Statment by anarchist refugee Abtin Parsa about the new laws of anti-terrorism and solidarity with fugitive anarchist Dimitris.H

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At the moment the political asylum of anarchist refugee Abtin Parsa has been suspensioned by Greek regime(because of Abtin Parsa's accusation for terrorist activity) and our comrade Abtin Parsa is fugitive again.

While the court normally is to closed on Sunday and only those who are detained can be tried, the judge chose such a day for the third trial about a year ago. This seems to have been a mistake on the part of the judge, however, according to the lawyer, a new date will be set by the court for the trial.

Greek terrorist state is further legitimizing social repression.

The Ministry of Justice is merging the 2017/541 Anti-Terrorism Directive with the draft law that was presented to the parliament a few days ago.

A(ROBERY) Anyone who commits a crime under Article 374 of the Penal Code, in order to commit one of the crimes subject to Articles 187A and 187B of the Penal Code, will be punished with imprisonment of up to ten (10) years and a fine.State is the political reflection of the economic regime. Greek terrorist state, which has declined economically in the wake of the global economic crisis, is creating more laws to support the rich and suppress the poor. The bourgeoisie is getting richer every day by exploiting the proletariat, and the poor are suffering from poverty. What is being called a crime by the Greek terrorist regime is in fact a path that the terrorist regime itself has inevitably put on the path of the poor. The regime uses the word "terrorist" against militants to convince the public that the repression of communists, anarchists and the poor is part of the state's social protection program. The real terrorists are in parliament, who don't need to do robbery. Those who do robbers are in need to resist and survive. This law is nothing but legitimizing repression, defending the capital of the capitalists and trying to destroy the resistance. Money to strengthen the activities of the terrorist organization is exactly the same money that is paid every month to police stations. Terrorism is the Greek regime that has accused Comrade Demetris.H and authorizied the cops to have legal ability to shoot him if he was found.

B(BLACKMAIL) Anyone who commits a crime under Article 385 of the Penal Code shall be punished by imprisonment and a fine in order to commit one of the offenses under Articles 187A and 187B of the Penal Code.Political prisoners are hostage-taking of regime against social resistance, it is ridiculous that the regime's hostage taking (some of the regime's hostages have been killed due to bad prison conditions) and the regime's blackmail are not terrorism, but anythings at the same level, if it happens by militants is terrorism. The regime is not only more protect the capitalists' capital, but also seeks to protect more capitalists. The state must release political prisoners, blackmail is carried out by the terrorist state, imprisoning political activists is taking hostages. The blackmail is the money that is paid to the regime as a bill for water, electricity, internet, etc. Blackmail is money that the poor pay as rent to the rich. Blackmail is money that the regime receives from the trial of political prisoners or political arrested.

C(FORGING) Anyone who commits a crime under Article 216 of the Penal Code. In order to commit one of the crimes subject to Articles 187A and 187B of the Penal Code, he is punished with imprisonment of up to ten (10) years and a fine.Forgery for terrorist activities is cops raid on squats, which the cops falsely say drugs were found in the squats. Forgery for terrorist activities is the creation of fake criminal cases for the stugglers carried out by the regime. Forging for terrorist activities is the false news of the regime's affiliated media, which is to the killing of immigrants on the border of evros. Forging for terrorist activity is the cops raid on the strugglers homes, which in order the regime to charge the strugglers for terrorist activity with having a knife at home. The real forgery for terrorist activities is carried out by the regime, not the strugglers.When everything is controlled and the resistance is suppressed, the oppressed have no choice but to find a way to stay out of control and resist the oppression of the regime.

Abtin Parsa 24/may/2020

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