[Amsterdam] is Pro-Choice

Nieuws, gepost door: nn op 07/12/2018 12:11:03

Wanneer: 07/12/2018 - 22:51

The winter is coming to Amsterdam, the christians are coming to Den Haag with their pro-life march, all is looking sad and gloomy, so let us paint the town PRO-CHOICE!

It's almost 40 years the abortion in the Netherlands is legal. People take it as given but really, the times they are-a-changing once again. Last year 3 abortion clinics got closed in the Netherlands, including one in Amsterdam, which meant the capital was left without a functioning abortion clinic for some months. There are only TWO (!!!) clinics in the Netherlands where abortion can be performed until 22 weeks like the law suggests. Let us also add that these are the only two clinics in mainland Europe where abortions are performed until 22 weeks on demand. Meanwhile the pro-life (or shall we call it 'Forced-Birth') rhetoric are getting bigger. Last year the pro-life march in Den Haag counted around 15,000 people. There's been barely any resistance to this happening. This year they are marching again tomorrow. Their parties are in the parliament while an organisation called Siriz is at the moment the biggest 'family planning' organisation in the Netherlands, getting state funding and at the same time having a clear pro-life agenda.

We need to bring back the slogan 'Baas in eigen buik'! My body, my choice. So we took to the streets to remind people that pro-choice still matters, it's still a statement. Bring back Pro-Abortion!

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