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Wanneer: 21/03/2021 - 21:23

This week there were also ad hacking actions against police brutality and a banner drop from a squat. On Monday, in honor of International Day Against Police Brutality, there was a march organized to fight back against police brutality and demand justice for its victims

The police is racist and sexist. Their function is to protect private property and the ruling class. We fight for a world without cages and cops.

Three weeks ago, Sarah Everard was kidnapped and murdered by a Metropolitan police officer in London. A few days later, her vigil was violently interrupted and shut down by the same police force, during which multiple FLINTA* people were attacked and arrested by the police. Meanwhile, the UK has been attempting to pass a new 'anti-protest bill' which would give police even more room to forcibly intervene in protests which cause a 'serious disruption' - effectively giving police additional legal justification for the use of force during any and all protests. Here in the Netherlands, complaints about excessive use of force by the police has increased in the last year. In July of 2015 in the Hague, Mitch Henriquez was murdered by cops. Now, six years later the cop who killed him only received a six month suspended sentence. This is not justice for Mitch, this is police getting away with murder. Meanwhile, in Greece, anti-police brutality protests are being violently attacked by police and the government is cracking down on protests using covid as an excuse. It is clear that the police are not here to protect anything but capital and the state. We must fight back against oppressive policing measures.

We need to and will fight back against gender based police violence.

We will not be quiet as racist police continue to murder people on the streets.

Note: FLINTA* stands for Female, Lesbian, Intersex, Non-binary, Trans*, and Agender


beschrijving van de foto:
Poster met in rode en zwarte letters: No justice, no peace, fuck the police. Aangiftes tegen agenten (in 4 jaar in NL): geweld 722, discriminatie 34, 99% werd niet vervolgd. Stop politiegeweld! (Anarchistisch symbool aan de zijkant) in English, Description of the picture: poster with red and black letters saying: No justice, no peace, fuck the police. Amount of reports against cops (in 4 years time in the netherlands): violence 722, discrimination 34, 99% was not prosecuted. Stop police brutality! (Anarchist symbol on the side)



(English below)
Beschrijving van de foto's bij de tekst:
Eerste foto: Een spandoek hangt van een huis, waarop staat in rood en zwart: From Amsterdam to London to Greece, Everybody hates police
Tweede foto: Een poster hangt in een tramhalte, waarop staat: Ongestraft wegkomen met moord, geweld & verkrachting? (Politielogo in rood) Kom bij de politie!
Derde foto: Een poster hangt in een tramhalte, waarop staat: We don't forgive, we don't forget, justice for Mitch Henriquez, Tomy Holten, Sammy Seewald and all victims of police violence (English) Description of the pictures with the text:
First picture: Banner hanging from a house, in black and red it says: From Amsterdam to London to Greece, Everybody hates police Second picture: A poster in a tram stop that says in Dutch (translated): Want to get away with murder, violence & rape? (Police logo in red) Join the police! Third picture: A poster in a tram stop that says: We don't forgive, we don't forget, justice for Mitch Henriquez, Tomy Holten, Sammy Seewald and all victims of police violence

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