New information of the extradition case of Abtin Parsa, and a political statement, and a comradeship respond to anarchist Dimitris Hadjivasiliadis

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New information of the extradition case of Abtin Parsa, and political statement and comradeship respond to anarchist Dimitris Hadjivasiliadis.

On January 12, 2021, a revision statement on the negative decision to stay in the Netherlands was sent to IND. In this process, the IND must check again the case and then send its decision to the lawyer. If the IND decision is not changed, this revision statement will be replaced by an appeal and then we will transfer the case to court.

First of all, I thank the persecuted anarchist Dimitris Hadjivasiliadis for his correct and timely stance about the wrong news, which were published in different languages and on different Internet pages.

After my escape from Iran to Greece in 2016, I have to say that persecuted anarchist Dimitris Hadivasiliadis was one of the honest and politically correct comrades I have ever met;
In my view, the persecuted anarchist Dimitris Hasjivasiliadis was one of the comrades who struggled together with immigrants without victimizing them. I as immigrant can confidently say that the solidarity that the persecuted anarchist Dimitris Hadivasiliadis rendered to the immigrant struggles was very important for the history of immigrant struggles in Greece. I do have a lot of respect for him as a comrade who putted his energy, time and life for struggles, however I must say that I had no connection with the revolutionary organization of revolutionary self-defense. I have no problem going to jail or having a hard life for what I have done(as I have experienced both), but I must say that I do not want to go to prison for what I did not do because these actions will not be politically and historically defensible for me.

Squat Gare was not a political group, but a platform and a tool for comrades to organize social struggles and mobilizations together, so although I consider my political beliefs to be the same as the political beliefs of squat Gare as a social and political space and believe in the way and type of the squat Gare's struggles, but squat Gare was not my political group. Although my view of me leaving Gare squat is different, I do not want to question the position on this subject, which was taken by comrade anarchist Dimitris Hadjivasiliadis.
I believe that any conscious misuse of history and the tools of resistance is a revolutionary betrayal, It does not matter if a person or a group commits this counter-revolutionary act, it is a betrayal of the comrades and the common goals we had in mind.

I do not accept any responsibility for false news published by various media because I am not the source of them. Unfortunately, in the past year there has been a lot of false information about me (even in the movement-affiliated media) that I have tried many times to find their sources but never succeeded. Although I had to take a stand and resist publicly against these misinformation many times, I was always blamed by people who are identified as enemy. Although sometimes this misinformation is spread in the form of solidarity, perhaps their main purpose is to hit the political and trust stance towards strugglers. I do not put my self in a position of victim, but it is a fact that I have received many political attacks from the false published information, which always became a tool to personally attack me and my political stand as a social struggler.

I believe that if there is going to be talk of a anti-terrorist units raid on my house in november 2019, there should be talk of other anti terrorist units raids on other comrades' houses, I strongly oppose to becoming the center of a text of solidarity while other comrades have suffered as much as me or even more; Apart from its moral issue, it is politically and historically important to mention other comrades and the main case that led to these attacks on our homes. So other than the misinformation available, I am specifically opposed to that type of writing of published texts, because those texts are written on the basis of heroism and egoism, which I oppose to, both politically and practically.
According to what I have been through, it is clear that my personal life has never been more important than the social struggles.

I have never been officially accused by the regime of being connected to the revolutionary organization of Revolutionary Self-Defense, but I was accused of having links with the revolutionary organization of the revolutionary self-defense by the regime media. Also, it was the regime's media that as first publicly linked me to Squat Gare, but I did not react to it because I did not want to help the propaganda of regime's media that was trying to link squat of GARE to armed struggles.

In February 2020, when I was forced to leave Athens and start a relatively secretive life due to the excessive control of the anti-terrorist police, I never called myself a fugitive anarchist, but this was the interpretation by other media about my political decision. I did not exaggerate what was happening, in fact my position as an immigrant was a reason for me to be more vulnerable than my local comrades and to be a much easier target for the regime and other enemies. These issues may have been different in the minds of the local comrades, but what I have done so far and stated were linked to the threats and attacks I felt as an anarchist immigrant.

The struggle and revolution has its cost , and everyone must pay for it, so the danger of my extradition from the Netherlands to Greece and even to Iran is something I was aware of from the beginning. I will be tried soon for possible extradition to Greece, but at the moment I do not know when this trial will happen. If I am extradited to Greece, I am not sure what will happen to me, but without a doubt, if I am extradited to Iran from Greece, the Islamic terrorists will make me disappear from life.

I have explicitly accepted in my previous statements the responsibility for what I have to accept, although none of us know what the regime secretly has against us but did not made it public yet; so I have to wait for the trial by the bourgeois justice of the Dutch regime.

There have been times that as black propaganda, I have been portrayed as an aggressive person towards the struggles, in fact I was not aggressive but I was critical. I could not alone criticize a movement that did not intend to change, and I could not change a movement that seeks the easy struggles. In the end, it was I who was doomed to be limited. In fact, not only by the regime but also by some people from the movement, I was put on public trial for my political stances, which in both I received a painful punishment. I do not want to show myself in particular, in fact, all critical comrades suffered the same fate, but each in a different way.

We fail because we do not struggle hard enough, in fact, the motivation to struggle is directly related to our social position, the effort of a repressed poor to steal a loaf of bread is much greater than that of a prosperous micro bourgeoisie, Even if none of them have a biased political mindset, it is ultimately the social position that determines how hard to struggle for this bread; For this reason, I believe that the failure of the movement today is quite directly related to the social position of the people who are part of the movement. True resistance will never be possible without a vigilant and militant proletarian movement, this is a fact that the proletarian movement in Greece has been dead for 20 years, and in my view the reconstruction of the militant proletariat can be the only way we can truly resist the repression of the regime; A big part of the proletariat today in Greece are immigrants, so this is the reason why I struggled to organize the immigrants from the beginning.

What is missing or rarely seen in our movement is self-criticism, so I intend to criticize myself publicly for the mistakes I have made. Perhaps my biggest political mistake during the struggle was that I exposed myself more than it was needed to, which was undoubtedly enough for me to be attacked and accused of as an easy target. It was a big mistake that I was trying to stand alone in the face of repression. Of course, it should not be overlooked that because of my political stance, I come from a part of the movement that is a minority, and this has been one of the main reasons for me and other comrades being alone in many struggles. Although I admit my mistakes, but there is no doubt that the propaganda attack of the enemies against me is that I come from a minority that has long been seriously critical towards the general body of the movement, and my identity as an immigrant is what makes me an easy target, so that I am attacked and accused easily than others.


Abtin Parsa
16 January 2021

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