A new repression, no money anymore!

Hier kun je discussieren over A new repression, no money anymore!.

In the most recent oppression of the Dutch oligarchy against me as an anarchist refugee, my monthly salary was completely cut off, and the Dutch regime also has been threatened me to take new decisions about my presence in the Netherlands and my asylum case. However, out of frustration with any solidarity on the part of the liberal-bourgeois space of anarchist/leftists in the Netherlands, I decided to cut all ties with such a space. I am sure that I am completely alone in this struggle, which is like death or life for me. Although I'm sure that countless comrades want to be in solidarity with me, but they do not take any public action because I understand them that my past when I was teen would make them afraid of being judged by other sections of the movement.

I can write many pages about the suffering I live today ‌, but I'm worried that, as before, talking about my suffering will be a translation by others as narcissistic and victimistion behavior, so I will stop this statement here. and I write it only for comrades who still sometimes think about an anarchist refugee who has spent his entire life armed struggling against the different states.

Abtin Parsa 18 April 2022

Damn, you were getting 240

Damn, you were getting 240 euro a month until now?
Suddenly not so 'against the state' anymore right?

Because you are not legally

Because you are not legally allowed to work as a refugee. This money is already not enough to survive. Taking money from the state doesn't make you pro state. That's a pretty dumb analysis ngl.

as if he would work if he was

as if he would work if he was allowed, full time revolutionary amirite. also can see from the "ngl" who is back to protecting Abtin, sad.

You don't have to rely on

You don't have to rely on racist retoriek to stand up against abuse. Ofcourse, what people are doing here has nothing to do with supporting survivors but only with internet bullying. While leaving all the hard work to others.

If you 'decided to cut all

If you 'decided to cut all ties' then why are you posting on indymedia?
Also... you didn't cut all ties, you where tossed out everywhere on account off being a rapist and asshole.

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