals camped next door and all the anarchists talked about how it was bad and didn't do shit, so I had enough of that. Deeds not words (she says writing on indymedia haha). Anyway, I live in Maastricht, it's a long way to travel for that crap. Then my friend Maikel was kicked out by people mobilising a safe spaces discourse for ridiculous reasons and I cannot abide that sort of bullshit, so I gave up on heading north. And the findings of the dispute process were never implemented so I'm sure it's the just the same shit nowadays.

So I don't care if this event happens or not, what I do care about is that there are things right now that need our support...

For example, last week squatters in utrecht were convicted for the kraakverbod protest, there was the poke-a-cop courtcase, fash in amsterdam.

This week peike has a courtcase, autonoom centrum has a courtcase, we are here has a demo, i could go on. Are people busy with this shit? I am actually, I hope you are too.

The ZAD is crying out for international support and indymedia is full of posts showing anarchists here can't organise a pissup in a brewery.

People need to realise what is fucking important and what solidarity means.

This armchair anarchist says enough. Weg met Appelschijt.

Dit gaat over IDENTITEIT ?

Dit gaat over IDENTITEIT ? Appelscha gaat over indentiteit ? Wat is Anarchisme ( nog ) in Nederland ? Een zwakke identiteit een onzekere toekomst voor het Anarchisme in Nederland.

Poezie voor het album

Wauw, dat klinkt als een gedicht!

En dan, wat is anarchisme nog in dit land?
Een kampeerterrein ter grootte van een krant.
Altijd ruzie in het gelegaliseerde kraakpand.
Appelscha oh Appelscha, wat is er toch aan de hand?

I'm very sorry as well that

I'm very sorry as well that Appelscha takes up so much time. However, please drop the 'both sides are guilty' frame. Appelscha has been bought by the movement for the movement in the 1930's. It belongs to us. One of the sides is two guys, a supporter, and a few people who support them via email who you have last seen at any protest or court case decades ago. They try to run this place in an authoritarian, non transparent way. They spend a lot of time making themselves seem big on indymedia, which might confuse you into thinkin there are two somewhat equal sides. They refuse to give up their position of power in the Appelscha foundation board.

The other side is dozens of people who are active in the movement who want nothing except that this place is preserved for the anarchist movement and run in an anarchist way.

If the two authoritarians in the board would clear out, all of this would have been solved years ago. What you suggest is to just give up and I dont blame people for not doing that.

You call these thoughts?

"I don't care about" this, "I don't care about" that. "People need to realise what is fucking important and what solidarity means." all teary eyed...
Why even comment if you don't know what this is about. Don't tell other people what they have to find important.

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