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The new prime minister of Greece

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Loukas Papademos – The nobleman of the banks
A lobbyist of the multinational elite was appointed prime minister of Greece, an undemocratic political deviation that must be annulled by massive and decisive popular action.

PASOK and Nea Democratia agreed at last, after a marathon of consultations, to commonly appoint Loukas Papademos as prime minister. “Democratic Alliance” and LAOS supported the procedure with enthusiasm, while the “Democratic Left” and the Green party also showed their support, albeit more discreetly. These political forces are officially forming a bloc with class characteristics, that assists the enforcement of the will of the Greek and foreign capital over the struggling Greek people, who already overturned, with their mobilization, a prime minister who did not represent them in any way.

The bloc that is consisted of these political forces passes the steering wheel of the country to a man who has not, by any means, been chosen by the Greek people.

This man is not just any random person. He is a member of a lobby called the Trilateral Commission. An organization created in the ’70s by representatives of multinational corporations from the three imperialist centres of that era (USA, Western Europe and Japan), which had as a stated target the restriction of the democratic achievements of the peoples and the augmentation of the power of those corporations.
This is what Australian academic Sharon Beder says about this lobby:

The Trilateral Commission is an example of how corporate networks can install high ranking employees in governments and public administrations as members in alliances against democracy. The Trilateral Commission was created to “shape politics” during an era where democracy was posing infuriating obstacles to multinationals. In 1975 the Trilateral Commission published a report with the title ”The crisis of the democracy”.

Among the authors was the well known reactionary Samuel Huntington. The report noted that “some of the problems in governance today are due to excessive levels of democracy”. This report also stated that “there is indeed a need for restraining democracy” and that “the effective operation of a democratic political system requires a degree of apathy and non-involvement of some groups and persons”. Such is the nature of this pressure group, one of whose members is mr. Papademos, up to this day. Its founding mission is exactly what mr. Papademos is about to fulfill in Greece: to impose a notion of apathy on the Greek people, who are struggling against the unjust measures and to limit their right to choose who will govern them.

The founder and honorary president of the Trilateral Commission, David Rockfeller, explained the reason behind its existence by saying that “the role of the government must be reduced. Somebody must undertake the tasks of the government and the corporations appear to be the most appropriate entities to do so.” This is exactly what is in the agenda of the “Troika” and what mr. Papademos is about to set forward when he arrives. The handing in of all functions of the Greek society to multinational predators, who are in effect the same entities that forced mrs. Merkel and mr. Sarkozy to choose mr. Papademos, by exerting control over the European Commission.

On the 7th of November, the Financial Times wrote: “… first class politicians, businessmen and lobbyists are having intense conversations in order to agree on candidates for the ministerial positions in a government of national unity”. This is how the government of mr. Papademou was formed: with the absence of people and with big corporations having a crucial role.

Loukas Papademos is also the former vice president of the ECB, a non-elected organization that is subordinate to no one and decides its policy, based on instructions given by groups of representatives of the financial elite. Such groups are the ”Group of 30” and the “Shadow ECB Council” (see its members at the end of this article).

Mr. Papademos fulfilled the political demands of the banks that participate in these lobbies while he was vice president of the ECB. He is, therefore, a tested member of the global banking elite and this elite is what he perceives as his “mother-country”.

It should not be expected that this person “will use his knowledge and his contacts for the benefit of the Greek people” as the media parrots claim. He is a representative of the global banking and multinational capital and he comes to power in a manner analogous to that used by the two big bourgeois parties to bring dictator Metaxas to power in the ’30s. Additionally, he has the approval of the European elite.

It is a disgrace for European Union to install the very same person who was head of the Bank of Greece when Greece has distorted its public finances in order to enter the eurozone. This fact proves how phony was – already ten years late – the anger of the “European partners” about the fabrication of the data, a tactic which of course was not only used in Greece. The European elite designed in common with the Greek bourgeoisie the entrance of the country in the eurozone, and nowadays they again design a new undemocratic political deviation, against the interests of Greek people.

The primary mission of Loukas Papademos is to enforce undemocratically the resolution of the last summit of the EU on Greek people. This resolution requires the installation of European Commission and ECB auditors (see task force, in all ministries and for passing the direct control of the banking system to the “Troika”. Furthermore it promotes the colonial plan “Helios”, through which foreign multinationals will steal solar energy from Greece in order to satisfy energy needs elsewhere.

There is no other dignified political choice than increasing mobilization, demanding the immediate dissolution of this government, holding elections and rejecting the summit’s resolution.

For more information regarding the ‘’Group of 30’’ check the recent publication of European Observatory of Multinational. (

In the speech of Mr Papademou at a conference organized by the Greek Embassy in Washighton on April, he praises the memorandum and believes that it will lead to the rebound of the Greek economy. Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of his speech is that he argues against the restructuring of the Greek debt, explaining why it is unnecessary and problematic.

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