Kanker and divide. Amsterdam edition

Hier kun je discussieren over Kanker and divide. Amsterdam edition.
The air is loaded in Amsterdam. It used to be a tone in the air, quickly developed into a smell and nowadays is a stench no one can barely stand.
Problems, conflicts, disputes, differences, accusations, splits are piling up.
The tone is getting sour by the minute.

We claim to be smart as fuck, smarter than anyone else, smarter than the state and yet, we are two seconds away from a massive mistake. We are up to allow ourselves to get drained and buried in a scene war.
How come we can allow ourselves to be that stupid?
3 months chanting that wars are made by states and armies and everywhere you look in Amsterdam you'll only see people getting conscripted into different trenches and getting ready for the rain of shit to blitz the city.

Friendly reminder for everyone out there. No scene war has ever resulted in a stronger scene, not even in the forever promised long term. These dramas only lead to pain, scars and weakness.
Do you really want liberation, freedom and anarchy? Then this war is not the path, even if your blood is boiling in rage because the "other(s)" fucked up.

Things don't need to be this way, there are alternatives. It's rather time for pressing the pause button and use the time for reflection and healing as collective(s).
For those too prideful for that, small reminder: there is no shame on taking a step back. Bigger political actors out there have done it in the past, for instance, our compas from FAGC did the same back in the day and that pause enabled them to come back to action stronger and tighter than before.
Those out there that know what this crap is about, it's time to prove yourself as smart as we like to claim we are.
Those who luckily don't know about it, good, better stay this way, it's better, there's no win in knowing more than needed.

This is not a call for avoiding neither conflicts nor confrontations. It's precisely a call for radically (at the root) resolving such divisions in the forms we know they need to be done, rather than this fratricide war manner.

See you at the assemblies.

So.... you decide to discuss

So.... you decide to discuss this online. sort your shit out amsterdammers

What is this? Sort your shit

What is this? Sort your shit out in private and don't just post stuff on Indymedia without any context or solution.


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