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Call for an intervention at the so-called antifa demonstration and our political stance on the fascists entry in US Congress

Nieuws, gepost door: The Anarchist Organisation for Reconstruction of Militant Proletariat op 10/01/2021 01:03:30

Wanneer: 10/01/2021 - 03:14

We will make a political intervention at the so-called antifa demonstration in order to put forward our political stance and to make a critique. (at the so called antifa demonstration, 3pm at Westerpark)

Taking a correct political stance on the entry of fascists into the US Congress is essential, especially as liberal media propaganda seeks to mobilize antifascist currents to condemn such event. In our view, the anti-fascist movement should not condemn this event, but the correct political position is to condemn the whole of this oligarchic system, which is based on bourgeois democracy. The murderous democracy of America not only deserves its Congress to be occupied, but such a Congress must be destroyed. This is why we believe that the anti fascist movement should take a strong and more radical stance against Congress and bourgeois democracy, instead of just condemning the events that took place in the US. This stance does not in any way mean supporting the American fascists, but rather we must not allow ourselves to be pawns in a game in which the American regime uses our struggle against fascism to their advantage.
Nationalism is always an integral part of the capitalist system, so any action based on nationalism will ultimately end in favour of the ruling system. The policy makers of the regime also understands this well, which is why the fascists entered the US Congress and it was completely in the interest of the ruling system to use it to gain legitimacy for itself. In our view, the US regime itself was the main planner of such an event, it was the regime that paved the way for the American fascists to easily enter one of the main American buildings; and also, after its propaganda use, it easily drove the fascists out of Congress. The American regime, with the complicity of the fascists, is victimizing bourgeois democracy to prove that this system works on its own very correct and to incite the society to stand with the regime in defence of bourgeois democracy. Let us not be deceived by the regime's propaganda and let the regime not play with us, forcing us to defend bourgeois democracy in order to condemn fascism.
Such political games by regimes have happend many times in the past, for example on June 7th, 2017, when so-called ISIS forces easily entered the parliament of the totalitarian regime in Iran, which ended a few hours later. Those who are aware of security issues know that it is impossible for even a pen to be taken inside the Iranian parliament without informing the security forces. The question is how it was possible that several so-called ISIS forces entered the parliament with automatic and semi-automatic weapons and managed to take control of large parts of the building. In 2017, the Iranian regime, which desperately needed legitimacy internally and externally, used such an event to legitimize the presence of its forces in Iraq and Syria by presenting itself as a victim, and this made a large section of society stand up in support of its actions. For us, who are fighting against the existence of the state, it was quite clear that the Iranian regime's plan was to use such an event to achieve political goals. What is happening in the US today is quite similar, it is true that the fascists and the police work together, but it is unbelievable that cops without order from their headquarter allowed the fascists to enter the Congress building. It is clear that the propaganda and political goals of the American regime do not end with victimizing bourgeois democracy, we will see clearly how this event will become a means to achieve more political goals, especially the repression of liberation movements. Fascism is a constant friend of the state, the existence of fascism is tied to the existence of the state. The main danger against bourgeois democracy is posed by revolutionary movements, not by armed fascists.
We support anti-fascist organising, but the way that this demonstration is happening supports the liberal propaganda that victimises bourgeois democracy and propagates the idea that it is neo-liberal representative democracy that needs to be protected. We need to destroy capitalism, the state and the neo-liberal parliaments that legitimise the existence of capitalism.
As was mentioned in the announcement of this demonstration, there are armed fascist groups(such as the proud boys) who are a threat to the liberation movement and to marginalised communities. We want to remind you of the Islamist fascist group of ISIS which posed an armed threat to liberation movements and marginalised people such as the Kurdish, who have been fighting for many years for their independence. Anti-fascist comrades in Syria took up arms in self defence against this militarised threat. This is why from a historical materialist perspective an armed anti-fascist movement is necessary in self defence. When fascist are armed, they should be met with armed resistance, as it was done in Syria. And we should not forget that the revolution of Rojava came out of a civil war.
At the same time that the struggle for the immediate revolution is necessary, many leftists and anarchists in the Netherlands have aligned themselves with the most despicable form of organising, liberal democracy. Either we fight for a global revolution from our regions, or we will be destroyed in the pits of history.
The Anarchist Organisation for Reconstruction of Militant Proletariat

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