A film of armed robbery on October 21, 2019 and the moment when revolutionary anarchist Dimitris Vasiliadis was wounded by a Kalashnikov.

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On October 21, 2019, revolutionary anarchist Dimitris Hadivasiliadis was wounded by a Kalashnikov assault rifle in an armed robbery at the OPAP Betting Center in Athens, Greece.

On the night of October 21, 2019, the revolutionary anarchist Dimitris Hadivasiliadis, along with another comrade, attempted an armed robbery at the Opap betting center in Athens, Greece, where his leg was injured and drops of blood spilled on the floor of the robbery.

Following the € 2,000 armed robbery, Greek counter-terrorism forces accused revolutionary anarchist Dimitris Hadivasiliadis of armed robbery by identifying DNA of blood spilled on the floor of the OPAP betting center. Later on November 8, 2019, In a large-scale operation, several houses in the Attica area (central Athens) were raided by Greek anti terrorist units, including a house in the Kipseli area of ​​Athens, from which significant quantities of weapons (5 Kalashnikovs, 2 pistols, a large number of anti-personnel grenades, Several semi-automatic weapons, some explosives used to make bombs, etc.) were discovered.

One of the five Kalashnikovs discovered was also used by the Revolutionary Self-Defense Organization in 2016, when (in 2016) with the same Kalashnikov an armed attack took place against the riot Greek cops(MAT) on Harilo Trikopi Street in Athens, in which the revolutionary organization "Revolutionary self-defense" claimed responsibility for the armed attack.

Also on November 8, 2019, Greek counterterrorism police raided the home of revolutionary anarchist Dimitris Hadivasiliadis in search of him, but after not finding him, arrested his wife, anarchist Mirtos S on a terrorist charges.

Three days later, on November 11, 2019, the house of the revolutionary anarchist Abtin Parsa (an Iranian immigrant) located in the Ano Patissia area of ​​Athens was besieged by anti-terrorist forces, but the revolutionary anarchist Abtin Parsa fled and the anti-terrorist forces entered his house and his roommate was arrested on charges of terrorist charges.

* After one year, the revolutionary anarchist Dimitris Hadivasiliadis is still wanted and Greek counterterrorism forces were unable to find him.

* The wife of the revolutionary anarchist Dimitris Hadivasiliadis (Mirto S.) is temporarily released due to lack of sufficient evidence.

* The roommate of the revolutionary anarchist Abtin Parsa is temporarily free due to lack of sufficient evidence.

* The revolutionary anarchist Abtin Parsa, after being wanted for some time, was finally arrested on March 29, 2020 on charges of armed insurrection, but was temporarily released due to lack of sufficient evidence.

* Greek newspapers and channels of Greek television have repeatedly accused the revolutionary anarchist Abtin Parsa of having close relationships and meeting with members of the revolutionary organization "Revolutionary Self-Defense".

* Greek media quoted Greek Ministry of Immigration as saying that the political asylum of the Iranian-born immigrant, the revolutionary anarchist Abtin Parsa, had been revoked or suspended by the Greek government.

* A few months after the October 21, 2019 armed robbery, revolutionary anarchist Dimitris Hadivasiliadis claimed responsibility for all weapons discovered in the November 8, 2019; shortly after revolutionary anarchist Abtin Parsa, in a political statement, supported the decision of revolutionary anarchist Dimitris Hadivasiliadis.

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