Call for an intervention at the so-called antifa demonstration and our political stance on the fascists entry in US Congress

Hier kun je discussieren over Call for an intervention at the so-called antifa demonstration and our political stance on the fascists entry in US Congress.
Taking a correct political stance on the entry of fascists into the US Congress is essential, especially as liberal media propaganda seeks to mobilize antifascist currents to condemn such event. In our view, the anti-fascist movement should not condemn this event, but the correct political position is to condemn the whole of this oligarchic system, which is based on bourgeois democracy. The murderous democracy of America not only deserves its Congress to be occupied, but such a Congress must be destroyed. This is why we believe that the anti fascist movement should take a strong and more radical stance against Congress and bourgeois democracy, instead of just condemning the events that took place in the US. This stance does not in any way mean supporting the American fascists, but rather we must not allow ourselves to be pawns in a game in which the American regime uses our struggle against fascism to their advantage.
Nationalism is always an integral part of the capitalist system, so any action based on nationalism will ultimately end in favour of the ruling system. The policy makers of the regime also understands this well, which is why the fascists entered the US Congress and it was completely in the interest of the ruling system to use it to gain legitimacy for itself. In our view, the US regime itself was the main planner of such an event, it was the regime that paved the way for the American fascists to easily enter one of the main American buildings; and also, after its propaganda use, it easily drove the fascists out of Congress. The American regime, with the complicity of the fascists, is victimizing bourgeois democracy to prove that this system works on its own very correct and to incite the society to stand with the regime in defence of bourgeois democracy. Let us not be deceived by the regime's propaganda and let the regime not play with us, forcing us to defend bourgeois democracy in order to condemn fascism.
Such political games by regimes have happend many times in the past, for example on June 7th, 2017, when so-called ISIS forces easily entered the parliament of the totalitarian regime in Iran, which ended a few hours later. Those who are aware of security issues know that it is impossible for even a pen to be taken inside the Iranian parliament without informing the security forces. The question is how it was possible that several so-called ISIS forces entered the parliament with automatic and semi-automatic weapons and managed to take control of large parts of the building. In 2017, the Iranian regime, which desperately needed legitimacy internally and externally, used such an event to legitimize the presence of its forces in Iraq and Syria by presenting itself as a victim, and this made a large section of society stand up in support of its actions. For us, who are fighting against the existence of the state, it was quite clear that the Iranian regime's plan was to use such an event to achieve political goals. What is happening in the US today is quite similar, it is true that the fascists and the police work together, but it is unbelievable that cops without order from their headquarter allowed the fascists to enter the Congress building. It is clear that the propaganda and political goals of the American regime do not end with victimizing bourgeois democracy, we will see clearly how this event will become a means to achieve more political goals, especially the repression of liberation movements. Fascism is a constant friend of the state, the existence of fascism is tied to the existence of the state. The main danger against bourgeois democracy is posed by revolutionary movements, not by armed fascists.
We support anti-fascist organising, but the way that this demonstration is happening supports the liberal propaganda that victimises bourgeois democracy and propagates the idea that it is neo-liberal representative democracy that needs to be protected. We need to destroy capitalism, the state and the neo-liberal parliaments that legitimise the existence of capitalism.
As was mentioned in the announcement of this demonstration, there are armed fascist groups(such as the proud boys) who are a threat to the liberation movement and to marginalised communities. We want to remind you of the Islamist fascist group of ISIS which posed an armed threat to liberation movements and marginalised people such as the Kurdish, who have been fighting for many years for their independence. Anti-fascist comrades in Syria took up arms in self defence against this militarised threat. This is why from a historical materialist perspective an armed anti-fascist movement is necessary in self defence. When fascist are armed, they should be met with armed resistance, as it was done in Syria. And we should not forget that the revolution of Rojava came out of a civil war.
At the same time that the struggle for the immediate revolution is necessary, many leftists and anarchists in the Netherlands have aligned themselves with the most despicable form of organising, liberal democracy. Either we fight for a global revolution from our regions, or we will be destroyed in the pits of history.
The Anarchist Organisation for Reconstruction of Militant Proletariat

If you so strongly disagree

If you so strongly disagree with this demo maybe don't go there, organise a demo yourself?

@Abtin: Most antifascists in

@Abtin: Most antifascists in our circles in Amsterdam are not joining this demo, both for the weak political stance as well as because of the limited, compromising form of the manifestation.
Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the organizations behind this demo are anarchist.

Focus on your own political activities instead of making interventions in other (leftist) groups. It’s a waste of time and distracts from what you could be doing. Intervening in these type of demo’s (where the organization is full on cooperating with police) is also a personal risk, especially for people in precarious legal situations.

In solidarity, greetings from some (A)msterdam Antifascists.

stupid sectarians

The most ridicule idiotic thing to do is to call for an intervention at a leftish demo if you dont agree with the organisation.
Please fuck off with your sectlike behaviour. You are a shame for anarchism and, maybe, nothing less then provocateurs.

Agreed. Know your enemy,

Agreed. Know your enemy, it really with these people? Perhaps there are not enough capitalists/fascists and other scum around for you to go to fight? Intervening in 'leftwing' demo's, even if they don't have 'the correct' political analysis is really stupid.

Just because the label states left doesn't mean they are

Selective behaviour? The formulated statement is correct, its uncomfortable for the Dutch left for sure but it is right. The Dutch left in the past year is an absolute bad joke. Even organisation like vrije bond fail to formulate a correct class oriented analysis and rather organise protest like the on that is happening on the 20.January "against the american war machine" Like what the fuck, whats your next one "against world hunger"? Why don't they just start a Anarcho NGO. All protest becomes neoliberalised here as a result of effective social control. Whilst fascist attacking minorities and the Dutch government is highly involved in the killings at the EU borders, destruction of enviorenment etc. etc. the only big Anarchist groups can only organise protest when there is a instagram or twitter trend to it. IT's a absolute disaster, look at other countries sorrunding the netherlands the left is active, does response to happenings in their environment directly. SO don't tell people to fuck off just because you are getting called out of comfort zone. THe statement has flaws and does not make sense with every sentence but the underlying message to the petty bourgeoisie left in NL is more than true. This are counter revolutionary tendencies aka a acceptance of the status quo whilst prentending this is not the case. Therefore, it is more than legitimate to see this as a target of direct action!!!!

Sectlike, not selective. The

Sectlike, not selective. The demonstration was not organised by vrije bond, but by oy vey and internationale socialisten. Please inform yourself and read before commenting. I have not seen anarcho trends on instagram or twitter, but i still see a lot happening. You sound very closeminded, but it also seems you rely on the internet to know where the action is. There is direct action everywhere.

Closeminded seems to be the one not able to engage in a discours

closeminded seems to be the one not able to engage in a discourse concerning the matter. Direct action without anyone noticing is worthless. Criticising the personification of resistance as in this case is a legitimate critique, however, just insulting people won't change anything

Just because the label states left doesn't mean they are

Hey, I agree with most of the analysis and I'm also the one and only person from Vrije Bond (Amsterdam) involved with the 'against the american war machine' manifestation. The manifestation is an initiative from De Revolutionere Eénheid, they approached the Vrije Bond and I toke the request to join. Mostly because of my hate for the US and in solidarity with all it's victims.
In my view there is not much going on right in the anarchist movement in Amsterdam right now besides people screaming to each other from behind there computers and it feels like there are not much anarchist left. Besides this handfull that are now screaming that everything sucks. Yeah it fucking suck, so let get out there and unite and take action, I'll be at the assembly tonight hope to see every one there >>
If you wanna get in contact join our telegram group:

Meeting to night Assambly

Edit: I have to cancel my visit tonight to the assembly because of health issues, but hopefully I can go next week

revolutionaire eenheid

Was zeker niet geggaan als ik gweten had dat dit een Initiatief was van deze stalinistische dictator vrienden. Triest dat de Vrije Bond met deze lui in zee gaat.

Cool cool

There seems to be an uptick of authoritarian leftism in the official Dutch anarchist organisation. Vrije Bond using the ☭ in its social media header pic, Vrije Bond members cheering a stalin-/mao-/leninist demo. Not at all worrying.

Let's first build something

Let's first build something that can be considered as a urban antifa movement before we continue to exclude every ideology that doesn't match ours. Still better than excepting the status quo of rise of antisemitism, racist police murders in NL (yes its not only happening in the US), fascist attacing left wing activist, environmental distruction, a government that resigns due to crazy institutional racist scandals, a gov that is invovled in the EU-Turkey deal and in the refugee camps in greece and bosnia where refugees are currently dying due to the cold whilst dutch white families are playing in the snow. There is soo much to do before we can exclude reactionary authoritarian tendecies!

Siamo tutti antifacisti and its time to show that we agree on basic radical capitalism critique based analysis

Where does the VB have a

Where does the VB have a hammer and sikkel in their social media? I dont see it anywhere?
Also the fact that one individual VB member helped out, does not mean the VB is cheering on a maoist group. What you say is ridiculous.

VB goes red

1. Using the word 'imperialism' in the call more than once reeks of tankie jargon. Calling a protest in front of the American consulate is hallmark tankie action. Appealing to authorities is the opposite of direct action. Picketing in front of a settler state's outpost is red symbolism and just reaffirms the settlers' legitimacy.
2. VB replaced the hammer and sickle on their mastodon by the five pointed star, a less obvious tankie symbol. The hammer and sickle was noted by Libertaire orde ...and it was gone.

The essence of your critique

The essence of your critique is basically that the VB is not sufficiently symbolic. lmao


Derailing and hijacking libertarian thought since 1864.

Revolutionaire Eenheid?

Revolutionaire Eenheid? Getver, dat is wel heel erg ranzig!

Over antisemitisme gesproken

Revolutionaire eenheid nodigde een paar jaar geleden nog iemand uit die een bom in een discoheek in Jeruzalem had laten ontploffen waarbij twwe jongeren om het leven kwamen en anderen zwaar gewond raakten.

troll alert

ha ha wat zielig alweer. De ergste antisemieten zijn de zionisten die constant vrijheidstrijd met antisemitisme proberen in verband te brengen. Dat is nl pas schadelijk voor ons.

(Let op: Godwin is just a couple comments away).

De vrije bond did not work

De vrije bond did not work together with anyone for this demo and i strongly doubt they would ever work together with RE. Maybe you as an individual VB member did help, but you cannot say the VB had anything to do with it because they didnt, they didnt even co-sign the statement.
Also first time i hear it was organized by RE. I thought it was organized by internationale socilisten and oy vey.
There were certainly maoists present, but they seemed a bit lost.

De Vrije Bond staat wel

De Vrije Bond staat wel degelijk op een lijstje van "ondersteunende organisaties" voor de anti-Biden demonstratie aanstaande woensdag. Dat is wel degelijk een demo die puur door RE wordt georganiseerd.

Die demo woensdag is

Die demo woensdag is georganiseerd door de vrije bond, niet revolutionaire eenheid

Goh wat grappig, volgens RE

Goh wat grappig, volgens RE is het georganiseerd door hun, plus nog wat blalestina-solidaritees.[%7B%5C%22surface%5C%22%3A%5C%22share_link%5C%22%2C%5C%22mechanism%5C%22%3A%5C%22share_link%5C%22%2C%5C%22extra_data%5C%22%3A%7B%5C%22invite_link_id%5C%22%3A2845334095754883%7D%7D]%22%7D

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Deze aanvulling voldeed niet aan de spelregels.

lol anti imps


HA ha ha

Vermakelijk: een pseudo insurectionalist troll die een discussie aangaat met een querulantistische would-be anarcho.


If you aspire to be the anarcho celebrity of Amsterdam at least stop making an ass out of yourself.

Dus voor alle duidelijkheid:

Dus voor alle duidelijkheid: wegens gebrek aan revolutionair perspectief, zal de Vrije Bond vanaf deze week fuseren met Revolutionaire Eenheid. Domela Nieuwenhuis wordt verzoend met Stalin en Mao, anarchisten en polder-stalinisten zullen gebroederlijk en zusterlijk naast elkaar op de fictieve barricaden staan! Hoezee!

Jammer dat dat al meer

Jammer dat dat al meer revolutionair perspectief bied dan wat de keyboard-anarchisten op indymedia ooit zullen hebben.

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