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a-news from Greece...
A-NEWS - 03.06.2003 14:22


MAY 2002-APRIL 2003

“Listen!All that we lived here before January, we knew that is is very easy to die by poisoning or starvation. And now that we have taken arms, there is also this possibility. But, there is another one: To die by a bullet while fighting our oppressors. In that case we die with dignity!”
indian fighter

The G8 gather in Evian of France, a little after the war on Iraq. They come to confirm and discuss about the new massacres, the new loots, the new phase of their “antiterrorism” crusade. They, that double up with open hand deat all over the world, that in the name of “development” destroy both planet and people, that in the name of “security” make clearing out operations all over the world, leaving hecatombs of victims behind them...
They never stop, neither in “peace” nor “war” conditions, to materialise their inhuman plans. They consider that their palaces can’t be affected by rage or death, and there will discuss about the “future of the world”, how they continue the more and more inhuman exploitation of the people, how they organise new “antiterrorism” operations because their economy is ill and needs blood to feed, the “insecurity” breeds crisis and depression...
On the other side, there are others... These millions of people who refused in action from the first moment the “end of history”, the end of revolts and rebellions. These people who follow the erratical company of the sovereigns where they hold a meeting, organise protests, combine their voices with the millions of oppressed all over the world, clash with the forces of order and death, make revolts loke Genova, revenge their dead comrades and keep on fighting...
The hands of G8 are stained with blood. The blood of those who, in the name of democracy, “security” and “antiterrorism”, are murdered in Yugoslavia, Afganistan, Iraq, Palestine...everywhere. And the keep on being murdered. Against the G8, as well as those who meet in Salonica in Greece on 19-21 of June, at the E.U. Summit. Let’s welcome them as they deserve...

 news_a@yahoo.com  an_pare@yahoo.com

Instead of a prologue...

Last period was caracterised by the war on Iraq and the massacre that took place there. Greek society show, from the first moment it’s opposition against this war, and many demos and every kind of protest happened in major cities of Greece. During many of them, furious clashes broke out between the protestors and the riot police, with banks and embassys arsons, etc...
During the 19-21th day of June, the E.U Summit takes place in Salonica. Many organisations and groups are ready to welcome demonstrators all over the world, and manifestations, gatherings and happenings are planned during these days... Soon there will be details about the anarchists intentions, and the creation of an international black block...
Hope to see you there...
Let’s welcome the sovereigns as they deserve...



-Mayday demonstrations take place all over Greece.
-The offices of PASOK, (governor party), are attacked at Ioannina, (city of n Greece). No group claims the responsibility.
-Two "aliens" escape from the lockup of Kalitheas' police department, (Kalithea is a suburb of Athens). The 20 year-old Albanian Murati Ruhti and the 21 year old Romanian Johi Kutzin, managed to escape from a hole 30 x 60 cm, that they digged at the wall. They jumped from 3 meters height, to the locked garage of the police department and from there they climbed out from an attic - window, to freedom.
-The 20 year-old soldier Kon. Spiropoulos, commits suicide at a military camp at central Greece.
-Several "illegal immigrants" hide at a truck, at the port of Patra, (city of w Greece). When they become audible, they try to scarp. One of them, is hit by a passing car and is taken to hospital.
-A luxury car, owned by a well-known fascist is set on fire at Drama, (city of n Greece). Before the attack, several slogans are written outside the house and the office of the fascist. The car was destroyed, so as his boat which was behind the car. No group claimed the responsibility.
-Eighty-eight "illegal immigrants" are arrested outside Evia, (island of c Greece). The slavers K.Girba and Jerkak Muraira who carried them, also arrested.
-A conversation takes place at Heraklion at Creta, with the anarcho-primitivism John Zerzan. The subject was "Against the civilization of authority and against the authority of civilization". Video was also shown.
-The ATM of the branch offices of a bank at Galatsi, (suburb of Athens), are set on fire. The responsibility is taken by a call at a newspaper from "Ipotes tis kamenis trapezis", (Knights of the burned bank), saying: "Last night at Galatsi, at Tralleon, the ATM was hitten, at the store of Veropoulos. In memory of Hristos Tsousouvis. Long live anarchy. The responsibility is taken by Ipotes tis kamenis trapezis".
-The ATM of the branch offices of Aspis bank, is set on fire at Ampelokipous, (suburb of Athens). No group claims the responsibility.
-A police vehicle is attacked at N.Kosmos, (suburb if Athens). No group claims the responsibility.
-A conversation takes place at Athens, with the anarcho-primitivism John Zerzan. The subject was "Against the civilization of authority and against the authority of civilization". A video is also shown.
-50 "illegal immigrants" are found at a truck at Peristeri, (suburb of Athens), and arrested.
-19 "illegal immigrants" are arrested outside Chios, (island of e Greece)
-A conversation takes place at Thessalonica, with the anarcho-primitivism John Zerzan. The subject was "Against the civilization of authority and against the authority of civilization". Video is also shown.
-A protestation - conversation takes place at the university of Thessalonica. The subject was "The contribution of written anarchist speech to the strengthen of social disobedience and free expression of people" and "The nowadays conditions of action against "globalization". An exhibition of anarchist leaflets, also takes place. The protestation is called by Anarhiki Archiothiki Thessalonikis, (Anarchist Archives of Thessalonica) and Anarchiki Archiothiki Athinas, (Anarchist Archives of Athens).
-A two days manifestation takes place at the place of Thersitis, at Ilion, (suburb of Athens). The first day, (18-5) a film is shown and the second day, a conversation took place "for the army, against army". The manifestation is organized by Protovoulia gia tin Oliki Arnisi Stratefsis, (Initiative for Total Refusal of Enlistment)
-A 18 year-old Tazmanian "illegal immigrant", jumps from a ship to the sea, in order to reach the land, outside Korinthos, (city of c. Greece). He is found in the cold waters and taken to a hospital, were some hours later, he dies. Another 25 year-old "illegal immigrant", who has also jumped to "freedom", is not found.
-30 "illegal immigrants" are spotted to a ship, at the area of Kos, (island of e Greece). Greek port police collaborate with Turkish port police, in order to bring the ship back to Turkey.
-The offices of PASOK, (governor party), are set on fire at the area of Papafi, at Thessalonica. The responsibility is taken by a call at a newspaper from "Commando Via ke Chaos", (Commando Violence and Chaos), saying: "For the hit at the offices of PASOK at Koritsas, we send our worst wishes to Kostas Simitis and Kostas Laliotis, for their name-day. The responsibility is taken by Via ke Chaos". (Simitis is the prime minister and Laliotis is minister of internal affairs)
-The entrance of the branch offices of ALPHA Bank is set on fire at Imitos, (suburb of Athens). The responsibility is taken by a call at a newspaper from "20th July" saying that the action took place "in solidarity to the Palestinian people".
-A protestation gathering takes place at Galatsi, (suburb of Athens) "Against the Olympic Games of money, against the Olympic Games of State". The gathering is called by Anarhiki Galatsiou, (Anarchists from Galatsi).
-Four cars, own by a security company, are set on fire at Galatsi., (suburb of Athens) The responsibility is taken by a call at a newspaper from "Ethelontes gia tin catastrophe tis olimpiadas", (Volunteers for the destruction of Olympic Games), saying that this action took place against the: "…nowadays intense presence of police".
-Twenty-six "illegal immigrants" are arrested at Kapandriti, (suburb of Athens), so as the slavers A. Koutsouras and P. Tsalas.
-Two ships carrying more than 140 "illegal immigrants" are spotted by port police, outside Andros, (island of Greece). Greek port police collaborate with Turkish port police, in order to bring the ship back to Turkey.
-A 24hour strike, takes place at the port of Piraeus, by seafarers. All day, the demonstrators try to prevent the sailing away of the ships and in many occasions, clashes break out with riot police. Many of the strikers are badly injured and also many are arrested. Finally, all the arrested people are set free, some hours later.

-Three prisoners, the 30year old Daniel Vantsea, the 26year old Tsipran Itsim and the 30year pld Mimpel Nikolan, manage to escape from the prison of Tirintha.
-A van, own by OKANA, (medical state organization for "confrontation" of drug addicted people), is set on fire at Omonia, (central square of Athens). No group claims the responsibility.
-28 "illegal immigrants" are arrested near the island of Ikaria.
-Explosion of a self - made device, outside the offices of multinational "Interamerican" at Alimos, (suburb of Athens). The responsibility is taken by a call at a newspaper, by "Laiki Antistasi", (Popular Resistance).
-Masut Halil, a Jordanian prisoner, ("illegal immigrant"), escapes from the police vehicle that carried him at a hospital, at N. Kosmos, (suburb of Athens).
-A 26year old Albanian, is arrested at the area of Kolonos, (suburb of Athens), accused for participation to a fight. The cops who arrest him, they badly beat him up, close him to the trunk of the police vehicle ant take him to the police department.
-6 "illegal immigrants" are arrested at the island of Chios.
-The offices of a fascist organization are set on fire at Lamia, (city of c greece). The responsibility is taken by a call at a newspaper by “Kinisi Politon Kata Tou Fasismou", (People's movement against fascism), saying: "…we do not accept seeing the snakes' egg growing at democratic Lamia".
-The 38year old Dimitris Aivatzidis, who is addicted to drugs and participate to an anti-addiction program with methadone, goes to the offices o OKANA, (medical state organization for "confrontation" of drug addicted people) and asks for methadone. The officials deny of giving him, because he was "cut" from the program since 3-6. Aivatzidis goes to his rented car, takes a cut carbine and enters again the OKANA offices were he shoots at the air. He is given 50mg of methadone and leaves the building. Outside, he shoots to two cops who patrol the area, without injuring them and leaves with the car. Then, he goes to the areas' police department, takes the weapons of a guard - cop and sets on fire a car. He re - enters the car and goes to the building were the prime - ministers' house is. He gets out, shoots at the entrance of the building and escapes with his car. He is finally arrested some time later, at the area of Koukaki, (suburb of Athens).
-The 5th Port police department is being attacked, at Piraeus. Groups of people, attack against the department, while a music concert of Manu Chao was taking place, near. A port police corps ship is also set on fire.
-The 45year old Vagelis Imeri, is killed while he was working at the "Olympic Village".
-Twenty-eight "illegal immigrants" are arrested outside the island of Ikaria. The slavers Ch. Demertzis and N. Hatzipaulou are also arrested. Demertzidis is a cop and it is the third time he is arrested for slavery, the last 3 months.
-"Anihti Protovoulia Anarhikon", (Anarchists' Open Initiative) organize a manifestation at Korai square, at the center of Athens, against the European Union gathering at Seville, (20-22/6).
-Four illegal immigrants are arrested outside the city of Heraklion, at Crete.
-Dimitris Aivatzidis is taken to the magistrate. Outside the examiners' judge offices, several friends of him have gathered in solidarity., several of them are drug - addicted. D. Aivatzidis is also accused for the arson of a car, own by OKANA, on 3/6/2002. Two more people are also accused for the arson, the 19year old M. Patsavos and the 35year old G. Niarakis, who have confessed the participation of Aivatzidis to the arson, according to the police. Finally, they refused this confession, and accuse that they were tortured to confess. Niarakis also showed his arm, were several wounds from cigarettes existed.
-Three cars, own by the ministry of environment, land planning and public works, are set on fire at Koukaki, (suburb of Athens). The responsibility is taken by a call at a newspaper by "Ethelontes Gia Tin Olumpiada 2004", (Volunteers for Olympic Games of 2004), saying: "It is a kind offer for 2004.We do not forget the workers accidents which happen every day at the Olympic games facilities. Greetings to the G8 meeting at Seville and we are looking forward for the next meeting at June 2003, at Thessalonica".
-The branch offices of Alpha Bank, are set on fire at Kesariani, (suburb of Athens). The responsibility is taken by a call at a newspaper by "Haos Tis Nihtas", (Nights' Chaos), saying: "…it was a polite donation of the anarchist group Haos tis Nihtas for the Olympic games and in solidarity to Dimitris Aivatzidis".
-Dimitris Aivatzidis, starts a hunger - strike, against the situation that face thousands of drug - addicted prisoners.
-Forty-three "illegal immigrants" are arrested outside Sounio, (area near Athens). The slavers G. Vardis and I. Kalogirou are also arrested.
-Explosion of a hand grenade, outside at the offices of the deputy of PASOK, (governors party), P. Fasoulas. The responsibility is taken by a call at a newspaper by "Laiki Antistasi", (Popular Resistance).
-The motorcycle of a cop, is set on fire at Argiroupoli, (suburb of Athens). The responsibility is taken by a call at a newspaper by "Tromokratiki Pirines", (Terrorism Cores), saying: "The today attack to the house of the cop at Argiroupoli will continue with other targets. Tromokratiki Pirines".
-The criminal department of Aeropagus, (Supreme Court of Appeal), accepts the manslaughter of the former public prosecutor P. Dimopoulos, against the decision of the Mixed Court of Appeal, by which Avraam Lesperoglou was found innocent. Lesperoglou will be in trial again, and there is a danger to be imprisoned again, according to the decision of the first court, (17 years in prison).
-A "Day of Anti - Authoritian Counter - Information and Solidarity" takes place at the Polytechnic School, at Athens. Videos are shown, a posters' display takes place so as several discussions about globalization, immigrants and the situation at Argentina. The manifestation is called by "Anihti Protovoulia Anarhikon", (Anarchists' Open Initiative).
-Interventions against the E.U. meeting at Seville are organized by "Anarhiki/es - Antiexousiastes/ies apo Sholes", (Anarchists and Anti - Authoritians from Universities).
-The 44year old worker Konstantinos Stiliotidis, is killed during his work, at a factory, which makes fertilizer, at Kavala, (city of n greece).
-Twenty-nine "illegal immigrants" are arrested outside Serres, (city of n greece).
-A car, own by Egyptian embassy, is set on fire at Pagrati, (suburb of Athens). The responsibility is taken by a call at a newspaper by "Ta Mpastarda Paidia Tou Fivou Ke Tis Athinas", (Bastard Kids of Fivos and Athena), saying: "…the attack took place as answer to Nelson Mantela. We declare that Olympic games Ceasefire never effected and will not effect in class war, War to the war of the sovereigns".
(Fivos and Athena, are the names of the mascots of Olympic games 2004, which will be held in Athens).
-A march takes place at Thessalonica, against the E.U. meeting at Seville. The march is called by anarchists and more than 100 people participate.
-More than 70 anarchists, attack to riot police forces, which guard the embassy of Austria and to near bank branch offices, at Athens. The same time, a music concert takes place near. During night, more than 40 people are arrested at the surrounding area. Finally, they are all set free.
-54 "illegal immigrants" are arrested outside the island of Chios.
-Twenty-three "illegal immigrants" are arrested outside the island of Chios.
-More than 100 "illegal immigrants" escape from an "immigrants camp" at Rodopi, (area at the boarders greece - turkey).
-The 45year old Konstantinos Stavrou is killed, while he was working to an underground tank of liquid effluents, at Larissa, (city of c greece). Two more workers are also taken to hospital.
-A solidarity marsh to Palestinian people takes place at the center of Athens. The marsh is called by leftists, more than 400 people participate. The marsh ends outside the embassy of Israel.
-Six "illegal immigrants" are drowned, when the boat they are aboard, outside the island of Kos. Six more are missing and six are collected from Turkish port police corps.
-A three-day manifestation, organized by "Anarhiki Gia Tin Pragmatopiisi Tou Triimerou", (Anarchists For Organizing The Three Day Manifestation), takes place at Thessalonica. During the three days, videos and slides are shown, music concerts, posters are displayed, and many discussions take place about several issues.

-By a call at a newspaper, it is said:"I represent "November 17". The last few days, greek people watch a comedy of it's ridiculing. The media have played a role. We have warned the owners of the media. If they keep going, they will play a first role at their comedy."
-E. Smirlis and N. Cambadas are taken to trial at Thessalonica (second biggest city of Greece), accused of throwing a molotof cocktail bomb during the anniversary of the Polytechnic uprising, on 17-11-01.
-An explosion of a self -made device takes place at the Allied cemetery at Palio Faliro (suburb of northern Athens). The responsibility is taken by a call at a newspaper by the group "Neos Laikos Agonas" (New People's Struggle). It is also said: "We take the responsibility for this attack. Other hits will follow. You will get a text".
-The automatic cash accounting machine of Aspis Bank is set on fire at Galatsi (suburb of Athens). The responsibility is taken by a call at a newspaper by the group "Floges Sinidisis" (Flames of Consciousness). It is said: "The responsibility of the branch offices is taken by the group "Floges Sinidisis", as a response to the terror lust and the anti-terrorist hysteria of these days. The arsons will go on and we will show no mercy against the state-terrorists and their servants. This is a kind granting to the struggle of the greek state against terrorism".
-Three days anarchist manifestations take place at Agii Anargiri (suburb of western Athens), containing discussions, music concert, theatre etc. These three days are organized by "Thersitis".
-Explosion of a self-made device, which has been put into a rubbish can outside the central offices of the corporation "Hellas Flying Dolphins" at Piraeus (the port of Athens). The responsibility is taken by a call at a newspaper by the group "Neos Laikos Agonas" (New people's Struggle".
-The automatic cash accounting machine of "Piraeus' Bank" is set on fire at Thessalonica. The responsibility is taken by a call at a newspaper by the group "Ftou Xeleptheria" (freedom to everyone, met.). It is said, "this act was an actual protest against the T.V. terrorism and its vultures. The hits will go on".
-The entrance of the Military and Navy court is set on fire at Thessalonica, by a self -made device. No group takes the responsibility.
-The 29-year-old Ali Varet is killed at the Olympic Village, where his job was, during a "working accident".
-25 "illegal immigrants" are arrested at Glyfada, at East Evia (island of Greece), as well as the slavers who transport them.
-The Post Office is set on fire at Attikis Square in central Athens. The responsibility is taken by a call at a newspaper by the group "Floges Sinidisis". It is said: "The hit was done against the offences that the state realizes, with "terrorism" as a pretext. Also, as a protest for the memory of the dead comrades which is being detracted. The struggle is being detracted."
-The 30-year-old gipsy A. Triantis manages to escape from the police office of Androvida, when his wife convinced the guard to open the door of his cell in order to give her husband a blanket.
-The offices of the local organization of Nea Democratia (second political party of Greece) are set on fire by a self-made device at Agia Triada, Thessalonica. The responsibility is taken by a call at a newspaper by the group "Lysasmena Aderfia tou Giulliani" (Enraged brothers of Giulliani). It is also said: "We promise a hot summer and an even hotter winter".
-3 "illegal immigrants" are arrested at the port of Patras (western Greece), as well as the slavers who transport them.
-21 "illegal immigrants" in sum are arrested (15 at the sea area of Kos, island of eastern Greece, 3 at the sea area of Murtias bay and 3 at the old port of Igumenitsa (city of north-western Greece)) as well as the slavers who transport them.
-52 "illegal immigrants" are arrested at the beach of Kimasi at Evia, as well as the 2 slavers who transport them.
-72 illegal immigrants are arrested Egina island, a little time after their landing from the ship "Helena".In the beginning, 30 of them manage to escape but in the end, they are arrested. The english owner of the ship, Michael James, is arrested too. A few days later, the inhabitants of the island ask the state not to banish them, but them to be hospitalized at the island.
-42 "illegal immigrants" are arrested at Patras, as well as the slaver Micantze Djasung who transports them.
-21 "illegal immigrants" are arrested at the sea area of Rhodes, as well as the slaver Balogu Esat who transports them.
-54 "illegal immigrants" are arrested at Evros, northern Greece, as well as the 9 slavers who transport them.
-A 66-year old pensioner is walking around the house of the Prime Minister at Kolonaki, at central Athens, holding a plastic bag. The guards arrest him and discover an air-shooting pistol in the bag.
-The offices of the local organization of Nea Democratia are set on fire at Neo Faliro (suburb of Athens). No group takes the responsibility.
-The 22-year old I. Miaris claims from the greek state an amount of money as a compensation to his mutilation during his time at Koridalos underage-prison. He was convicted and imprisoned at the age of 17, despite the fact he is a "person of low mental capability" according to the psychiatrist of the prison. He was put to chop meat at the chopping machine, without being informed of how it works. As a result, his arm was caught and mutilated at the wrist.
-The convicts of the Tirintha's prison uprise. They ask for an attorney, in order to give him their claims.
-10 "illegal immigrants" are arrested at the open sea of Kos (island of eastern Greece), as well as the 2 slavers who transport them.

-The offices of the internal revenue service of Koripi (area outside Athens) are set on fire. No group claims the responsibility.
-40 immigrants are arrested in Kavala (city of n. Greece).
-Avraam Lesperoglou is arrested and taken to prison of Koridallos (Athens) after the appeal of the court. He is accused for shooting against a cop during 1982. The new trial takes place on 9/9/02.
-40 immigrants are found in a truck and arrested, in Salonica (city of n.Greece).
-The 20-year-old I.Papakostas accuse the cops of the police department of Aspropyrgos for ill-using him after an I.D. checking.
-More than 25 immigrants are arrested at the area of Evros (n.Greece), as well as the slavers that carried them.
-S.Skordilis accused the cops for beating him up after an I.D checking. The even took place in the police department of Corfu (island of the Ionian sea).
-17 immigrants are arrested at Kos (island of e.Greece).
-The offices of the government party of PASOK are set to fire in Salonica. The responsibility is claimed, by a call to a newspapre, by the group "Os Edo".
-The 39-year-old N.Bereris and the 238-year-old A.Karapas, both taxi drivers, are arrested by 10 men of the port police and brutally beaten up. The tortures continue during the transportation to the central port authority of Piraeus.
-25 immigrants are arrested at Symi (sland of e. Greece).
-An immigrants is killed and two others are injured while trying to pass the borders in a minefield in n.Greece.

-A drug user 21 years old "commits suicide" using the strings of his shoes in the Police Department of Thessaloniki after being arrested for holding drugs.
-The polish N. P. Henrik, who is being judged for selling archaic monuments at Lasithio (town of Crete island), after hearing the judgement of his imprisonment tries to escape by falling from the window of the court and dies.
-The court of appeal of Athens rejects the release request of Abraam Lesperoglou until the beginning of his trial, which will take place for the third time on 9/9.
-66 "illegal immigrants" are discovered at the local road Galatas- Epidavros (Peloponisos island) and are arrested, as well as the slavers who transport them.
-36 "illegal immigrants" are arrested at Kyparissia's bay (Peloponisos island), when the small ship on which they ride is overthrown. Three people drown and 5 are missing.
-The 66 year old house builder D. Tsakonas is seriously injured during his job. He is taken to the hospital where he dies.
-3 "illegal immigrants" are arrested at Kyparissia (Peloponisos island). It is assumed that they were riding on the small ship which had been overthrown on 3/9.
-3 "illegal immigrants" are arrested at Mitilini's open sea (Lesvos island).
-There is a gathering of protestation from the inhabitants of Piraeus (port of Athens), Moschato and Rentis (suburbs of Piraeus). They ask for compensations for the destruction of their houses, cars and shops due to the floods.
-The 45 year old H. Rapik is killed at Chania (town of Crete) by electricity, during his job for the Public Electricity Company.
-The 27 year old "illegal immigrant" A. Kaple manages to escape from the Municipal Hospital of Kavala (town of n. Greece) where he had been transferred.
-A gathering of protestation takes place during the International Exhibition of Thessaloniki. The protesters throw bottles to those who are going to attend the Exhibition. There are small clashes with the police, which uses chemicals and arrests 2 people, who are set free late the same night.
-The Greek public sector is called to pay a compensation of 30,000 euros to the demonstrator A. Kouklis, who had been injured by tear gas which was thrown by the police during the protestation against the visit of the president of the USA, Bill Clinton, on 19/11/99. Kouklis, a university student at that time, after his injury ha d to be subject to 2 surgeries.
-Two demonstrations of protestations take place at Thessaloniki, where the International Exhibition takes place. A group of people attacks the police with stones and injures two policemen. It also attacks TV staff and journalists.
-Two workers of the Public Electricity Company at Megalopolis (town of n. Greece) are squashed by a huge amount of burning ashes and are seriously injured. One of them dies three days after. % co-workers try to help them and they are injured too.
-23 "illegal immigrants" are arrested at Patras (Peloponisos island), Farmakonisi and Rhodes (islands of the Aegean sea).
-The Minister of Education tries to enter to the Agricultural University of Athens for a council with the rectors of all the universities. Dozens of university students prevent him from entering and shout signals. The council the takes place at the Ministry of Education.
-Three workers of Motor Oil are poisoned by hydro- sulfur during their job and die.
-A 60 year old house builder dies during his job after falling from the 20th floor.
-A gathering takes place for solidarity to Abraam Lesperoglou at Thessaloniki by 300 people. It is called by the "Anarchists' Initiative" and it is attended by leftists.
-A march takes place for solidarity to Abraam Lesperoglou in Athens, called by leftists. It is also attended by anarchists. Proclamations are distributed and signals are written on the walls.
-The 36 year old worker K. Castriot dies after falling from the construction where he was working, at Kaminia (suburb of Piraeus).
-The 48 year old worker I. Kontogiorgos dies by electricity at the construction where he was working, at Korydalos (suburb of Piraeus).
-The 44 year old worker G. Sigalas dies at the construction where he was working at Thessaloniki after being squashed by a huge flat stone.
-On 5/9 a sail boat is localized transporting 88 "illegal immigrants" at the sea area between Samos island and Kusadasi (port of Turkey). The Greek authorities inform the Turkish ones. Because of not managing to come to an agreement, the 88 people are harassed for 8 days. Finally, the Turkish authorities tow the ungoverned ship to Kusadasi.
-A group of people attacks journalists who are standing out of the office of I. Kourtovik, yhe lawyer of D. Koufontinas and A. Sotiropoulou, who are accused of being members of the Revolutionary Organization N17. The journalists are beaten up and their cameras are broken.
-After the occupations of the presidentships of Padio University and the ones of the School of Fine Arts and the Technical Institution of Athens, there is an occupation of the presidentship of the University by an Initiative of University Students Mutual to the Squat of Lelas Karagiani 37 and the squat of the University Hostels at Ilisia (suburb of Athens).
-10 "illegal immigrants" are arrested at the port of Patras (Peloponisos island) as well as the slavers A. Militelo and S. Sangiorgi who transport them.
-A group of about 30 people make an intervention against the upcoming Olympic Games of 2004 and the voluntarism for them at the central place of Xanthi (town of n. Greece) because the spokesmen of Alpha Bank -Athens 2004 arrive. Proclamations are distributed and a banner is raised.
-The 48 year old P. Vazil falls from a construction at Nea Penteli (suburb of Athens) and dies.
-Abraam Lesperoglou is found not guilty (for the third time) by the Mixed Court of Athens with a majority of 4 to 3. His trial had begun on 9/9/02 and there had been interventions of the international police cooperation (interpol of Jordan through the Greek antiterrorist force) and observations at the statements of the American State Department. The second day of the trial, the judge ordered the evacuation of the room by all the women, after a woman said :the judge suffers from dullness".
-The conscientious objector L. Petromelides is arrested according to the new warrant for "insubordination during a general call to arms" and is taken to Koridalos' prison. His arrest takes place after he leaves the Revisionist Martial Court where the judgement of his appeal was postponed. In 1999 he was sentenced to 4 years in prison for "insubordination".
-31 "illegal immigrants" are arrested between Ermioni and Trizina (towns of Peloponisos island), as well as the 4 slavers who transport them with cars and taxis to Athens. The slavers mention the transportation of 16 more people at Piraeus for "300 euros each". On 16/9 they had "received" about 80 people at Ermioni's coast (Peliponisos island) where a sail boat had left them.
-There are clashes at the gypsy neighborhood at Finikas, Thessaloniki. Cooperations of the Municipality, backed up by strong police forces try to demolish the homes, during some inhabitants try to stop them with stones and wooden sticks. 9 people are arrested.
-80 "illegal immigrants" are arrested at the small island Kavaliani, near Evia island.
-4 "illegal immigrants" are arrested at the sea of Mistegna and 6 at Fikiotripa (Lesvos island).
-25 "illegal immigrants" are arrested at a national road at Evros (near the Greek - Turkish borders), as well as the 3 slavers who transport them.
-There is an attack with petrol bombs against the local branch offices of PASOK (government party) at Neos Cosmos (suburb of Athens). The group "Epanastatiki Taxiarchia" (Revolutionary Brigade) claims the responsibility by a call at a newspaper saying: "Solidarity to N17, freedom to G. Karakasian who is imprisoned at Cyprus".
-The entrance of the branch offices of Citibank are set on fire at Lambrini (suburb of Athens). The group "Antitromokratiki Omada Os Edo" (Antiterrorist Group Up to Here) claims the responsibility by a call at a newspaper say9ing that the attack was done "as an act of solidarity to D. Koufontinas and the rest strugglers of N17, the attacks will go on with tension the next days. The struggle goes on".
-Journalists of a TV channel and a municipal cop are attacked and beaten outside the Polytechnic University at the center of Athens, and a journalistic car is smashed. In the university there is a manifestation of the leftist group "Net for the social and Political Rights" "against the climate of these days and the terrorist hysteria".
-40 "illegal immigrants" are arrested at Metohi Hiliadou (Evia island). Some time after are also arrested the 2 slavers who transport them.
-There is a protestation gathering at Eleftherias park (center of Athens) against the upcoming war against Iraq and as an act of solidarity to the Palestinians. A group of people attacks journalists, beats them up, destroys their equipment and causes damages to journalistic cars. A march follows, attended by anarchists, to the Embassy of Israel.
-There is an attack with petrol bombs at the pre-electoral center of the movement "Omorfi Poli"(Beautiful City, backed up by PASOK, government party), at Kato Patissia. The group "Os Edo" (Up to Here) claims the responsibility by a call at a newspaper mentioning the attack took place "for solidarity to D. Koufontinas, for the two years after the crime of Express Samina (80 people dead) and as a deposit to the electoral feast of these days".
-There is an explosion of a self made device at the entrance of a house at Kolonaki (center of Athens) in which the publisher of the newspaper Eleftherotipia, Hristos Tegopoulos lives. No group claims the

-There is a gathering and a demonstration in the center of Athens against the terrorism of the state and Media. About 2000 people take part in the march, which is called by “Movement against the terrorism of the state”.There is a dynamic block of 1000 and more anarchists. All the media are watching the march with cameras, which have been put on the terraces.
-The team of Athens indymedia denounces that a cop, who is leader of the part against cyber-crime, tried to contact them by e-mail!!!
-The offices of STAR CHANNEL in Lamia is set on fire. The group "Initiative of civilians against the social rottenness" takes the responsibility by call to a TV. station.
-A 20 years old Rumanian, who is prisoner in Larissa,climbes on the roof and threats to jumps because of the denied of the prison to account the days that he has already worked.
-A group of people attacks with Molotov cocktails at the offices of the newspaper “Apogevmatini” in the center of Athens. They destroy totally the telephone center and whatever was in the groundfloor.Also 5 cars, owned by journalists, get broken.
-6 students get arrested, while they sticked bills in Crete. The bills were about a demonstration against the meeting of the Defense Ministers in 4,5 October. Next day they go on a trial and they get free.
-A fake proclamation is appeared in the site www.athens.indymedia.org according to it's the group “Anarchiki Paremvasi” takes the responsibility for the attack at the newspaper's offices “Apogevmatini”. Immediately we publish in the same site and in a newspaper our answer.
-A group of 10 about fascists attacks to students and members anti-racism organizations and injures with knife the student A.Brantuna in his university in Athens.
-Pogrom against anarchists and other people happens to anarchists joints and in other areas in Athens because of the 1 October march and the attack in the newspaper “Apogevmatini”.The pogrom continues and the next days.Finaly everybody set free.
-A car with American plate in the suburbs of Athens, is set on fire. The group “Mavro Asteri”(Black Star) takes the responsibility, by call to a newspaper saying that:"…resistance to the American imperialism and its local partners. Freedom to D.Koufodinas and to all unrepentant members of E.O. 17N…"
-A branch office of Cicybank in Athens is set on fire. The group “Neos Epanastatikos Laikos Agonas-NELA” takes the responsibility by call to a newspaper, warning that: " Next days will follow and other hits".
-The 20 years old K.Triantafillakis escapes from the police department in Egaleo.He had been arrested because of robbery and the morning he was going to go on a trial.
-A group of people attacks with stones and Molotov cocktails at a pre-vote center in A.Petralona.
-The 56 years old D.Kapetanakis is killed at worksite in Thessaloniki.
-There is a march in the center of Athens against racism-fascism, in which many students and some anarchists take part in. The march takes place because of the of the fascists in the university of Athens a week ago.
-A local office of P.A.S.O.K.in Thesaloniki is set on fire. No group takes the responsibility.
-There is an attack with grenade in a tax office in Pireas.The group “Laiki Antistasi” (Popular Resistance) takes the responsibility by call to a newspaper, saying that "The attack happened against capitalism and because of the accident of the boat Samina."
-The car of the applicant mayor K.Pattakou in Halandri is set on fire. The responsibility is taken by the group “Epanastatiki Apeleftherotiki Drasi” (Revolutionary Liberation Action) saying that "State is the only terrorist. It murders everyday workers, refugees and prisoners. Freedom to G.Karakasian".
-The group “Proletariaka Antipina” (Proletarians Reprisals) takes the responsibility, by call to a newspaper, for the hit at the vote center at Petralona, 4 days ago.
-20 prisoners from Iraq get loosed from the attention of the guards and they climb to the roof demonstrated for their illegal stay in the prison and wanted to visit them public prosecutor. Meanwhile and other prisoners try to follow their example.40 minutes later the public prosecutor arrives the prison and after transferring to him their complains, they come back to their cells.
-6 dead "illegal immigrants" by drowning get founded in a coast in the island Lesvos.
-The 22 years old A.M.Esate get arrested ,while he tried to come from Albania to the island Corfu by the sea.
-2 "illegal immigrants" get arrested in the port of Patra.The driver of the track ,where they found, get arrested too.
-There is a demonstration in Thessalonica, where 150 pupils take part in, against the new strictly school rule. Follows rap concert ant march to the ministry of Macedonia.
-13 “illegal immigrants” get arrested in the island Hios.
-7 "illegal immigrants" get arrested in the port of Patras,as well as the slaver A.M.Esate that transports them.
-The 19 years old solder suicides with his military gun in a camp in Mitilini.
-J.Serifis get blamed for participation to E.O. 17N.
-There is a demonstration by people, who live in a suburb of Athens, against the manufacture of a new building that products high electrical tension(K.Y.T.)
-The 37 years old cop T.Katsas murders the 23 years old A.Limoura,by shooting him to the head. The cop said that the young boy attacked to him, by throwing a rock into his car and that it was emergency for his life to shoot .
-4:illegal immigrants" get arrested in the island of Mitilini.
-Pupils from the 3rd lyceum in Ilioupoli demonstrate against the K.Y.T.
-There are demonstrations against the K.Y.T. by people who live in the area.
-The local political office of New Democracy in N.Smirni is set on fire.
-T.Katsas,the cop who murdered the young boy 5 days ago, get remanded in custody.
-The group “Flegomeno Monopati” (Flaming Path) takes the responsibility, by call to a newspaper, for the hit at the local political offices of New Democracy in N.Smirni,saying that: "Freedom to Karakasian and to Serifis.We wish to the new mayor have a nice term".
-16 "illegal immigrants" get arrested in the sea area of Hios.
-The group "Hristos Tsoutsouvis"takes the responsibility, by text to a newspaper, for the hit at the house of the publisher of the newspaper "Eleftherotipia".
-There is a march against the war in the center of Athens, in which thousands people take part in. There is also an anarchist block. By the arriving of the march to the U.S. embassy a group throws stones and Molotov cocktails into the cops. Later 4 luxury cars are set on fire and some banks get broken.
-There are also same marches in Thessaloniki,Patra and Iraklio.At Iraklio a demonstrator get arrested and 50 anarchists go to the police department asking for set him free.2 hours later the demonstrator is set free.

There are 3 days of happenings, concerts, theatre etc. at the physics Polytechnic school of Thessaloniki, against trade and spectacles. It is called by "Anarchists and Antiauthoritarians".
There is a happening-concert at the Polytechnic school of Athens for solidarity and economic support to the anarchist prisoner George Karakasian and for solidarity to the anarchist Sotiris Maragos whose trial was at 31/10. It is called by the "Mutual comrades against the state violence and repression".
The group “Flegomeno Monopati” (Flamong Path)claims the responsibility for the attacks against the offices of Nea Democratia (New Democracy, second party of Greece) at Nea Smirni (suburb of Athens) and the Economic Comittee of Kesariani (suburb of Eastern Athens). By a hand written proclamation that is sent to a newspaper it is said: "Nowadays, the democracies with parliament or not, which are no more than dictatorships of the state and capital, look upon the civilians through the "eyes" of globalization only as goods and stupid consumers. They keep on making wars, establishing brutal terror laws, seeding panderism, fear of the immigrants, mass stupidity through the media, brutal repression. This climate "justifies" even the arrests of strugglers, who have for decades prove themselves against their ideas and actions. The dominators wherever have to understand that the proletarians have neither country nor political party and the terrorism in the name of order and security they want to establish shall not pass. Freedom to the struggler J. Serifis".
-Neutralization of a fiery device that was put at the ATM of the branch offices of Alpha Bank at Galatsi (suburb of Athens).
-The students of the 9th highschool of Peristeri (suburb of western Athens) are abstaining from their lessons assisting their schoolmate from Albania, whom the philologist P. Katagis had insulted. With the students of two more highschools (10th and 11th ) they make a convention-protest. A day ago, the philologist had claimed that "every bad thing in Greece is due to Albanians" and called all the Albanians "infection". The student from Albania protested, the philologist resisted and the students got out of the classroom to protest.
81 "illegal immigrants" are arrested at the rock island called Brothers at Sporades.
-A couple from Iran tries to cross the Greek -Turkish borders at the area of Feres, where there is extreme cold and rain. The woman cannot keep on and dies. Her husband transfers the body to the street. Passing drivers call the police and the man is taken to the hospital with low body temperature.
-Most of the 200 convicts of the prison at Halkida (city of central Greece) deny to return to their cells and remain in the yard for six hours, protesting for the conditions of the prison. Their stand comes to an end after negotiations.
-The Albanian I. Niko who is arrested for an "illegal entrance in the country" manages to take off the handcuffs and escapes from the police car that transfers him.
-There is a march for solidarity to J. Serifis and against the police state, at Thessaloniki. It is joined by 600 people, anarchists, antiauthoritarian, leftish and university students.
-About 23477.621euros as a compensation is due to M. Koroneou, according to the decision of the one-member court of Athens, for moral damage, because of her being beaten by the cop Vasilios Athanasopoulos during an antifascist march in 1995 in Athens.
-There is a discussion at the "Anarchist Archives" with the object: "From EAT-ESA (the dictatorship police department of imprisonment and tortures) to the white cells of democracy, and the undistinguished solidarity".
The 25 year old A. Chiavos is being squashed by palettes of paper and dies, during his job at at the paper making company "Damastas".
-Attack with molotof cocktails against the garage of the police at Ioannina (city of northern Greece). The responsibility is claimed by a call at the police by the group “Anarhiki Organosi Ioanninon” (Anarchist Organization of Ioannina).
There is an intervention outside the Law University at the center of Athens, which is joined by 100 anarchists for solidarity to the people who are imprisoned in the white cells accused of membership at the revolutionary organization "17 November", and for solidarity to all the hostages of the state. A banner is raised, proclamations are being distributed and signals are written on the walls and the passing buses. At the same time, a march is starting from Pedio Areos (park at the center of Athens) joined by 50 motorcycles and bicycles and comes to an end at Koridalos (suburb of western Athens) outside the prison. This march is called by the "Gathering against the state terrorism, for solidarity to those who are imprisoned in the white cells.
-There is a manifestation-discussion with the objects "November 1973-November 2002-the social revolts are not bought off, they continue", "State terrorism, armed struggle and social struggles", "The reestablishment of the repression mechanisms of the state and capital in relation on the 2003 and the Olympic Games". There is also a video projection. It is called by anarchists.
-At the center of Athens 10 fascists, members of the "Golden Dawn" attack immigrants. The 20 year old P. Hrysos, the 30 year old p. Tsimbidou and two other people try to intervene. The woman is being beaten and the university student is being stacked with a knife on the haunch. The fascists go in the offices of the "Golden Dawn", out of which the incident took place.
-The entrance of the branch offices of the National Bank of Greece is set on fire at Ampelokipi (suburb of Athens). The responsibility is claimed by the group “Laiki Orgi” (People's Rage), by a call at a newspaper.
-The students of the 1st technical school of Chios (island of eastern Aegean sea) occupy the building for three days, demanding the immediate start of the repairing actions of their school.
About 10 thousand people against the terror lust, the white cells, the upcoming war against Iraq, the fascists of the "Golden Dawn", the globalization, for solidarity to the Italian arrested etc. are marching in the center of Athens. The march is joined by a powerful anarchist block of 1500 people, under a banner. Most of them have hidden faces from the beginning of the march. Anarchist slogans are shouted all the time, against the state, the police, for freedom etc... The blocks of the communist party try to move near the anarchists so as to "keep the order" but without any success. Outside the parliament slogans are written on the walls and rocks, wooden sticks and a flare are thrown to the police. Outside the British embassy the police moves near the march. 300 people attach the police and the embassy with rocks and molotof cocktails. As a response, the police uses chemicals and tear gas. The conflicts continue for an hour and there are attacks against banks, a police camera is being smashed and barricades are raised. There are also small conflicts between the anarchist block and the block of Pasok (government party of Greece) which tries to help the police. Finally 12 people are arrested and one more hours later outside his house, after being "identified" by the police.
8 of the 12 arrested are taken to the district attorney as well as the university student who was arrested outside his house. The 9 are accused of 4 minor crimes.
There are also arrest warrants for two other people, based on a cop's testimony, who are accused of two crimes.
There is also a "search" for the fascists Haralabos Kousoumvris, 30, D. Papageorgiou, 22, at the same time one fascist, Theodoros Magotsos, 27, is arrested all for the attack to the student and the woman on 16/11.
-The 9 arrested of the march are set free with the obligation to go every 15 days to the police office of their area. 5 of them have to pay 2000 Euro each as a guarantee. All of them where arrested after the march and the accusations where based on cops' testimonies.
-The municipality of Thessaloniki tries to demolish self made houses of gypsies at Finikas area. The demolition workshops meet the resistance of the people who live there. With the assistance of strong police forces the gypsies are taken away after conflicts.
-The 3 member minor court sentences to 10 months in prison the four arrested people at Thessaloniki. All of them make an inclination and are set free.
-14 of the 18 imprisoned accused of membership at the r. o. November 17 start a 48 hour food denial.
Peasants who had loss from the snow last year have a convention with their sowing vehicles at the streets of Tyrnavos, demanding for the compensations that are due to them.
23 Iraqi "illegal immigrants" are arrested at Xanthi (city of northern Greece) as well as the slaver that transfers them.
There are two days of happenings at Thersitis' place, Ilion (suburb of western Athens). The first day contains discussion about "The state terrorism, armed struggle and solidarity". The second day contains theatre and a discussion about "The imposition of the social silence with the false statement of security and the anti-compromise action".
-Demand of release from J.Serifis, by his lawyers.
-An antifascist march takes place in the center of Athens. It is called by antifascist groups who are protesting against the attack of the fascists against two people on 16/11.
-24 Afghan "illegal immigrants" are arrested at Rhodes (island of eastern Greece) as well as the slaver that transfers them.
-4 Afghan "illegal immigrants" are arrested at Mitilini, Lesvos (island of eastern Greece). They are accused of "illegal entrance in the country".
There is an intervention, counter-information against the Olympic Games of 2004 at Propylea, center of Athens. It is called by the "Initiative of Anarchists Against the Olympic Games".

-The offices of "Nea Dimokratia", are set on fire at Thessalonca. The responsibility, by a call at a newspaper is taken by "Pirines Epanastatikis Krousis" (Cores of Revolutionary Strike-force).
-Four "illegal immigrants", manage to escape from the police department of Aigio, (city of e greece). One of them, is arrested the next day.
-More than 100 anarchists, participate to a solidarity marsh (by motorcycles), to Giannis Serifis and Theologos Psaradellis (prisoners, accused for participation to "Revolutionary Organization 17 November"), at Thessalonica.
-Pupil's marsh at Athens, against a new reform of educational system.
-Molotov bombs are thrown against the branch offices of "Agricultural Bank", at Giannena, (city of n greece). No group claims the responsibility.
-The offices of the Cypriot party "Democratic Alarm" and the brand offices of I.K.A. (state insurance organization) are set on fire, at Thessalonica. The responsibility, by a call at a newspaper, is taken by "Kaftos Himonas" (Hot Winter) saying: "By the arsons of the offices of democratic Alarm and of the I.K.A.'s car at 25th of March, we demand the immediate freedom of the anarchist Giorgos Karakasian at Cyprus. It was also a solidarity action to the unrepentants of Revolutionary Organization 17 November. The destruction, fire and our speech will get down to your brass tacks. The responsibility is taken by Hot Winter." (25th of March is the name of a street)
-The trial of the former manager of Intercontinental Hotel Simon Stamper, is postponed for third time (for 15/4/03). Stamper, is accused for not emptying the hotel after a warning call for bomb from "Revolutionary Cores" at 27/4/1999. the bomb exploded 30 minutes after the warning call. A man was injured and the 38 year old Virginia Konstantinou was killed.
-After Alexandros Giotopoulos and Iraklis Kostaris, three more imprisoned people, accused for participation to Revolutionary Organization 17 November, are "punished" by not allowing visits and phone calls, because they gave "interviews" to newspapers an a tv station. These are Savas Xiros (7 days for interview to a tv station), Dimitris Koufontinas (5 days) and Pavlos Serifis (3 days), for giving interview, to a newspaper.
-Aggeliki Sotiropoulou, (imprisoned an accused for participation to Revolutionary Organization 17 November) begins a huger strike, demanding the removal of "special conditions" of imprisoning. (more hours to the yard, the right to see other prisoners etc.)
-The 35 year old Giorgos Sandallis, tries to kill the mayor of Athens Dora Bakogianni, at Athens. He shoots at her, while she was inside her car, but he misses and injures Bakogiani and the driver of the car. Finally, Sandalis is arrested. Sandalis, says to the media that "I did not want to kill. I shot at the air but magic powers drive the bullets to the car. Government is haunting me and wants to take specie of my DNA and imprison me". Sandalis has been hospitalized to several physiologic institutes, at the past.
-The trailer driver Petros Pantazis who is heading to the port of Patra, stops at a gas station at the national road. He spots that the 18 year old Kurdish Mohammad Slah, hides at the vehicle and starts hitting him. Finally, the driver leaves the station. Some hours later, the driver is arrested because the 18 year old is found dead, at a near the station spot. The driver, says that Mohammad, trying to escape jumped from a high wall and this was the reason he was killed.
-A police van, carrying "illegal immigrants", overturned at the national road. A 19 year old, pregnant girl is injured so as two cops.
-A manifestation takes place at a central square of Kavala (city of n greece) from comrades of "Autonomous Haunt of Kavala", in solidarity to comrades who have been arrested, during bill - sticker.
-The offices of the greek communist party, are set on fire at Thessalonica. The responsibility, by a call at a newspaper, is taken by "Protovoulia gia tin dimiourgia enos neou emfiliou polemou" (Initiative for the creation of a new civil war) saying: "this attack took place, in order to warm up the relationships between anarchists and communists, in front of their collaboration for the meeting of European Union, at June 2003".
-More than 900 kurdish, march at the center of Patra, against the death of the 18 year old Mohammad Slah.
-The council of Koridallos prisons, decides to satisfy the demands of Aggeliki Sotiropoulou, (who is in hunger strike since 11/12) by letting her seeing her son once a week without the present of cops. The demands for the removal of "special conditions of imprisoning" are not accepted.
-31 kurdish "illegal immigrants", who are held in custody, begin a hunger strike at Volos, (city of c greece) demanding their "legalization". A solidarity marsh from citizens of Volos, also takes place the same day.
-The 26 year old Kostas Georgakopoulos, employee of DEH (Public Power Company), dies from electric shock while he was working, at Psarofai Patras (area near the city of Patra).
-A solidarity manifestation and marsh to the 31 kurdish hunger strikers, takes place at Volos.
-A new "workers' accident", A worker at the construction company BETANET, dies at the company's factory at Shimaari, (area near Athens).
-Pupil's march at Athens, against a new reform of educational system.
-Aggeliki Sotiropoulou is passed a "disciplinary sentence" for giving an interview to a newspaper.
-More than 100 "illegal immigrants" are found to a beach of e Evia (island of greece). Those people were on two boats, which were sunk because of the bad weather. Most of them, managed to swim to the land. Since 23/12, more than 13 dead bodies have been found and more than 17 people are missing.
-Dimitris Koufontinas, Alexandros Giotopoulos, Giannis Serifis, Theologos Psaradellis and Vasilis Tzortzatos, (imprisoned people, accused for participation to Revolutionary Group 17 November) begin hunger strike in solidarity to Aggeliki Sotiropoulou, who pass the 9th day of hunger strike.
-More than 70 "immigrant" workers, from India, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Albania and Pakistan, gather outside the prefecture of Argolida, (area of e greece) at Nafplio (city of e greece), demanding better conditions of working.
-A boat, that carried more than 160 "illegal immigrants" heading to Italy, is sunk near the island of Kerkira (island of w greece). One man and one little girl are drowned. The other, manage to swim to Kerkira were they are arrested.
-A boat that carries 22 "illegal immigrants" is sunk outside the island of Chios, (island of e greece). Three of them are drowned, five are missing and another one is taken to hospital, were he dies some hours later. The rest are arrested.

-The entrance of the offices of OAED (public organization for labor affairs is set on fire at Pagrati (sub. of Athens). The responsibility is claimed by the group "Flegomeno Monopati" (Flaming Path) by a call at newspaper where it is mentioned: "By this way we hail the Greek presidentship of EU, a mechanism which produces class inequalities and processes the misery of the peoples. Fire to the visible and the invisible cells of the system".
-The imprisoned A. Sotiropoulou, accused of membership at N!&, quits her hunger strike after 23 days. Her claims for common exit at the front yard with other imprisoned women while her cell remains open, as well as the claim for seeing periodically D. Koufontinas, are accepted.
-The ATM of the branch offices of the Commercial Bank at Kypseli (sub. of Athens) are set on fire. The responsibility is claimed by the group "Horis Ikto" (No Mercy) by a call at a newspaper. It is also said: "We hail 2003 as the year of fire, as Greece takes the presidentship of the EU and we promise the dominators they will have a hot winter".
-The 23 year old convict K. Asim manages to escape during his transportation by a ship to Piraeus (port of Athens).
- 3 "illegal immigrants" walk in a torpor field at Evros trying to cross the Turkish- Greek borders. H. Ramadan ,27, and K. Ramadan die, while M. Falatsi is taken to the hospital where his leg is mutilated, because of a torpor's explosion.
-The last three days the harbor guards find the corpses of 6 people at Simi's coasts (Aegean sea). They estimate that they were "illegal immigrants" who tried to get in Greece by boat, which was turned over due to the bad weather. They also say that there are more people dead.
-The 38 year old Evagelia Tzoutzia is arrested at Konitsa, Ionnina (n. Greece)., with the reason of the signal from Interpol against her, for "carrying weapons" in Italy. According to Interpol this happened in May 1991 in Rome. She was found not guilty in May 2000 from the highest court of Rome. Then, there was an appeal against this decision but Tzoutzia was never informed of it. A few days later by a letter to a newspaper she says among others :"…I will keep on struggling not only to expose my total inconnection with the charges but also to show that the ideas of freedom and dignity are not in charge, are not imprisoned and are not criminalised".
-The 41 year old bank employee Anestis Papanastasiou is arrested accused of membership at the R. G. N17. He is a cousin of the already imprisoned for the same reason Nikos Papanastasiou. His arrest takes place in the morning at Thessaloniki and after 5 hours of investigation he is transported by helicopter in Athens. He is taken to the antiterrorism service where he is kept.
-There is a protestation and a march at Koukaki (sub. of Athens) against the fencing of Filopapou's hill. It is consisted of 100 people, including anarchists.
-More than 2000 people protest in the center of Athens against the murder. By poisoning, of 18 dogs and 40 cats on 31/12 at Zapio (park of Athens). The march reaches this place which is blocked by the police because of the Greek presidentship of EU. For this reason Zapio "had to be clean".
-There is a popular assembly of the inhabitants of Philopapou's place at Petralona (sub. of Athens), connected with the fencing of the hill. Then there is a march which is attended by anarchists. It reaches the fencing and destroys it.
-A 16 year old "illegal immigrant" is found dead near the Greek- Albanian borders where the weather situation is extremely difficult.
-Anestis Papanastasiou is imprisoned, accused of membership at the R. G. N17.
-The twin cops from Thessaloniki F. and A. Kelepouris, 26, and their friend K. Tachmatzides, 24, cop at the security of the Athenian airport, not having service but holding their guns stop the 32 year old M. Osman at Omonia's place (center of Athens), check his papers, rob from him 120 euros and tell him to leave "to avoid troubles". Later, 2 of the three stop two young "suspects" in order to check them. The young boys attack them and the third cop appears and starts to shoot in the air. The three are finally arrested by other cops, and Tachmatzides confesses that they have made robberies and that the other two are drug users.
-More than 25 "illegal immigrants" are arrested at Evros and Komotini (n. Greece). They carry false papers which they have bought from Turks for 2500 US$, not knowing that they were false.
-The Albanians A. Bega, 22, E. Doza, 18 and Neki, 40, are found dead at Gramos, Kastoria (N. Greece) because of the frost, while T Beshmir is researched. The research has started when the Albanian authorities informed the Greek ones that 4 Albanians were lost in the snow.
-The branch offices of the local organization of PASOK (government party) are set on fire at Ilioupoli (sub. of Athens), by petrol bombs.
-Two state's cars are set on fire at Ioanina (town of n. Greece). The responsibility is claimed by the group "Epanastatiki Pirines Ioaninon" (Revolutionary Cores of Ioanina) two days later by a call at a newspaper, "as an act of solidarity to all the political prisoners".
-A group of people attacks the journalists A. Papahelas and T. Teloglou with red paint and a smoke gas, during the two journalists sign their book "File N17". At the bookstore "Vesta" in the center of Athens.

-There is a protestation gathering at Pedio Areos (park, central Athens) against the works that take place there since December 2002 due to the upcoming Olympic Games of 2004. Most of the park's entrances have been blocked and the park has been fenced. The protesters are about 300. A group of people destroys the fences. The whole works according to the Ministry of Environment will cost 1.550.000 euros.
-11 explosive devices consisted of 50 vials of gas in total, explode, causing damages of vehicles and equipment of the corporation "Proodeftiki", which has undertaken the knot's opening and construction of the district road at Thessaloniki. The responsibility is claimed by a new group, the "Organosi Ecologon Activiston- Mahomeni Ecologi Activistes" (Group of Ecological Activists- Fighting Ecological Activists) by a call at a newspaper two days later. It is said: "The damages are much greater than the police claims. The reasons are: Those who burned the forest some years ago, continue today their work, making the forest plots and roads for the needs of their economy and their trade. The reformist ecological movement cannot stop them". According to the police, the damages are of 20.000 euros.
-The entrance of the offices of the Center of Continuous Professional Achievement, at Theagenio Hospital, Thessaloniki, are set on fire. The group "Kaftos Himonas" (Burning Winter) claims the responsibility by a call at a newspaper, "to farewell in this way the council at Nafplio (council of the labor ministers of the EU)" and it also says: "We express our solidarity to all the hostages of the state. While you threat with arrests, we will threat with explosions and not only explosions".
-18 "illegal immigrants" are arrested at Mirsanidi, Chios (island of the Aegean sea) trying to enter in Greece.
-2 Iranian "illegal immigrants" are arrested at Fikiotripa, Lesvos (island of the Aegean sea).
-There are "2 days of gathering -discussion against the state's terrorism at the Polytechnic University of Athens. The first day there is a conversation about the "state's terrorism and the new suppressive attacks". The second day there is a movie projection and then a conversation about "the regime of the special circumstances of imprisonment- a prison within the prison". It is organized by the "Assembly of Anarchists".
-Anestis Papanastasiou, who is accused of being a member of the R. G. N17 is sent to trial by an act of congress, which will take place on March 3, 2003, along with the 18 others who are accused for the same case. His claim to be out of prison until then is overruled, because "he is supposed to commit other crimes".
-The journalists A. Papahelas and T. Teloglou are presenting their book "File N17" at the bookstore "Ianos" at Thessaloniki. The bookstore is protected by strong police forces. There is an intervention of about 15 anarchists who shout anarchists signals and raise a banner.

-There is a gathering- march at Koridalos (sub. of Athens) , which reaches the prison. It is organized by the "Assembly of Anarchists". Proclamations are distributed and there is also a microphone. The march is attended by 600 people. Banners are raised. The "Coil against the state's terrorism" also attends the march with its own banner.
-Kostas Agapiou, 56, Irini Athanasaki, 49, and the 52 year old president of Kimolos' community, Aggeletos Kanas are arrested, accused of being members of the ELA (Epanastatikos Laikos Agonas) (Revolutionary Popular Struggle). The arrests are based on the testimonies of Kanas' ex wife, Sofia Kiriakidou. Her first testimony was given on 23/5/02 and the complementary on 14/1/03.
-Hristos Tsigaridas, 64, is arrested, accused of being a member of ELA. Through his lawyer he accepts the political responsibility for his membership at ELA until 1991.
--7 people of different nationalities are arrested, at Patras' port (Peloponisos island) trying to get in Italy with false passports.
-There is an arson of a University's car at Toumba, Thessaloniki. No group claims the responsibility.
-55 "illegal immigrants" are arrested on a 20 meters long ungoverned sail boat at Mesohoria's sea area (Evia island).
-There is an arson at the entrance of the Agricultural Bank at Kesariani (sub. of Athens). The responsibility is claimed by the group "Anexartiti Orgi" (Independent Rage) by a call at a newspaper, saying: "It was done in memoriam of the revolted of the prisons, Haris Teberekides. The wolf lives among us. Terrorists and robbers are the state and the capital".
-There is a discussion at the Universities of Thessaloniki, organized by the "Sinelefsi Anarhikon enantia ston Polemo" (Assembly of Anarchists against the War). The theme is the upcoming war against Iraq and the organization of a march the next day.
-There is a discussion at the "Anarhiki Arhiothiki Thessalonikis" (Anarchist Archives Of Thessaloniki). The themes are: "Who are the terrorists" and "Why solidarity is not a friendly relationship".
-There is a march of anarchists- antiauthoritarian at the center of Thessaloniki, which is organized by the "Sinelefsi Anarhikon against the War and the Peace of dominators". It is attended by 200 people, holding anarchist banners.
-The young soccer fan H. Geromarkakis is savagely beaten up by cops out of a metro station, a long time before the soccer match of the team he supports (AEK Athens) begins. Although his colleagues shout at the cops that Geromarkakis suffers from epilepsy and his life is in danger, the pigs keep on beating him for a while.
-4 convicts of Koridalos' prison for drug affairs are transported in a coma to the hospital of the prison, due to drug abuse.
-Students from the highschools of Papagou and Holargos march together with their teachers to the Ministry of National Defense. They express their opposition to the upcoming war against Iraq.
-Athens: Over 140.000 people are gathered at the center of the city for the antiwar march. There is an attack against K. Laliotis, minister of Environment, with yogurts. There is also a block of hundreds of anarchists- antiauthoritarian. Groups of people attack with stones, wooden sticks and petrol bombs the offices of central newspapers, the cars of policemen, the offices of the Athenian University, the ministry of Communications, the special forces of the police, the branch offices of banks, the Italian and the English Embassy and the Music’s Palace. The police every time throws chemicals and tear gas to the protesters. In total, 24 people are taken to the police's central building and 13 of them are finally arrested.
-Thessaloniki: A group of people attacks the Governor, P. Psomiades, with yogurts and milk. There is a march of dozens of thousands of people to the Ministry of Macadonia- Thrace and to the American Consulate. The march is attended by a block of 350- 400 anarchists and antiauthoritarian. Outside the Consulate, the anarchist block attacks the police forces with wooden sticks and the police throw chemicals and tear gas. Protestors smash a camera of a TV channel and they set on fire garbage tubs trying to use them as barricades.
-Patras: There is a march at the center of the town and it is attended by a block of anarchists holding two banners. The Britannic Consulate, the palace of the Municipality and the branch offices of the National Bank are attacked with eggs and yogurts.
-Xanthi (n. Greece): 700 people protest at the center of the town, among them 30 anarchists and antiauthoritarian.
-Heraklion (Crete island): 3000 people march at the center of the town. There is a block of 400 anarchists holding banners.
-Hania (Crete island): Thousands of people march.
In whole Greece the are marches in 54 towns.
-The 10 arrested people of 15/2 are taken to the inquisitor accused of 6 minor crimes, while the 3 others are also accused of 2 felonies ("arson" and "construction, holding and supply of explosives"). 5 are set free, 5 others are set free with restrictive conditions (2 times per month will appear at the police district of their area) and the 3 are sent to the Regular Inquisitor for the next day. The arrested denounce their psychological and bodily abuse and also their sexual abuse, by the cops.
-There is an arson at the ATM of Alpha Bank at Vironas (sub. of Athens). No group claims the responsibility.
-Thanos Mihalakelis, who was arrested on 15/2, is imprisoned, the underage K. P. is set free after paying 3000 euros as a bail and the third, a girl, is set free.
-4 comrades are found not guilty by the Minor Court of Xanthi. They were arrested on 28/11/03 during the raising of anarchist posters.
-The one- member Lower Court of Justice of Athens judges the seizure of the assets of 9 accused as members of the R. G. N17. The judgement is based on the objection of ELTA (Greek post offices) as a compensation for the 2 robberies that the organization had done against them. The court judges the whole seizure of the assets of A. Giotopoulos, D. Koufontinas, Savas and Hristodoulos Xeros, for a total amount of 2,5 million euros. Also the partly seizure of the assets of 4 others. The "freezing" of the assets will last the case of ELTA is judged.
-There is a manifestation- discussion at the Local theater of Agrinio (town of central Greece) organized by the "Antiexousiastiki Omada Agriniou" (Antiauthoritarian Group of Agrinio). It is about the resistance against the state's terrorism and the capital, about the solidarity to all the political prisoners and the autonomy of the social struggles. There is also a video projection.
-The 25 year old soldier N. Nikolaou dies at the military camp where he served as a five year professional, when a tank carries him away during the acts of its preservation.
-While the ministers of Energy of EU have a congress at Thessaloniki there are several marches against their convention. 200- 250 anarchists and antiauthoritarian gather at Kamara (center of the city) and march to the offices of the EU. The march is called by anarchists with a poster.
-D. Berdas, 32, is killed during his job at the factory of Larko, at Larimna.
-There is a solidarity march for the squats at the center of Athens. It consists of 700 anarchists and antiauthoritarian. There are also banners. The march is called after the attacks against the "Steki Ano Kato Patission" (Haunt of Up Down Patissia). The place where the haunt (squat) is, is predestined to be a garage for the needs of the upcoming Olympic Games of 2004.


Weekend March, 15-16

An anti-war demonstration takes place in the centre of Athens on Saturday against the European Union 's Ministers of Defense meeting. The "Sinelefsi Anarhikon" ("Anarchists' Assembly" - a gathering of anarchists in Athens) calls to the march and a 300 people block participates. In front of the anarchists' block, there is a placard where is written "WAR TO THE WAR OF THE SOVEREIGNS".

The ATM of Emporiki Bank is set on fire in Kipseli (area in the centre of Athens). The fire spreads inside the bank, causing 10,000 euro damages. The "Orgismenoi Epanastates" ("Wrathful Revolutionaries") claims the responsibility by calling to a newspaper, saying: "Against the states and the imperialist outlooks of Bush".

There are three different gatherings with 7.000 people totally. In one of them, there are two different anarchists-antiauthoritarian blocks, one of the AKS 2003 (Antiauthoritarian movement of Salonica) with banners where is written "Capitalism kills during war and peace" and the other with cloth placard where is written "Freedom to Thanos Mihalakelis" (a comrade who was arrested during an anti-war demonstration). The riot police and undercover cops are at both sides of the two blocks. Eggs and firecrackers are thrown to the cops and some journalists.

Thursday, March 20
A protest begins after midnight outside the American embassy in Athens and lasts till the daybreak. At noon, 150-200,000 demonstrators march to the American embassy. Thousands of students participate, others light candles, others sit-in. Demonstrators throw eggs, bottles of water, rocks, woods and paints to the riot police and the patrol wagon that are outside the American embassy. An anarchists-antiauthoritarian block is not created and comrades that participate to the march are spread to different places. A lot of people remain outside the American embassy after the end of the demonstration. More and more people are gathering. At 6:00mm a part of the gathered people throw eggs, bottles, woods and rocks against riot police. The impermanent arrest of a Kurd has as a result Palestinians, Kurds and Iraqis to throw rocks against the riot police and the American embassy. The police throw tear gas against them.

50,000 people march in the centre of the city against the war, the bombardment of Iraq, the brutality that takes place. Thousand of pupils participate and a block is formatted by anarchists and anti - authoritians.
A luxury car, own by an archbishop is set on fire and a McDonalds restaurant s also attacked. Two people are arrested and badly beaten, by cops and several people are gathered in solidarity outside the police station they are held. Finally, they set free.

Friday, March 21st
More than 150.000 people, participate to an anti - war march, at Athens.
Some demonstrators carry and play drums, other have their faces painted with anti - war slogans. There are also blocks of left and leftist parties, syndicalists and mainly, a lot of pupils.
Anarchists and anti - authoritians, are gathered at a block, with the cloth placard writing "WAR TO THE WAR OF THE SOVEREIGNS". More than 800 comrades participate at the block, most of them wearing masks and with covered faces.
When the block passes the "Grand Britain" hotel (luxury hotel, at the center of Athens, across the parliament), several comrades attack with stones and red paint to its windows. Some meters away, the parliament is also being attacked, so as the cops who guard it and the journalists who film the march.
Several meters away, the target is the French embassy. The cameras, which are outside the building, are destroyed.
The turn of Italian embassy has come, were stones and Molotov bombs are thrown to the building. The Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is some meters away, is also being attacked by stones and Molotov bombs. Stones are thrown against the Embassy of Portugal.
Before the British Embassy, riot police is trying to move near the anarchist block. Since then and during all the attacks, the block has stayed composed and many comrades did not stop shouting slogans, as "WAR TO THE WAR OF THE SOVEREIGNS", "SOLIDARITY IS THE WEAPON OF THE PEOPLE" and "ANOTHER WAR IS POSSIBLE - SOCIAL WAR, ANTI - STATE WAR" etc.
For some minutes, the anarchists block breaks in two pieces. Then, comrades create a human "chain" from the side of the British Embassy, (from the other side, other blocks were passing by).
Later, when most of comrades are found together again, a co - ordinate attack takes place, against riot police who have approach from both sides. The "rain" of Molotov bombs, to both of the sides of the block, forces the squads of riot police to retreat, lose the anarchists and start throwing tear gases everywhere. People from the block are gathered to small, individual groups who are "lost" among the tens of thousands of demonstrators and move to the U.S. Embassy.
The same time that all these happened, the demonstration is passing the U.S. Embassy and a lot of people throw stones, woods, bottles of water etc, to the building. Some time later, Molotov bombs are added…
Tear gases are thrown from riot police to the demonstrators, who are forced to retreat. Clashes break out, with the participation of tens of hundreds of people. The Hilton hotel, (luxury hotel) is also being attacked.
The fighter planes, which are outside the Museum of War, are under attack by molotov bombs and a building, own by State Television, is also being attacked - so as the cars which are parked outside. The same time, the branch offices of "Nova bank", (which is spotted several kilometers away the museum and the Television building), is set on fire, and is destroyed totally.
After the end of the demonstration and the clashes, several people remained outside the U.S. Embassy protesting against the war. Riot police attacked once more, in order to "clean the area".
Cops bring more than 40 people to the Police Headquarters and finally 23 are arrested. Twelve of them are Iraqis. The next days, more than 80 people are gathered in solidarity outside the courts, demanding the immediate freedom of the prisoners. Finally, all of them are set free, charged with indictable offences.

An anti - war march, were more than 50.000 people participated, takes place at Thessalonica. Pupils, students and employees. The march, begins from Kamara sq. and Aristotelous str. (at the center of Thessalonica), were several marches from different school and universities are heading.
A McDonald shop is being attacked, so as the offices of British Council and of the British college D.E.I. In some occasions, members of political parties attack to demonstrators, in order to … calm them down.
Outside the U.S. Consulate, for more than 2,5 hours, the demonstrators who pass throw to riot police (who guard the consulate offices), eggs, fruits, stones, woods etc. two demonstrators are arrested, (one under - aged) but they finally released.

Saturday, 22 March
There are marches against the military bases of Souda (Kriti island) and Aktio (5000 people besiege the NATO base for two hours) and against the military airport at Araxos (Peloponisos Island).

There is a march called by leftists and by the Social Forum. It is attended by less people than the previous ones. There is also an anarchist block. The cops attack the block, using tear gas. There are conflicts and demonstrators are injured. Two people are arrested and accused of minor crimes.
The march stops outside the American consulate and eggs and tomatoes are thrown against the police. The people stay there for hours. After the release of the arrested takes place, the march splits.

There are also marches in Chania (Crete -5000 people), in Patra and Athens.
In Athens there are signals written and paints thrown on the Mc Donalds' windows. Outside the American embassy there are conflicts between protesters who want to express their anger and the block of PAME (members of the Greek Communist Party). The last, try to protect the embassy and the "order" of the march.
There is an arson by a self made device at Mc Donalds' at Halandri (suburb of Athens). No group claims the responsibility.

Sunday, 23 March
In Athens there is a march to the American embassy. It is called by the youths of the Greek political parties. The parties try to find new members among the youths who attend the marches these days, but the exact day, most of those who attend the march have already political party identities.
There are three marches at Saturday, in Salonica.
There are also marches at Veria (n. Greece), Chania (Crete) and Tirnavos.

Thursday, 3 April

There is an antiwar march in the center of Athens to the American embassy. It is attended by an anarchist block of 250 people behind a banner, with many students among them. The camera outside the British embassy is smashed, and a group of people attacks a cameraman as well as the guard of the Music’s Palace. Outside the American embassy wooden sticks, stones, eggs and petrol bombs are thrown against the police. The last ones throw chemicals and tear gas. Barricades are raised, consisted of barrels and trash cans on fire. The people keeps on throwing stones against the police. 10 people are prosecuted, 3 are set free after a while and the others are sent to trial. There is a solidarity gathering to the arrested outside the central police building where they are kept. According to the police, three cops are injured, one by a petrol bomb and the others by stones.
There are two gatherings and marches in Salonica.
In Patra there are two marches. The first is called by PAME (members of the Greek Communist Party) and the second by trade unionists. The last one is attended by a lot of students. Outside the British consulate a group of people wearing masks and motorcycle helmets attacks the police by eggs and stones. One cop is injured.
There is also an antiwar march in Ioannina (n. Greece).

Friday, April 4th
-A car, with U.S. number plate, is set on fire in Voula, (suburb of Athens). The "Proletiariaki Antistasi" (Proletarian Resistance), claims the responsibility by a call at a newspaper, saying: "Solidarity to the struggle of the Iraqis people. Freedom to the anti - imperialists of E.O.17N (Revolutionary Group 17 November) and E.L.A. (Revolutionary Popular Struggle).”

Saturday, April 5th
-A gathering takes place, outside the U.S. Embassy in Athens, which is called by the Palestinian community, Iraqis and the Center of Arabian Civilization. More than 400 people participate, most of them "immigrants" from Iraq, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and other Arabs, with their families.
A ship, called "Peace ship", docks the port of Chania, (city of Crete - island of Greece. Near the city, exists a U.S. navy - military base), carrying more than 1000 people, who come to demonstrate with other, against the war, organized by "Greek Social Forum". Finally, a march occurs and ends near the U.S. navy base of Souda, (area near Chania). A camp is organized, 200 meters from the entrance of the base. Later, a music concert takes place at the camp.
A 3 - day European Union meeting, of the ministers of Economy and Economics has started at Georgioupoli, (town near Chania), a day before.

-An anti - war demonstration takes place at Thessalonica.

Sunday, April 6th
Crete: A demonstration takes place at Marathi, (area near Chania), and a marsh towards the U.S. navy - military base, where more than four thousands of people participate. The demonstrators throw red pain, eggs, fruits, firecrackers and Molotov bombs inside the base, near the entrance.
Riot police uses tear gasses and chemicals. Although the organizers call people to return, a lot of people continue to clash with riot police. Gas, force people to retreat to a near village, called Sternes, where the local police department is being attacked, the Greek flag at its entrance is burned, and several flaming barricades are made.

Xanthi, (city of n Greece)
Thousands of people block the "Voice of America" radio station for an hour, in Dasohori, (near Xanthi). It is the second most powerful range radio station of U.S. in s Europe.

Wednesday, April 16
A European Union meeting takes place at Athens. For almost four days, large areas of the city have become "red zone" and people are forbidden to pass. Police, military, "anti - terrorist" and secret agent forces, have spread to all over the entrances of "red zone". Special forces, are even at the roof of several government buildings.
The media and political parties propaganda, (about "winning" for greeks for Cyprus participation at E.U., terrorizing people about the "huge police forces" that "were everywhere" and "knew everything", about "blood that is going to be spilled" etc.) and government measures, (public servants were not working during the meeting), resulted not more than 7.000 people to gather at Sindagma square, (center of Athens) in order to protest against the meeting of E.U.
At 12.30, among them, there are about 800 anarchists, anti - authoritians and unsubdued youths, have gathered at the place where "Sinelefsi Anarhikon" (Assembly of Anarchists) has called. The same time and several meters away the anarchists, leftists move to riot police lines, in order to pass them and go to "red zone". Leftists are not prepared for battle and they finally retreat after having been heavily gassed. Some minutes later, riot police which are around Syndagma square and guard banks, are being attacked by tens of Molotof bombs. The branch offices of "National Bank" are also being attacked.
Tear gasses and chemicals, force people to retreat. Police plan, was to force with tear gases and the help of political parties security, to force all the "un - controlled" people to a specific direction, were riot police squads were ready to "act". In spite the fact that these plans was understandable by comrades, and several other people were warned not to retreat to the specific direction, unfortunately at least one hundred people moved (forced by gasses and parties security) to this direction. All those, were chased, a lot of them were arrested, some others entered buildings and escaped by "adventurous" ways…A little time later, the Ministry of External Affairs is under attack with stones and molotov bombs, a branch office of the GREEK BANK, the outposts of the French and Italian Embassys, and molotov bombs are thrown in the yard, and paints are thrown to the offices of the E.U. The police squads reply with tear gas.
Then, it's the turn of the British Embassy. The police squads that guard it are under attack with stones and molotov bombs, and an undercover cop is beaten up. There are also attacks with molotov bombs against several insurance companies, the Aegean airlines company, the american company Regus, the ATMs of several banks, the offices of the Ministry of Public Works, the Music's Palace, the Yugoslavian and of course the American embassy, while professional cameramen who try to video the black block are beaten up and the cameras are broken. The clashes with the cops last for more than an hour and mpre than 100 people are arrested…

The country is one more time exposed …GOOD…

-A police jeep is set to fire in Athens. The responsibility is claimed, by a call to a newspaper "by a group of comrades in solidarity to the arrested people of the yesterday's demo and all the prisoners".
-A car of the bulgarian embassy is set to fire in Salonica. The responsibility is claimed, by a call to a newspaper, saying "the arson took place as a response to the yesterday's repression's orgy in Athens. We do not negociate the freedom of anyone".

-The ATM of a National bank is set to fire in Athens. The responsibility is claimed by the "Kniths of the Burnt Bank", saying that "The globalised capitalist system and the one-sided imposition of the Mass media of stupefaction constitute a new dictatorship more insidious, when the hard times come refer to bombing and mass arrests. As the repression augment, our rage is armed. Fire to every 21th April".


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war in greece? 
riothippie - 03.06.2003 18:46

didn't knew there was a war going on in greece....
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