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Agora Inc.,Money Launderer, Murder Suspect Porter Stansberry
Tony Ryals - 17.01.2011 00:08

Dear Alex Jones,
If I ever had any doubts whatsoever about your corruption and cover up
and disinformation propaganda re 9/11,particularly the Israelis of
Shin Beit ICTS International,and particularly Israeli money laundering
felon and mass murder suspect Menachem Atzmon.. your promotion of Agora Inc.'s stock fraudster and murder suspect,(in the case of his 'friend' Rey Rivera of Agora Inc Rebound Report fraud,etc.),has ended all that.

Agora Inc.,CIA Money Launderer,Murder Suspect Porter Stansberry and Alex Jones
by Tony Ryals

When my best friend, Rey Rivera, disappeared last year, we had to find his car (and then his .... Porter Stansberry Baltimore, Maryland December 21, 2006 ...'The Baltimore sheriff is after me…'-Porter Stansberry

From the desk of Porter Stansberry:

When my best friend, Rey Rivera, disappeared last year, we had to find
his car (and then his .... Porter Stansberry Baltimore, Maryland
December 21, 2006 ...

Porter Comments:'The Baltimore sheriff is after me…'-Porter Stansberry

Here is link to Alex Jones' and Porter Stansberry's gold touting 'interview'.
Both are far right and dangerous to Americans who seek truth and who
want the U.S.Constitution restored,Israeli Michael Chertoff's Patriot Act
repealed and perpe-traitors 9/11 war stock stock fraud and theft of American's
dollars in offshore accounts returned rather than Obama's and Republicans
printing more devalued or truly counterfeit currency that is what
truly destroys a currencies wealth as occurred in Germany pre WWII that brought
Hitler to power.Gold is not the answer for all sorts of reasons.
-Tony Ryals


So Alex Jones,Porter Stansberry and Jared Loughner believe gold is the
solution to U.S.government corruption and yet Jones and Stansberry are
beneficiaries of that very corruption.And Porter Stansberry was by his
very admission,a suspect in the murder of his own friend and employee
Rey Rivera.The U.S.SEC itself has admitted that his and Agora Inc.'s
CIA connected Agora Inc.'s Rebound Report that Mr.Rey Rivera was
editor of before his mysterious death was a fraud and I know from personal
experience that James Dale Davidson's,Porter Stansberry's and Agora
Inc.'s illegal pumps and dumps were covered up and in fact removed
from SEC litigation against Agora by corrupt Utah SEC attorneys Brent
Baker and Karen Martinez - thus guaranteeing that Stansberry and
Davidson would go free yet again after decades of gold,oil,real estate
and myriad stock fraud scams against American investors,all of which
sent and continue to send dollars out of the U.S.economy to offshore
accounts of international criminals,albeit elite criminals.

While I dislike overly simplistic definitions or categorizations the
truth appears to me that Jared Loughner was not a ‘liberal’ at all but
definitely a ‘libertarian’ a la Ron Paul’s gang who place gold above
life and think all currency should be backed by gold even though it is
as unreal or more so than paper currency or plastic.In fact the higher
the price of gold per ounce goes the more environmental damage that
will ensue in the mining of gold..You cannot eat it or use it for many
purposes and you have to hide it say under structures such as the
former WTC or I presume in Fort Knox etc. with a military to guard it
24/7.And when it all comes down,you can’t eat gold or even drive a
vehicle with it and if and when a real world environmental crisis goes
down a plate of food will be worth more than gold.Why don’t the
so-called libertarians such as Porter Stansberry,Alex Jones Ron
Paul,et.al. and Pentagon shooter John Bedell and assassin and murderer
Jared Loughner whose 'Libertaian' gun and gold 'philosophy was
influenced by them and other 'libertarians' like them such as Geico
billionaire and Overstock.com con artist Patrick Byrne's colleague Bud
Burrell of Arizona who has threats to torure murder me on
thesanitcheck.com for criticising his penny stock frauds,(that he
erroneously blames on 'nakled short selling'),realise the
environmental damage of useless gold mining and why does that not
matter to them ? And because of threats and intimidations by them and
knowing they have SEC,U.S. government and CIA connections,I believe
they are probably as dangerous as Jared Louighner himself,probably
more so.And because Alex Jones has freely decided to openly associate
and put his name with theirs his incredibility or extreme lack of
credibility in the area of 9/11,etc.,only grows !

In fact as you can read for yourself in correspondence I have made
available on the internet,Agora's Lila Rajiva and Porter Stansberry
emalied me to try and shut me up and Stansberry invited me to his and
thus Agora Inc.'s Baltimore office in 2005 just a year his 'friend'
and editor of the fraudulent penny stock tout sheet Rebound Report,Rey
Rivera,died mysteriously from 14 story fall from Baltimore's Belvedere
Hotel ! I'm beginning to wonder if Alex Jones is related to Jim
Jones.....He certainly seems to be trying to sell his audience more
KOOL AIDE than usual for some reason lately.My advise is - don't drink
it ! Maybe he plans to sell Kool Aide with those scammy 'air water
machines' he touts which remind me of a penny stock scam rum by British
Israeli money launderer Michael Zwebner with his partners in crime and money
laundering ex Israeli PM Ehud Olmert and ex Israeli President and
recently convicted
rapist,Moshe Katsav....


Below my email from ex Agora staff member Chris Amberger:

I fired Stansberry in 98 for a mix of insubordination and lack of
initiative. He managed to wheedle some favors out of his Delray
connections and was hired by Oxford Club as a junior editor. I can
assure you that unless Porter played the role of the abrasive putz
masterfully as part of a cover, MI5 would've laughed him out the door.
And the Brit upper crust usually doesn't deal w/ Florida frat boys
unless they have money... which at that point he hadn't made yet.

As to the CIA, who knows. We had Bill Colby and his Colby Report for a
while in the mid-1990's. But his stuff was so turgid and
uninformative, I used to send a 20-yr old editorial assistant to the
library to supplement some actual useful information to his articles.
I remember dimly that the partnership to publish this product was
dissolved with some acrimony on both parts.

Skousen is actually part of Eagle Publishing, and only played a minor
and short-lived role at OC, which runs InvestmentU as its free daily
service. That one is headed by Alex Green.

As to Mark Ford, he's been a consultant to Agora since 1993, 2 or 3
years after Goldcor and 1 yr or more later than the OC acquisition
thru Agora. He started using "Michael Masterson" as a pen name around
2000 for his ETR e-letter and his marketing consulting/book business.

The Goldcor story is certainly adventuresome. I can recommend Malisow,
Craig “Fool’s Gold: Desperate clients hand over thousands of dollars
for a chance at a job,” in Houston Press, Aug. 25, 2005 as a great
write-up that follows many plausible threads.

All the best,

Chris Amberger
Executive Publisher, Secret Archives Press LLC


Dear Alex Jones,
If I ever had any doubts whatsoever about your corruption and cover up
and disinformation propaganda re 9/11,particularly the Israelis of
Shin Beit ICTS International,and particularly Israeli money laundering
felon and mass murder suspect Menachem Atzmon,who guarded Logan Airport
Boston on 9/11/01 and then allowed Richard Reid 'the shoe bomber' to
board at De Gualle Airport Paris,France shortly after that and more
recently,(one year ago last Christmas 2009),allowed the alleged
Nigerian 'crotch bomber' to board at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam on
flight 253 for Detroit - your promotion of Agora Inc.'s stock
fraudster and murder suspect,(in the case of his 'friend' Rey Rivera
of Agora Inc Rebound Report fraud,etc.),has ended all that. Fannie Mae
and Freddie Mac were also part of Agora Inc.'s fraud that helped
send the housing market and government subsidized housing loans
crashing as well.Also when it did ex SEC Chairman Christopher 'WMDS'
Cox lied about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shares being 'naked
shorted',a term that can be tracked back to Agora Inc.'s and National
Taxpayers Union founder James Dale Davidson himself.Both Stansberry,
Davidson and Agora scumbag Bill Bonner have a UK connection and their
association with with the U.K.'s Lord or Lard William Rees-Mogg guarantees
a Rothschild connection.In fact as Christopher Bollyn's research
has pointed out ICTS International of Israeli war and stock criminals
Menachem Atzmon and deceased Ezra Harel and Shin Beit
that 'guared' Logan Airport and Newark on 9/11 have a Rotschild
crime family connecvtion as well which in great part explains their
post 9/11 control of Schiphol Airport.
In retrospect while I thought your coverage of the UK. subway bombings
of 7/7/05 or July 7,2005 was curring edge in comparison with msm or
main stream media,I now know you were a fraud and covered up for Israeli
and UK and U.S. and German and in fact even the Netherlands far right who
were and continue to be protecting and aiding and abetting and colluding with
their partners in terrorism .
How's your water from air machine working lately by the way ? I here
it is a fraud that as British Israeli money launderer Michael
Zwebner's and his partners ex Israeli PM Ehud Olmert's and ex Israeli President,
(and recently convicted rapist),Moshe Katsav's Air Water Corp water from air
machine' scam was.
I no longer have any doubt even an idiot such as yourself, with your
far right women's rights denier Ron Paul connections, that you know
you are in cahoots with the CIA
because his and your pals at Agora Inc have CIA and George Tenet
connections.And the CIA is no more than a terrorist criminal
organization that does NOT protect us Americans
but in fact endangers us and should be closed down and many sent to
prison where poor black Americans are taking up their rightful space.
Tony Ryals

Below message to Alex Jones' from a fellow 'libertarian' and promoter of
Agora Inc.'s and James Dale Davidson's 'naked short selling' lie who
has been threatening me for years.Agora Inc.'s Lila Rajiva is a big
fan of this 'man' both because he promotes that lie and because he
threatens my life. :


Bud Burrell's Front and Center
Alex Jones, Notorious Basher, NAMBLA member, Serial Pervert, Convicted
Fraud Felon, Confidential Informant
22 Written by: bburrell
2/22/2008 7:55 PM

AKA Alex Jones has been rumored to be everything from a transexual
imposter, to a serial pervert and worse, to a member of NAMBLA (North
American Man Boy Love Association), to a convicted felon, to a roll
Confidential Informant (the USG never met a felon they didn't love if
he was a roll), and far worse. These many malicious and vicious
rumors are unfortunate even if proven not precisely or completely
true. That is no different than his stories.

He/She slanders with the rough and unhewn skills of a second rate
tabloid journalist, without regard to who he/she harms, and certainly
without resort to facts. He/She should be working with The New York
Times. He/She isn't worthy of a good glass of piss, but no one ever
gets to tell him/her to his/her face, because, surprise, surprise,
he/she is never seen.

I know many would love to have very rough conversation (look up this
in a dictionary) with him/her over about a week, or a month, but it
would be a waste of time in any event. Besides, it would be too much
fun, very undisciplined.

Someday in the future, his/her veil will be ripped away, and the enemy
predators can feed on his/her liver. That would be more fun than a
barrel of monkeys to watch. The clock ticks every moment on this dirt
bag's very existence.

There will be no universality to this outcome. No one will mourn his
loss. John Donne will be damned.

Years ago, I developed a little Buddhist displacement concept called
"My Short List". Being a rather high risk bet for an untimely death,
I took the names of the small number of people I have found to be
without redeeming human virtue, to be used in the last few weeks of my
time, with the plan to send some scouts on ahead to check out the
terrain. Of the nine men and one woman on that list, only two
survive. I can't claim credit for this, since God has beaten me to
them. It is the nature of the physical risks faced by all really
negative borderline sociopaths (the 1% that are so broken they can't
be fixed) that their own bodies tend to turn on them very hard.

Enjoy your perversions while you can. The clock is ticking on your
worthless existence. You have chosen the worst enemy of all, God.
You can't win. Where you are headed, they don't read wills.

Ms. Alex, With hugs and kisses from all your admirers and detractors, ESAD.

Everyone re-post this link as many places as you can. It is the key
to good search engine positioning/standing and we certainly want to
get to the empty bottom of this barrel of waste that represents Ryals'

Copyright ©2008 Bud Burrell

Trackback Print Location: Blogs Bud Burrell - Front and Center

Missing Baltimore Man Getting National Attention - wjz.com23 May 2006 ... It's been a week since a Northeast Baltimore man was last seen, and police say there is still no sign of 32-year old Rey Rivera. ...

Suicide Or Murder? Evidence Reviewed - Baltimore, Maryland News ...BALTIMORE -- The mystery behind a Baltimore businessman who fell to his ...


Corrupt SEC attorney Karen Martinez who along with SEC attorney Brent Baker removed all charges against Stansberry and James Dale Davidson regarding their illegal pumps and dumps of biotech penny stock frauds Endovasc and Genemax in 2003 tries to blame or insinuate the probable murder of Rey Rivera was done by defrauded investors such as myself mno doubt.And I myself suspect that Stansberry's and Lila Rajiva's invitation to me to visit his office in 2005 was either as a set up or to murder me as well.Shortly after removal of all charges against James Dale Davidson and Porter Stansberry regarding their
promotion of worthless Endovasc and Genmax shares Brent Baker 'retired' from his SEC job and was rewarded or bribed by Patrick Byrne of Overstock.com and himself began to openly promote the lie that Overstock shares were like the other penny stocks a victim of 'naked shorting' or naked short selling by some unknown entity.Byrne even claimed it was a or the 'Sith Lord' !
Davidson's NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Short Selling' was disapeared from the internet in 2005 and replaced with NCANS or National Coalition Against Naked Shorting with a number of lieing websites claiming a huge amount of stock frauds were really victims of 'naked shorting' ! In 2008 even the ex SEC Chairman lied on the sec.goc website about Fannie Mae,Freddie Mac,AIG,UBS and even
Goldman Sachs shares collpsed in value due to 'naked short selling' !

-Tony Ryals


Man found dead at Belvedere worked at company that had SEC complaint
By: Stephen Janis 06/01/06 2:00 AM
Examiner Staff Writer

Karen Martinez, one of the SEC attorneys who filed the complaint against Stansberry, said investors who paid for the tip are angry.

"Many investors testified in discovery that they lost substantial amounts of money based on the investment advice of the company," Martinez said.

"Investors said they were very unhappy," she added.

An official speaking on behalf of Stansberry Associates said they had no comment on the SEC complaint. Martinez said Stansberry denied the allegations in court and that the case was pending, awaiting the judge?s decision, she said.



SEC Enhances Investor Protections Against Naked Short Selling
Washington, D.C., July 15, 2008 - The Securities and Exchange
Commission today issued an emergency order to enhance investor
protections against "naked" short selling in the securities of Fannie
Mae, Freddie Mac, and primary dealers at commercial and investment


Who killed Rey Rivera? | What's Inside Our Brains6 Feb 2010 ... suicide of Rey Rivera, whose body was found on a roof of the Belvedere building in Mt. Vernon in 2006. As I recall from the original ...

LAND OF THE UNSOLVED - The last days of Rey Rivera10 Aug 2009 ... But the patch over the bituminous paving atop a second-floor office at The Belvedere hides a secret the widow of filmaker Rey Rivera thinks ...

Baltimore Crime: Rey Rivera10 Aug 2009 ... can see Rey Rivera's 'friend' and employer Porter Stansberry invited me to visit Agora Inc. and Baltimore in 2005. ...

Death In Baltimore:Agora Inc.,Rey Rivera,Porter Stansberry,James Dale Davidson,Bill Bonner
by Tony Ryals Tuesday, Mar. 23, 2010 at 4:43 PM
wolfblitzzer0 (at) gmail.com (email address validated)

This post has to do with the mysterious death of Agora Inc employee Rey Rivera in 2006 who was committing stock fraud for his own personal gain and more so for the profits of his bosses at Agora Inc that included his evil 'friend' of years past,Porter Stansberry, as well as Bill Bonner,James Dale Davidson and the evil Lord William Rees-Mogg of UK who founded or who have been behind Agora Inc stock fraud and money laundering operation for decades. .

Pentagon Shooter John Bedell,Mises and Death In Baltimore:Agora Inc.,Rey Rivera,Porter Stansberry,James Dale Davidson,Bill Bonner,Lila Rajiva,
SEC Approved Stock Frauds and Murder

What does the Pentagon shooter John Bedell have to do with Ron Paul,
CIA 'economist' Mark Skousen and the con artists and murder suspects
of Agora Inc penny stock 'holding'(and dumping),'company of Baltimore and
the world wide internet ?
They are all connected to and fans of a deceased idiot Austrian 'economist'
named Ludwig Von Mises.As is women's rights denier Ron Paul's former aid
Lew Rockwell who presents himself as a peace and love kind of right wingnut
while hosting the scum of Agora Inc on his 'Misesian' website that values gold far
above human life....................

While I have already written about the corrupt ex Business Week 'reporter' Gary Weiss at least in the case of Brent Baker below he is correct and the corruption of Barack Obama and Michelle who no doubt hope to outdo Bill and Hillary Clinton in filling their ownn offshore 'retirement' accounts for helping to bring America to its kness for their Israeli and Arab and Euro fascist allies is self evident to me.:


Friday, January 07, 2011
A Wolf in the Chicken Coop Named Brent Baker?

President Obama has made some truly bad appointments, of which one that definitely seems to be in that category is his naming a Wall Street exec named William Daley to be his chief of staff. I muse on that and similar topics today in my Street.com column.

There are rumors floating out of Utah today that Obama may be making an even worse decision. A Salt Lake City weekly says that a character named Brent Baker is on the "short list" for U.S. Attorney in Utah. Now, just to be clear, I don't think this is a highly credible report. The source of such items tends to be the people supposedly on the "short list," so that they might actually materialize on same. I'm sure that's the case here. But let's just s'pose for a while that such a dreadful decision is in the works.

Baker is probably the worst example I can imagine of the revolving door in action. He was a lawyer for the SEC, and then immediately became deputy general counsel of an SEC investigation target, Overstock.com. I've written frequently about Overstock in this blog and elsewhere. He also has represented Universal Express and CMKM Group, both of which are stock frauds that have made, as has Overstock, naked shorting conspiracy claims........


Did you know that because I complained to the U.S.SEC about James Dale

Davidson,founder of the NTU(near main SEC office) and Porter
Stansberry in 2003 I have been afraid for my life? Enough so that
during W Bush regime I lost contact with everyone I knew
previously.I’m not afraid to die,after what’s happened to the U.S.in
the last ten years it really doesn’t matter,but I have been afraid to
bring others into the nightmare that people like Porter Stansberry and
Agora Inc represent.I really don’t know if I’m dealing with the CIA as
Agora Inc’s Lila Rajiva assures me I am but I know I don’t live in a
democracy anymore.And regardless can anyone deny that the people who
defrauded me,from Agora Inc murder suspects to Virginia banker David P
Summers (who was fraudulently posing as a Texas biotech inventor while
no doubt using his banking experience to launder money with unaudited
penny stock shares then lying about them being ‘naked shorted’ )to LOM
of Bermuda to the Israeli Grin brothers with their Cayman
Islands,Liechtenstein and Bawag Bank of Austria and Union Bank of
Israel connections and finally on to Bellador Group boiler room of
Kuala Lumpur where a Brit I believe named Peter Taylor was allowed to
cold call Hong Kong etc. to unload these worthless U.S.penny stock
shares as well as shares of SRA International,the internet technology
group of all major U.S.government bureaucracies and a major company of
the CIA’s In-Q-Tel portfolio….!

And the SEC according to SEC attorney or ‘Special Council’ Steven G
Johnston has lost that complaint and just can’t find it even though
attorney Brent Baker briefly contacted me in that same year about my
complaint and then went on to remove James Dale Davidson’s name as
well as any complaint about Ensdovasc and Genemax.And insteadof
heeding my plea to up the charges to include the false claims of
‘naked short selling’ that Davidson was making through Agora Inc
Vantage Point and his NAANSS or National Association Against Naked
Short Selling housed in the same Blaine,Wshington off hew ran the
Genmax pump and dump out of !
I’d love to debate Porter Stansberry about what his greed and money
laundering frauds have done to me but he’s afraid of someone like me
who was a victim of his apparently government protected criminal
who will confront him with the truth.

Porter Stansberry who wrote me in 2005 and called my writing about him
and James Dale Davidson a tirade then invited me to see his office in
Baltimore.Lila Rajiva with her Wikipedia vanity bio that claims she is
from India but doesn’t say where nor her date of birth,contacted at
the same time.Both with the intention of shutting me up.It was only
recently that I discovered that one of Stansberry’s employees Rey
Rivera died from a mysterious 14 foot fall from Belvedere Hotel only a
year after I had been invited but had no intention of going.All of the
stocks recommended in Stansberry’s Rebound Report that had Rey
Rivera’s name attached to it collapsed and never rebounded and
coincidentally when Rey Rivera fell through the roof and his body was
not found until a week later there was not even a single surveillance
video in the whole hotel to monitor comings and goings.And Utah SEC
attorney Karen Martinez(who worked with SEC’s Brent Baker
who later quit the SEC and obtained a well paying job with
Overstock.com’s Patrick Byrne)actually stated that she believed Rey
Rivera was murdered by ‘investors’ ! (Like me Isuppose who might have
been set up if I had taken Stansberry up on his offer to visit him at
his office
When ex Rupert Murdoch and NY Post reporter Christopher Byrne wrote
about me in 2006 in his article,’The CIA Stinks’,that also mentioned
the CIA pump and dump called Ionatron and Barbara Boxer and Hillary
Clinton who voted to give it funding the CIA denied having any
operatiions whatsover in Kuala Lumpur.(ha) If this were the case and
Bellador Group boiler room,(that Byron failed to mention in his
article),had no connections
whatsoever to the CIA then why were they promoting the CIA’s SRA
shares in Asia in the first place and why did both the CIA and FBI

So anytime Porter Stansberry wishes to give Ratner a rest and aim his
lying rants at me and claim he deserves the money he makes through
Agora Inc money laundering and stock fraud,I’m ready.


Naked Short Lie:Agora Inc.,Lila Rajiva,Walter Block:Vancouver Libertarian
Paul Geddes brings CIA racist stock fraud money launderers to Vancouver…

1:26 pm June 8, 2010
Tony Ryals Barron's wrote:
Here’s one of Stansberry’s emails to me in 2005.He should know
about,’Using Google to research people will lead you to make a lot of
strange connections’ because that’s why he and Agoa Inc spam it with
all their official and unofficial spam sites.If you do a google
regular or blog search of ‘Porter Stansberry’ you’d wonder why
Nostradamos is still even spoken of when we have a Porter Stansberry
in our presence.
Ha Ha.

Tony (er…William Knowles…),

Using Google to research people will lead you to make a lot of strange
connections. One time I shared the first class cabin of an airplane
with John Waters, the famous film maker. He lives in Baltimore too.
But it’s not a conspiracy. In fact, I hate his movies and I think he’s
a total nut job.

You’re drawing the same kind of bizarre conclusions between me and Jim Davidson.

I’ve never had a substantive conversation with Jim Davidson. I’ve been
in the same room with him less than half a dozen times. He was a
childhood friend of Bill Bonner. They started Agora together. Bill was
the copywriter. Davidson was the editor. Davidson quickly sold out to
Bill, who built the business over a 30 year period. Later Davidson
left the company, at least in part because his stock picks tended to
be very risky. Agora is now the parent company of my business. That’s
the only connection — Jim used to work with the people I work with
today. Jim, by the way, is in his mid-50s. I’m in my early 30s. We are
in two completely separate peer groups. We’re not friends. We’re not
associates. And we never have been.

I started my publishing company, Stansberry & Associates Investment
Research in 1999. Our editorial rule — from the first day — was that
we would not buy any stock we wrote about until after we gave our
readers a fair chance to buy it. However in 2003, to make the rules
even more clear, we simply forbade any of our writers from owning
ANYTHING they write about. No subscriber or government agency has
ever, during my entire career, brought a charge against me of
attempting to “front run” or pump and dump stock. We make it very

The SEC did bring suit against me in 2002 for publishing what it
alleges was a fraudulent report on USEC (NYSE: USU). There was never
any allegation that I owned shares of that company or that I
recommended the stock in order to move its share price in any way. It
is a case of “he said, she said,” nothing more. My source at the
company denies telling me the things I wrote about. In my report, by
the way, I predicted USEC’s share price would double because of a new
pricing agreement with a Russian supplier. The agreement happened
three weeks after I predicted it would and the stock nearly tripled by
the time our court case began. Those are facts, you can look them up.
I recommended USEC in May of 2002, at $6.50. Davidson was mentioned in
one SEC filing as an example of the kind of work I do. The judge
rebuked the SEC for mentioning Davidson in our case, as he was not a
party to it. You can contact Judge Garbis about all of this to verify

Brent Baker was the SEC lawyer who investigated me. During our case he
left the SEC and gave us information about the SEC’s motives in our
case in the hope that we would hire him. We filed a brief about his
behaviour — which was completely bizarre and totally unethical. We
didn’t hire him. I don’t know why anyone would hire that guy…he’s
real creep.

Regarding Freedom Fest: I was invited to speak by Mark Skousen, the
conference organizer. I’ve known Mark for 10 years. He’s a very well
respected economist/professor (teaches at Columbia) and has written
probably a dozen history/economic books. I didn’t realize it was going
to be a neo-con love fest or I wouldn’t have shown up. I don’t think
Davidson was there, by the way. I didn’t see him at any rate. I did
see George Gilder. And I did see Bill Bonner. I gave a presentation on
some research I’d been doing on the lack of private savings in the
baby boomer generation and the larger problem of bankrupt pension
plans. Thus the title “Generation Debt.” Here’s a copy, more or less,
of the speech I gave. This version is from an essay I wrote early
during my research of the problem:

Regarding my group’s recommendation of Overstock.com, the article was
written by Graham Summers. He is the editor of our “Inside Strategist”
newsletter. The recommendation was a follow-up to one that Graham
wrote more than a year ago on the same company — long before any of
this “naked shorting” nonsense errupted. Graham recommends stocks when
they have a lot of inside buying. Overstock.com qualified because the
CEO was buying big chunks ($10-$12 million) of stock. No other reason.
Graham, by the way, has never met Jim Davidson and has never spoken
with him.

I don’t know anything about Jim’s business dealings…in England or
Dubai…or anywhere else.

I run a very honest business with nearly 40 hardworking employees and
thousands of satisfied customers in over 120 countries. We give
refunds to any subscriber who is not happy with our work. We do not
cheat anyone nor would we endorse or condone any kind of fraudulent
stock market activity. I don’t know anything about “naked shorting”
the National Taxpayer’s Union, or almost anything else you’ve written

I would invite you, again, to meet with me and my staff at our offices
(1217 St. Paul Street) in Baltimore at any reasonable time. I would be
happy to give you more third party references who can verify the facts
I’ve shared with you here.

And I would ask you to please correct, pull down or amend any and all
statements you’ve made about me, my business, my publications or my
staff that allege or imply any wrongdoing or business dealings with
Jim Davidson.

Your postings — even though they’re totally baseless — could have a
material impact on my reputation and thus the economic well being of
my business.

Thank you.(Porter Stansberry)


On Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 3:26 AM, Secret Archives Press LLC
>> greenlaserreviews (at) gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear Tony/wolfblitzzer0,
>> thank you for your thoughtful comment.
>> Of course, I have been familiar with your work for a while. And I'd love to
>> activate the comment on our site.
>> BUT.
>> We try to be as much based on provable fact as possible. We have to... We're
>> three guys (2 of them freelancers) on a shoestring budget against a
>> half-billion dollar biz and a billion-dollar industry.
>> I compared our timelines and files and there are a few chronological
>> inconsistencies.
>> For example, the Goldcor scandal occurred a year BEFORE the Royal Society of
>> Liechtenstein was renamed Oxford Club, and 2 years BEFORE Bill Bonner bought
>> that particular subscriber file for Agora. We've even interviewed some old
>> Agora staffers from that period (early 1990's) who were involved in the
>> negotiations. The Goldcor scam involved Joel Nadel and Mark Ford, but other
>> than Ford's advisory role to Agora after 1993, there's no way to tie Bill
>> Bonner or Agora to Goldcor. If you have provable evidence to the contrary,
>> we'd be eager to publish it.
>> Also, we've found out that there was no way for Bonner to "fire" or
>> "dismiss" Davidson from Agora, since Davidson was part owner. We've seen
>> paperwork dating from around 2005 that indicates that Davidson was indeed
>> BOUGHT OUT at not inconsiderable cost to Agora, primarily because he didn't
>> want to agree to the rather stringent rules against front-running that Agora
>> imposed on its editors. Again, if you'd have third-party corroboration, we'd
>> be eager to run it.
>> And third, I hope you understand that I can't feature that Rebound joke...
>> it's a tad beyond our scope/taste. I personally, having worked at 1217 from
>> 1996-2001, can say that the secret tunnel was collapsed/unusable since
>> before Agora bought the building. And it was bricked up in 2003, years
>> before the unfortunate end of poor Mr. Rivera.
>> Again, let me stress how eager we are to feature your input. But we do have
>> a high requirement of documentable proof... we're David taking on Goliath.
>> And you know the American justice system!
>> Please keep in touch!
>> All the best to you and yours,
>> Cordially yours,
>> Chris Amberger
>> Executive Publisher, Secret Archives Press LLC
>>> --
>>> Green Laser Reviews is a free public resource and a publication of Secret
>>> Archives Press LLC, P.O. Box 20294, Towson, MD 21286 USA; Copyright 2010
>>>  http://www.GreenLaserReviews.com
>>>  http://www.SecretArchivesPress.com


Julian Assange,Wikileaks:Veterans Today Editor Gordon Duff is A
CIA,George Tenet Prostitute,So is Agora Inc.'s Lila Rajiva
''As for CIA connections..the entire idea is a joke. I had George
Tenet on speed dial and have had for years. He is the cousin of one of
my best friends.''-Gordon Duff, Veterans Today...........
Agora Inc. Alan Sabrosky Bill Bonner CIA Debbie Menon Editor Gordon
Duff George Tenet James Dale Davidson Julian Julian Assange Lila
Rajiva Porter Stansberry Rey Rivera Sibel Edmonds Veterans Today

WTC,9/11,ICTS International,NY Mosque:Netherlands Geert Wilders ...8 Sep 2010 ... I meant to only focus on two charcters in the 9/11 WTC mosque controversy ,Barack Obama and Dutch wingnut and Zionist with possible Jewish- ...

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Nackt:9/11,ICTS International,U.S.
...18 Jun 2010 ... German Chancellor Angela Merkel Nackt:9/11,ICTS
International,U.S.SEC,Agora Inc.,James Dale Davidson's Naked Short
Selling Lie ... http://twincities.indymedia.org/2010/jun/german-chancellor-angela-merkel

Pentagon Shooter John Bedell,Mises and Death In Baltimore:Agora ...23 Mar 2010 ... The Los Angeles Independent Media Center is the progressive activist site for Los Angeles news, including parts of Ventura, Santa Barbara, ...

Mary Helburn,Anti-Naked Shorting Queen Dead

Senator Carl Levin's,Arlen Specter's 'Naked Short Fannie Mae Theory'
vs JFK 'Magic Bullet' Assassination Theory
20 Aug 2009 ... I wonder if Carl Levin and Arlen 'Magic Bullet'Specter
can tell us how to say 'naked shorting' or 'naked short selling' in
Hebrew and how ...

Ms. Rajiva, my reply « Jennifer Lake's Blog15 Mar 2010 ... Dale
Davidson founder of Steve Forbes' National Taxpayers Union near ... I
call it stock share money laundering and NOT 'naked shorting' which is
... sleezy characters like Davidson and Bill and Hillary Clinton and
other ...

Barack Obama,U.S.China Ambassador Jon Huntsman Jr,Bud Burrell Death
Threats,Stock Fraud
If the FBI or Secret Service or the corrupt U.S.Securities Exchange
Commission or Barack Obama's U.S.Attorney General Eric Holder wished
to get hold of Bud Burrell they or Barack Obama need do little other
than give Barack's designated U.S.Ambassador to China,Republican
Mormon Governor Jon Huntsman Jr., a call and he could then either call
or email him directly at either Huntsman's biggest campaign
contributor,Overstock.con's Patrick Byrne's fraudulent 'stop naked
short selling' website thesanitycheck.con where stock frauds and death
threats immenate from........

Naked Short Lie:SEC,FBI,CIA Protected Bud Burrell:Pedophile,Stock
...And if clarence austin bud burrell ever wishes to reply to my
criticisms that wingnut should be allowed to as well.hee hee. ...

James J. Angel,Georgetown University,lap dancers and cyber fraud mafia
by Tony Ryals Saturday, Nov. 12, 2005 at 2:10 AM
A: ''Someone complained to the registrar that I had used false
information to register the first domain. Did you? A: Sure. I didn’t
realize that anyone cared or that it violated any rule. I listed the
Cheetah Club in Vegas, a strip club – internet servers, “topless
servers” – get it? A joke.'' - from WSJ interview of 'Bob O'Brien' who
some suspect is the Beltway's James Dale Davidson of the National
Taxpayers Union of Alexandria, Virginia and propagator of the smear
rumor,'Bill Clinton killed Vince Foster' .

Charles Schwab,Dwight Cantrell,Endovasc,Stanford U. and stock ...21
Aug 2006 ... 'anti-naked short selling'fraud perpetrated by Byrne and
his partner in ... s fraud and money laundering operation should have
been investigated by ... He is the liar who claimed Bill Clinton
killed Vince Foster and his Agora .... In particular James Dale
Davidson and his Clinton killed Vince Foster ...

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford Lauds Bill Clinton's
Washington,D.C. Stock Fraud Money Launderer James Dale Davidson !
'But his( South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's)career took a
dramatic turn after he heard James Dale Davidson, founder of the
National Taxpayers Union, give what Sanford recalls as an
"apocalyptic" speech about excessive government spending. Sanford
decided to run for Congress, pledging to end the deficit, eschew pay
hikes and serve only three terms.' - Dec 01, 2008 McClatchy-Tribune
Information Services

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Nackt:9/11,ICTS
International,U.S.SEC,Agora Inc.,James Dale Davidson's Naked Short
Selling Lie
Fri, 06/18/2010 - 22:14
Merkel supports the fraudulent naked short selling claims of far right
criminal stock fraud operators coincidentally with Beltway or Washington,D.C.
and probable CIA connections(called NCANS or National
Coalition Against Naked Shorting),that gave its address as Cheetah
Club lap dance joint in Las Vegas and that has registered their
worthless shares on the German exchanges for years with not a word of
complaint from Angela Merkel previously(nor presently) ! Patrick Byrne
of Overstock.com is son of Geico billionaire Jack Byrne who is
connected to Warren Buffett.........
Agora Inc.,Bud Burrell,Chancellor Angela Merkel, CIA Endovasc,Genemax
ICTS International INTERPOL James Dale Davidson NAANSS Naked
Short Selling NCANS NTU Overstock.com Patrick Byrne Steve Forbes

Naked Short Selling Lie:Steve Forbes Brings Economic Pornography To
Wardlaw-Hartridge High School Students
Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 12/24/2008 - 20:54
Naked Short Selling Lie:Steve Forbes Brings Economic Pornography To
Wardlaw-Hartridge High School Students
by Tony Ryals
National Taxpayers Union,James Dale Davidson Naked Short Lie

James Dale Davidson NAANSS Naked Short Selling Naked Shorting National
Taxpayers Union NCANS Patrick Byrne Rupert Murdoch Steve Forbes Times
of London Wardlaw-Hartridge High School

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford Lauds Bill Clinton's
Washington,D.C. Stock Fraud Money Launderer James Dale Davidson !
'But his( South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's)career took a
dramatic turn after he heard James Dale Davidson, founder of the
National Taxpayers Union, give what Sanford recalls as an
"apocalyptic" speech about excessive government spending. Sanford
decided to run for Congress, pledging to end the deficit, eschew pay
hikes and serve only three terms.' - Dec 01, 2008 McClatchy-Tribune
Information Services
Bill Clinton CIA GHW Bush James Dale Davidson Money Laundering South
Carolina Governor Mark Sanford Stock Fraud William Colby
Fannie Mae Naked Short Lie:SEC Chris Cox,Agora Inc.,James Dale
Davidson, Lord Rees-Mogg LOM Bermuda,Schwab,vFinance Stock Fraud

Naked Short Selling Lie:Steve Forbes Brings Economic Pornography To
Wardlaw-Hartridge High School Students
by Tony Ryals
National Taxpayers Union,James Dale Davidson Naked Short Lie....
The earliest usage for the term 'naked short selling' or 'naked
shorting' I have been able to verify is from an email to the U.S. SEC
IN 1999.No academic or securities professional ever used it previously
and Patrick Byrne's NCANS representative gave the Cheetah Club lap
dance club in Las Vegas' address when a website was opened for that
fraud in 2004 or 2005.I believe that had a professional or academic
coined a term for counterfeitting of shares it might have been
'negative short selling' but because it was created by a Washington,D.C.
mafia composed of social perverts 'naked' was the only thing they could
come up with. And Steve Forbes gives new meaning to the word pervert.

Ex U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow,Michael Moore, Cerberus,Bawag
Austria and Cuba


Charles Schwab,Mantas 'AML':Did The CIA's SRA International Eat George
W Bush's E-mail ?


U.S. Ambassador Sam Fox:From Swift Boat War Fraud to Brussels,Belgium
SWIFT Finance Fraud


Israeli pResident Moshe Katsav's Penny Stock Partner Michael Zwebner
loses in U.S. Court


Cryptometrics:New Zealand Passport Office Used By U.S. Penny Stock Criminals ?


David Grin,Tel Aviv University,Laurus Capital Management and Union
Bank of Israel


FOIA,Alberto Gonzales and SEC'S Chris Cox Enron,Merrill Lych,Latham &
Watkins conflict


Tim Mahoney,vFinance,Venus Methodist Church,Florida,Sayed Mustafa and
Islamic Usury


Charles Schwab:vFinance's Charles Patrick Garcia receives Henry B.
Gonzalez award !?


Democrats William Jefferson,Tim Mahoney, iGate,vFinance,DOBI, Endovasc
penny stock frauds


James Dale Davidson,Charles Schwab,Tim Mahoney,VFIN, LOM and penny
stock share money laundering


U.S. Republican George Allen More Corrupt Than Utah Senators Bob
Bennett,Orrin Hatch ?

Senator Bennett :Is Patrick Byrne's NCANS a Fraud ?

NY Rep.Peter King,CIA,Swift,NY Times,Republican stock fraud

SEC,Chris Cox,Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer Aid CIA'S In-Q-Tel
penny stock fraud
26 Apr 2006 by Tony Ryals Monday, May. 22, 2006 at 11:58 PM ...

Did Israel President Moshe Katsav aid Muslim Terrorism or only fraud ?


Israel: Gal Lusky's 'IFA' Caught Up in Moshe Katsav,Mohamed Hadid,
Zwebner 'UCSY' scam ?


Israeli President Moshe Katsav aids massive penny stock fraud


Did Israel President Moshe Katzav aid Muslim Terrorism or only fraud ?


SEC,Schwab,Chris Cox,Hillary Clinton & Barbara Boxer Aid CIA'S
In-Q-Tel penny stock fraud


Chris Cox,SEC,Makram Majid Chams,Titan Corp,9/11,Abhu Ghraib,etc.


SEC Covers Up UAE Money Laundering with U.S. Stocks


Time Magazine, Daniel Kadlec duped by Houston attorneys Wes Christian
and John O'Quinn


Ex Cailfornia Congressman Christopher Cox Frauds
by Tony Ryals Friday, Jun. 01, 2007 at 9:59 AM
You will see the war and ponzi scheme connected con artist Christopher
'WMDS' Cox who now heads the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission and
who lied about WMDS in Iraq, as head of the House Homeland Security
office, sending thousands of Americans to their deaths and perhaps
hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to their deaths,now lieing outright
about 'naked shorting' in order to help Beltway and far right insiders
launder money with shares his SEC refuses to count or audit ! You will
see Houston billionaire attorney John O'Quinn(recently in the news
chasing Anna Nicole's Smith's funeral procession in hopes of getting a
share of her ex petroleum millionaire husband's fortune and clashing
with Howard Stern but just as sleeezy as Stern himself only richer
from ripping women off in breast plant litigation,Texas tobacco
litigation,etc.) who has aided this massive stock fraud as well and
was attorney for such money laundering frauds as Stanford University's
Endovasc 'biotech' penny stock fraud called Endovasc that has stolen
money from American investors and laundered it in terorist suspect
money laundering centers such as Kuala Lumpur and Dubai !

John Reed Stark UAE,SEC,Georgetown University Stock fraud Academic
fraud Cyber fraud
Why does U.S. Securities Exchange Commission's John Reed Stark of
internet enforcement not enforce ? Why have so many fraudulent
internet websites proliferated under his reign of internet securities
fraud and cyber fraud terror ? Is John Reed Stark aiding a sick
psychological and stock fraud experiment as well as fraud upon
investors by doing nothing to stop internet securities fraud and
psychological abuse even using religion and death threats as well as
fraudulent 'naked shorting' claims,etc. to promote stock fraud ? And
the anonymous internet threats come from people he can and has
identified already on the world wide web and on ragingbull and Yahoo
and their extended websites and yet does nothing about it except to
protect the criminals.John Reed Stark and other SEC officials are now
responsible for allowing illegal pump and dump scams and probable
money laundering with unaudited U.S. penny stocks in Dubai,UAE and for
this reason alone should resign in mass or be convicted for this
traitorous fraud against Americans.

Does NSA Serve SRA International's 'Cookies' ?


Porter Goss: CIA Cyber and stock fraud ops damaged by leaks ?


D.C.Terrorbaggers:James Dale Davidson,Don Nickles, ex-CIA Chief
Woolsey,Asa Hutchinson,Tom McMillen


Asa Hutchinson,ex Congressman Tom McMillen, Fortress America,offshore
money laundering


To CIA,In-Q-Tel,Amit Yoran re SRA International, Mantas Inc stock
fraud money laundering


Mantas Inc,Herndon, Va, Pro-Money Laundering Arm of International


CIA and Gilman Louie are less than honest


Charles Schwab and Share-Money Laundering


Agora Inc.,Alex Jones,Bill Bonner,Brent Baker, Bud Burrell,CIA,James Dale Davidson,Karen Martinez,Lila Rajiva,Rebound Report,Rey Rivera ,SEC,Economic Justice

- E-Mail: wolfblitzzer0@gmail.com

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