Bourgeois bloody swimingpool

Nieuws, gepost door: nn op 09/03/2022 03:01:01

Waar: Waldeck Pyrmontlaan 8 , amsterdam, Netherlands
Wanneer: 09/03/2022 - 01:32

Waldeck Pyrmontlaan 8 (WP8), Amsterdam has been treated with extra love today, WP8 received a fresh layer of paint.

If we are not allowed to make the inside of the building livable and homely we will do it on the outside. On the streets we left some messages for the neighborhood. Homelessness is violence and the cops play their own special role in this. They are puppets of the state that keep this violence alive and sometimes, when the cops feel like it, they will try to turn this savagery in an actual war. Not only during evictions but also on the streets, harassing the people who cant afford a house. The officier van justitie decided last Saturday that an speed eviction was needed. Completely ignoring the fact that the squatters lived there for 3 day, taking a wet shit on the house peace. And once again the state decided to ignore their own laws. How are we supposed to feel safe in a world where capitalistic man in power can decides whether we are worthy of basic human needs. Kill all men in power. Burn the bourgeoisie, and rob them from their empty buildings. Target all cops. We will burn your prisons and liberate the prisoners.


Apart from the anger (you can also swim in), what is the actual situation around the building now. Has the permit for a pool been granted ? Why or why not ? What is the name of the owner ? Which other real estate do they own ? Where does their money come from ?

In (class) war , strategic informarion is EVERYTHING


The first eviction was based on the building having permits. But sone believe it was illegal spoedeviction.
Now couple o weeks later nothing has changed in permits ofcoarse.

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