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Information about the bombing of a gathering of opponents of the Iranian regime in June 2018 and a political statement about this event

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Information about the bombing of a gathering of opponents of the Iranian regime in June 2018 and a political statement about this event

As a person who was shown on Iranian national television by the Iranian regime in 2017 and accused of teaching protesters how to make explosives, and person who has been thearted to death by Iranian regime, I reserve the right to take a political stand on this case.

The third secretary of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic in Austria will be tried on charges of delivering strong explosives for an explosion at one of the Iranian opposition gathering in Jun 2018 in northeastern suburbs of Paris.
Assadollah Asadi, a 48-year-old Iranian diplomat who is a member of Iran's intelligence service, will stand trial next week in Antwerp, Belgium, along with three other persons.

According to what was said in the first session of the court, the trial of these people is scheduled to end in this session. Assadollah Asadi covered himself like tourist and enterid the Pizza Hut in Place d’Armes Luxembourg, then he sat in a pizzeria with 40-year-old Amir Saadouni and his wife Nasimeh Naami, 36, and handed them a package a powerful bomb. The package contained more than a pound of acetone peroxide explosives. Also there is another person involved in the case of the bombing by the Iranian regime against the opposition abroad, who is also a political activist, I will not mention his name at this time.

Acetone peroxide is a very sensitive and powerful explosive, which is a combination of acetone and hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) in a ratio of 5 to 3 and a catalyst (sulfuric or hydrochloric acid) in a ratio of 0.3 of the substance.(This explosive substance, when mixed, is divided into two main types of conversion, which here is not the place to explain further). This explosive was chosen by the Iranian regime because it is not traceable (or very difficult). It should also be noted that it is very sensitive to the extent that it is not possible to maintain and build it up without the necessary military training. Acetone peroxide can also be selected as a seasoning (less than 2 grams), but the Iranian regime used a pound of acetone peroxide for this reason, because not only does it not need a secured container(for easy transfer), also it does not leave a mark after explosion. From the stage of preparing, maintaining, constructing and placing this explosive, as well as the fact of Assadollah Asadi's connection with the Iranian embassy, ​​it is quite clear that this operation was planned by the Iranian regime and Assadollah Asadi was the only one to carry it out.

The Islamic Republic Party came to power in a fraudulent referendum after the 1979 revolution, and did consolidate its power from the outset by suppressing, killing, and imprisoning other political currents. Thousands of political activists and political prisoners were massacred and some were forced to flee the country. The assassination of dissidents abroad has been publicly perpetrated by the Iranian regime since the 1990s, in which dozens of foreign political activists were brutally dismembered to death. In the political history of Iran, these assassinations are known as serial killings, which a few years ago the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence was forced to admit that people from this organization were involved in these killings.
The Iranian regime is made up of two intelligence agencies, which are divided into the Ministry of Intelligence and Intelligence of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. In recent years, the Ministry of Intelligence has focused more on domestic repression and killing, and operations abroad against the opposition is the responsibility of a section of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps called the Quds Force. The Quds Force is the overseas branch of the Revolutionary Guards, which has an official military presence in various countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. The main task of the Quds Force in Europe is to send fake refugees to spy on and carry out terrorist activities against the opposition in the West;

The June 2018 bombing is one of the operations specifically led by the Quds Force, as the responsibility for military training for overseas operations is currently the responsibility of this organization. Also in 2015 and 2017, two Iranian refugees and political activists with dutch passports were killed by unknown individuals in the cities of Amsterdam and The Hague, The killings were clearly carried out by the Iranian regime, but the political interests of states , including the Dutch oligarchic regime, prevented the cases from being made public and this cases never went to dutch courts. Interestingly, the Iranian regime's state terrorism does not need to be opened in a Dutch court, but my extradition as an anarchist and opponent of the Iranian regime has been referred to a Dutch court. The bourgeois justice of the authoritarians is really ridiculous.

In 2017 and even in early 2018, when I was repeatedly publicly threatened by various regime-affiliated political-military organizations, none parts of the Greek regime was even willing to investigate these threats, as in 2017 when I was in the Greek island of Samos refugee camp, the UNHCR caused an Interpol agent named Stavors to investigate the threats, but the life of an anarchist refugee did not seem to matter, and after a few meetings he decided to stop the research of case.

It does not matter what the outcome of Assadollah Asadi's trial is, what is clear is that the Iranian regime's attacks on the opposition abroad will not stop, people like Assadollah Asadi are the forces that will be replaced, the main problem is the Iranian regime. I also want to give a serious warning to some currents of the Western left wing, stop supporting the Iranian regime under the guise of anti-imperialist activity.

What the Iranian regime showed in 2017 by releasing a manipulated video on Iranian national television was, in fact, a sign of the regime's horror of the protests that year.
In this manipulated video, the Iranian regime claimed that I had taught the protesters how to make explosives, in fact it was a big lie, because even if I intended to do so, I would never do it in a public video message. My mother who has leukemia and lives in Iran, was hospitalized after watching this video on national television and other members of my family became very worried of what the regime is going to do next.

We will overthrow the regime and avenge all the tortures, hardships and killings.

Abtin Parsa
16 November 2020

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