Clarification on the call of demo in front of the immigration detention centers 31/12 + political standing on it

Hier kun je discussieren over Clarification on the call of demo in front of the immigration detention centers 31/12 + political standing on it.
Dear comrades
1-Politically I believe any action that is going to be organise in solidarity with immigrants should be openly announced(according to a political statement, which I have taken it years ago), unless if this solidarity action need to be organise in a close group(for serious actions, which means violently attacking the interests of state and capitalism)
As I standed in my political statement, any problems of immigrants is a social issue, and should be solved in a way that create the social base of solidarity; in fact the society should be informed about these problems in order to take initiative for solidarity action.

2-There is a preparation group behind the demo of 31/12. The only reason why I called for demo by my name is: because the immigrant collectives are missing in the struggles; and I believe, first of all it is the duty of immigrants to create struggle in solidarity with other immigrants; so I as an immigrant(together with local comrades) took a initiative to call and do preparations for the demo. While I respect the struggles of locals in solidarity with the immigrants, but in the same time I believe that immigrants better understand the situation of each others (because of common problems that we daily face with them), so the local sometimes only must follow the struggles that immigrants in solidarity of other immigrants.

3- As I made a statment in the intervention of a demonstration(video of it was share in, this period of time is more important than past to have open presence(protests) in the streets, because the state is try to criminalise the solidarity. The repression exist and I know it; but in my opinion we should face with the repression and stand against it than escape from it.(this is similar reason as the intervention happened in IND office at 8/12) , because I believe we shouldn't victimizing ourselves(even me who is almost a undocumented immigrant), but instead of it, we should stand against repression in the position of power. This is the only way that they respect us. We have to throw fear in their body, if we want to win.

5-I do not have problem to make self criticism, if it is necessary, as I have done it many times.
Abtin Parsa

Did you discuss it with the

Did you discuss it with the preparation group to put it out online? because yes, refugees should of course be included with actions for refugees, but just making the macho move by throwing it all online with your name under it, en because of that the action failing because also the police reads indymedia doesn't seem like a great contribution. Then the only refugee who got something out of this will be you, because you posted something on indymedia because you're such a cool anarchist figurehead. The people in the detention centres will onlu lose.

diversity of tactics

There are times when it's needed to seek the confrontation with the state. There are times when it's needed to organize something public so people can be made aware and join. But there are also times when a demo or action is better not known to the authorities, in order to achieve it's goal. A demo at a (border) prison on newyears eve is one of the latter. I assume you want people in the prison to see, hear and feel your support. You can't do that if you are being stopped by the bigot cops, maybe be arrested. In other words: this is a huge gamble.

Noisedemo's at prisons are often announced publicly, but at new years eve it's just not the best idea ever (esp. not this year). Just my 2 cents. ... Diversity of tactics rather than blindy following one tactic because you think it's the only way to stand in solidarity. Every action again the goal and tactics, risks and results need to be weighed and chosen. There never is one answer.

Thanks buddy, it's now also

Thanks buddy, it's now also on Vizier op Links.

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