Why you should join the global climate strike

Hier kun je discussieren over Why you should join the global climate strike.
What about you? It’s time you signed up to join the Global Climate Strike!

What will happen after you sign up?

First, we’ll ask you to invite your friends, colleagues and family: climate action is urgent and and can sometimes feel like too much, but everything is better and more fun with your close ones!

Next, we’ll let you know about youth-led events near to where you live, and invite you to join one of them. Our digital wizards are getting the mega-map ready right now.

Then, we’ll send you all the resources you might need to join and support a youth-led strike online or in your area: that includes images and messages to share on social media, printable posters and other materials.

What if there isn’t a youth-led event in your area, or you want to organise your own strike? After you pledge your support, we’ll send you information and materials on how to organise your workplace, how to get your employer to support the strikes, and lots of ideas for actions you and your community can organise in solidarity with the striking kids.

Throughout that time, us in the 350 staff will be here, ready to support you with information and materials, connect you with others, and mobilise even more people to join.

The Global Climate Strike this September is not something you can miss. Sign up now to help build momentum, and receive everything you need to participate!

Never thought I’d look forward to the end of summer - but this September, we’re making history!

See you on the streets,

Julia, for the 350.org Europe team

350.org is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and become a sustaining donor to keep this movement strong and growing.

Global climate strike

So the global strike is worthless because 350 got money from oil barons? I couldn't care less about the source of the money if the action called for is good, which I think is the case with this call to action.

Its not ideal to be funded bt

Its not ideal to be funded bt Rockefeller and I know about the problems with NGOs funded by grants like these *in general* (the masters tools wont break down the masters house)*. But what specifically is the problem at 350.org then?

*Audre Lorde


Wat je noemt de wind uit de

Wat je noemt de wind uit de zeilen nemen van echte frontactivisten als die van Hambach Forst, Code Rood en het Unistoten Camp. Hoeveel ontvangen zij uit die geldbult van 350.org?

Re: Why you should join the global climate strike

Wat je noemt de wind uit de zeilen nemen van echte frontactivisten als die van Hambach Forst, Code Rood en het Unistoten Camp. Hoeveel geld ontvangen zij uit die geldbult van 350.org?

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