Demo in solidarity with the immigrant woman who tried to kill herself to protest the asylum process of NL

Nieuws, gepost door: The Anarchist Organisation for Reconstruction of Militant Proletariat op 16/02/2021 02:01:21

Wanneer: 16/02/2021 - 01:26

On Saturday, February 13, 2021, an immigrant (a woman from Iran) tried to kill herself in the village Echt refugee camp(AZC Echt)

She has been living in the Netherlands for about three years, and after a long term wait for getting asylum, on February 13, 2021, she tried to kill herself by taking a large number of pills to protest the oppressive asylum system of the Netherlands. She had been asking the COA for weeks to at least transfer her to another camp, but since the COA even refused such request, she risked her life to protest against the oppressive structure of Dutch asylum process. At the moment, she is still in the hospital. The systematic repressive structures that govern refugee camps have left many immigrants with serious mental health issues, and since there is no real solidarity movement, they have even risked their lives to protest so that their voices may be heard. Undoubtedly, what happened a few days ago in the Echt refugee camp is one of hundreds of examples that have happened so far, but no one knows about them.

Although not all Dutch immigrant camps are closed door, their geographical location makes them not much different from prisons. For example, the immigrant camp near the village of Echt is about 30 minutes away by walk from the village. Immigrants are paid only € 45 a week, which means they cannot go much further than the village of Echt. (Which is also for shopping only) Many immigrants have been seeking asylum for years, most of whom have not even received the date for their interview, including many who are in the Echt camp.

Self-organized assembly of immigrants in Echt camp(part of the anarchist organisation for reconstruction of militant proletariat), calls for a solidarity demonstration to protest against the condition of asylum process and to show solidarity to the immigrant woman who risked her life to be heard.

Saturday 27 February 2021, at 2pm in front of the immigrants camp of Echt(address: Pepinusbrug 2, Echt)

The anarchist organisation for reconstruction of militant proletariat

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