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Fuck el toro jubilo-fuck the hunt

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‘Not trying to save the world
Just trying to do our part’

Direct action is not about blogging or begging the media to pay attention. Your corporate-driven newspapers, tv-reports and talkshows can't be trusted. We hate all blah blah, so we simply act.

On Sunday the 16th of november another -and particularly evil- hunting field located near the ‘Autena Ecoduct’ (highway crossover for wild animals) was put out of use. This 'ecoduct' operates as a bottleneck: to survive in this heavily urbanized area, the animals can only reach other feeding-areas by passing the crossover.

The hunting field, directly adjacent to one end of the Autena Ecoduct, is managed by SBB (‘Dutch national forest and wildlife management’) and divided into dense, rough vegetated squares, each one separated from the other by water channels and 6 meters open space at their sides (if the animals are driven in one direction this is the only possible escape).

In one corner of the middle square area stood a hunting tower, overlooking six sides of the surrounding squares, with a pole and salt stone some twenty meters away to lure animals in their need for minerals. The salt stone went swimming, its pole was cut in half and thrown away. The frame of the hunting tower was cut into pieces, and the whole construction also ended up in the water, upside down and skewed.

In solidarity with Vegan Streaker Group, who joined the protest in Spain against El Toro Jubilo on the 15th this weekend.

Stop bullfighting! Stop the hunt! Total Liberation!

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