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MEXICO/Oaxaca: a rebellion has started
ESPERANZA - 18.08.2006 18:27

Mexico, Oaxaca. Since a few months the people stand up to fight the corrupt government of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz. Since june the repression against the movement has grown. Activists were kidnapped, tortured and killed by police and paramilitary units.

police burned down a camp of the protesters in the city centre
police burned down a camp of the protesters in the city centre

jose jimenez colmenares: killed by paramilitary unit during a demonstration
jose jimenez colmenares: killed by paramilitary unit during a demonstration

The people of Oaxaca have taken control over many states´buildings as well as over police departments and TV and radio stations.

Some police units changed the sides and fight now together with the uprising people against other police units.

In one of the largest demonstrations ever in Oaxaca 300.000 people were on the streets.
More than 200 social organisations and movements already joined the rebellion.
The peole meet and discuss their actions in the university, which has been squatted by the students.

- Indigenous of the (ethnic Contals) captured 12 AFI-agents that have shot on them.

- On august the 8th José Jiménez Colmenares was shot dead while taking part in a demonstration. Other activists managed to capture some of his killers who were on the top of a building and inside a house. They were members of a paramiltary unit.

- Enrique Rueda Pacheco, leader of the teachers´union, said the movement now will not do one step back.

- Erangelio Mendoza Gonzalez, former leader of the teachers´union was kidnapped by police.

- the biologist Ramiro Aragón Pérez and the teachers Elinoai Santiago Sánches and Juan Gabriel Ríos are in Ejutla imprisoned by the Procuraduría General de la Republica. the commission for human rights (CDH)
was able to visit the prisoners and announced that they were tortured heavily.

- about 15 acivists were killed since the beginning of the uprising

- the uprising in Oaxaca is now connecting with the protests against election fraud in whole Mexico.



Lees meer over: Oaxaca vrijheid, repressie & mensenrechten

more information on:  
sfsf - 18.08.2006 20:28


[indymedia feature, english]
x - 18.08.2006 20:39

indymedia feature (deutsch): 
johan - 19.08.2006 14:27

andere link + 80.000 demonstanten 
AaM - 19.08.2006 20:37

80.000 demonstranten
80.000 demonstranten

Aanklacht en opsomming repressies:
Oaxaca: "ernstige mensenrechten schendingen"
-> graag vertaling in Engels of NL´s!

Eerder stuk met vele nieuwsfeiten:
Mexico: Oaxaca ontwikkelt zich in revolutie

Laatste nieuws:
Participan en "paro cívico" unos 80 mil trabajadores en Oaxaca

Weer twee gewonde leraren + een 24-uurs optocht van 80.000 demonstranten.
2 wounded teachers + labor unions 
AaM - 20.08.2006 17:20

The two most recently wounded teachers, are respectively shot down and hit by a metal tube.

Most labour unions are formed by the government as false flag operations and used in a similar way. See for example the Amnesty red alert report on Noticias-Oaxac with threathenings of a ´labor union´, before 4 Noticias journalists were shot with an Uzi:

Mexico: Fear for safety/threats: Workers at the newspaper Noticias, Oaxaca

"...Workers at the newspaper Noticias, in the southern city of Oaxaca, have been threatened and intimidated by members of a trade union controlled by the state government. ..."

Mexico: Further information on: Fear for safety/threats: Workers at the newspaper Noticias, Oaxaca

The teachers were striking alone for a long time, but now real unions are forming for the first time in Oaxaca, that combine different laborors groups.

armed attack Oaxaca + Chiapas elections 
AaM - 21.08.2006 17:32

time for
time for "radical action"

In Oaxaca an armed (´paramilitary´ local police) gang, attacked striking teachers that held a radio & TV station in the early morning; at least one wounded by bullet and others are missing.

After this attack, the APPO teachers and others started to block ALL roads to Oaxaca and took over 4 radiostations. Latest news: 8 (local) radiostations? Also 8 autobusses and 2 police cars were taken over. As they call it, its now time for "radical actions".

Follow the latest news from Oaxaca in Spanish:

In Chiapas, the ´socialist small farmers party´ PRD has won the election by just a bit more than PRI.
photo-report murder, demo´s & escalations 
AaM - 21.08.2006 22:21

busses set to fire
busses set to fire

Violencia en Oaxaca

This is revolution... and no way back. 
AaM - 21.08.2006 22:56

bus set to fire
bus set to fire

10 radiostations and 2 TV stations have now been taken over. Sometimes laborours are staying to help them with the transmissions.
The whole city of Oaxaca is blocked and traffic to-and-from is practically impossible. The takenover busses were used to block streets and sometimes set to fire, making it difficult to remove them.

The Mexican government can now negotiate as the central org APPO asks for, but that will be a blunder for them. A military action however, will incend the whole state of Oaxaca and subsequently spark over to the city of Mexico. And doing nothing and wait..?
armed mediawar, at least one death 
AaM - 22.08.2006 16:43

This early morning, a caravan of 30 pick-up trucks of police and others started firing bullets. At least one death.
According to Ulises Ruiz on TV Azteca, this is to "liberate the laborours of the radio and TV stations". But the laborours on radio and TV stations are working voluntairy for APPO.

Yesterday, an armed group of police origin fired appr. 100 bullets at the installations of Channel 9 that has been occupied by APPO/teachers.
One was wounded by a bullet.
"Televisa" reported this correctly; that this was the reason for the agressive reaction of APPO and teachers.
But "TV Azteca" only shortly told the teachers/APPO turned violent against radiostations and showed the pictures of the Channel 9 installations, destroyed by bullets. So insinuating APPO did this.
I hope that these TV Azteca neo-Nazi journalists with Gübbels propaganda techniques will be punished in future for severe crimes against humanity.
TV Azteca is the worst channel. For two days they are laughing and making joy about the childrens that go to school again in Mexico. But this is just a psychological operation to create opposition against the striking teachers in Oaxaca.
Furthermoore TV Azteca showed for two days the Frankenstein monster on TV in an autentic movie about an election. Frankenstein is requesting a recount (in order to manipulate). TV Azteca in a ´humorous way´ in fact manipulates the subconsiousness of the people that Lopez Obrador is Frankenstein and is a fraud. But the facts (they don´t show) are opposite.
Yes they have their own games and plays overhere in Mexico, but also have help of the CIA, who is here to assist the USA companies like Coca Cola, as I wittnessed myself the caracteristic CIA officals cars at a Coca Cola party in Oaxaca.
article human-rights violations 
AaM - 22.08.2006 17:33

Oaxaca, problema de carácter
nacional e internacional: LIMEDDH
editors Noticias: report paramilitary group 
AaM - 22.08.2006 17:51

Yes, the editors of the daily newspaper Noticias Oaxaca aren´t intimidated and strike back with ´the sword of the word´.
They say that specific government officials formed a "paramilitary group" that is attacking APPO and Noticias (in an earlier attack on Noticias with an Uzi, 4 journalist were wounded).

´Accidently´ they´re reporting of involvement of (para-)military ´war against drugs´ units. Hmmm... haven´t I said (more than) something about that earlier?

Crean grupo paramilitar para
atacar a la APPO y NOTICIAS

Al amparo del ex secretario general de gobierno, Jorge Franco Vargas, el presidente municipal de Santa Cruz Amilpas, Jesús Miguel Garza Quintana, armó un grupo paramilitar que lo mismo sirve para mantener en su poder el predio donde se ubican las bodegas del periódico NOTICIAS, Voz e Imagen de Oaxaca, que para atacar a los integrantes de la Asamblea Popular del Pueblo de Oaxaca (APPO) y agredir a periodistas.
El equipo de sicarios cuenta con armas de fuego de uso exclusivo del Ejército, drogas y vehículos que les proporciona Franco Vargas, el dirigente estatal de la CROC, David Aguilar Robles a través de su lacayo Juan Luis Martínez, y un narcotraficante de la zona identificado como "El Loco".
JORGE FRANCO, "EL CHUCKY", jefe de la banda.
DAVID AGUILAR. El esquirol y proveedor de armas.
JUAN LUIS MARTÍNEZ. El ejecutor de los planes.
MIGUEL GARZA QUINTANA. El reclutador de sicarios.
AGUSTIN MORALES. El nexo con el narco, según sus compañeros."
Video´s & audio attacks! 
AaM - 22.08.2006 18:09

demonstration yesterday, after channel 9 attack
demonstration yesterday, after channel 9 attack


Audio desde Radio Planton sobre ataque a Radio Ley APPO (1)

Audio desde Radio Planton sobre ataque a Radio Ley APPO (2)

Audio desde Radio Planton sobre ataque a radio Ley APPO y compañero asesinado

Vídeo de los ataques, disponible en:

Noche Negra en Oaxaca: Caravanas policiacas siembran terror en la ciudad
15 días de violencia política en Oaxaca donde continua la rebelión popular contra Ulises Ruiz.
Indymedia Mexico, 22 de agosto de 2006
BBC news + HoustonChronicle + Press Freedom 
AaM - 22.08.2006 19:20

Yesterdays Oaxacan events, have reached the international TV, but nothing yet about todays violence:
"Mexico teachers extend protests"
By Duncan Kennedy BBC News, Mexico

Also president Fox is blaming Ulises for his "unilateral" (paramilitary) actions (ofcourse, he doesn´t like a Oaxacan revolution to spark the PRD election fraud protests in Mexico-city...)

Another good describing article:
"Teachers storm 12 radio stations in Oaxaca state"

"Reporters Without Borders for Press Freedom" analyses about the Oaxacan ´war on media´:
"Oaxaca media become hostage to struggle between unions and state governor"
(they don´t mention the government attacks on Noticias, so they seem to be partly mall-informed)

English articles! 
AaM - 23.08.2006 01:16

Good article about todays events and before:
Protesters Bring Tourist Town to Virtual Halt in Mexico

Normally Fox News is somewhat right-wing, but this time they do a quite accurate job about "lefties".
Reuters for example (taken over by Washington Post) talks about an (unidentified) armed group, while governor Ulisses has said he ordered for these actions and on Mexican TV (Azteca) everyone could see the words "Policia Municipal" on some cars, when a reporter followed them. Reuters seems to have some errors and ommisions lately, reporting about the Mexican election frauds and unrests. Howcome..?!

All english articles:
Volkskrant achtergrond: verkiezingen 
AaM - 23.08.2006 01:44

Volkskrant achtergrond artikel verkiezingsfraude:

"MEXICO-STAD - De spanning in Mexico, en de mogelijkheid tot een grote escalatie, stijgt met dag. Verliezend kandidaat López Obrador wordt militanter. Het kiestribunaal zwijgt intussen.
Het parlement in Mexico-Stad is omgebouwd tot een vesting. Een hoge muur grendelt het gebouw af van de buitenwereld, erachter en ernaast staan pantserwagens en waterkanonnen opgesteld, en het wemelt van de federale oproerpolitie en eenheden van de presidentiele garde. Het lijken de voorbereidingen op een verwachte aanval.
De ‘aanvallers’ zijn de aanhangers van de linkse presidentskandidaat López Obrador, die al wekenlang het centrum van een van de grootste steden ter wereld bezet houden. López Obrador heeft een demonstratie voor het parlementsgebouw aangekondigd op 1 september wanneer president Fox er zijn jaarlijkse regeringsverklaring komt voorlezen. Voor de zekerheid hebben de ordetroepen nu vast hun stellingen betrokken.
Why socialist burn city-busses? 
AaM - 23.08.2006 01:59

Why are socialist people burning city-busses, as in other countries these are considered a socialist good?

First they serve to block roads; against riot troops for example.
And many Mexicans use normal cars and pick-up trucks, loaded with family and friends. So cars in this economic way can be considered as some ´public transport´ too.

But today I heard another major reason: The Oaxacan city-busses belong to a company of former governor Murat! Yes, and he had some tricks too that made hime quite impopular.
Military start protecting oil installations 
AaM - 23.08.2006 04:03

Today I received info from a patriot USA network:

"August 16, 2006
Pentagon Orders American Special Forces To Mexican Oil Fields As Civil War Looms
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers
Russian Military Analysts are reporting today that the United States Military Leaders have ordered an ‘advisory contingent’ of American Special Forces Officers to Mexico in order to prepare their Mexican counterparts for an expected siege upon Mexico’s vast oil fields, and which provides to the US its second largest amount of imported oil after Canada. ..."

Accidently, I just encountered a pantsered truck with a fast firing canon and soldiers, in a regular small "peublo"(place).
After a quick investigation: They -4 pantsered trucks and 20+ soldiers- arrived here this morning and are guarding some oil fascility on the outskirts of this "peublo". So they will stay here permanently...

This all seems to be organised by the USA/CIA; same for the Dutch article in De Volkskrant about high walls around the Mexican parlement; police and presidential guard already preparing for the september 1st demonstrations in Mexico city.
TV Azteca turned from Ulisses friend to enemy 
AaM - 23.08.2006 22:48

Today I ran into a NEW VERY LOCAL OFF-NORMAL-ROAD military post and they inspected my car on weapons and drugs. Also a military one-prop plane was inspecting the area.

TV Azteca changed from being propagandaïst Gübbels neo-Nazi mediamanipulants, and how!
It was the TV Azteca reporter that made the video of the police actions yesterday (the caravan of 30-40 police pickups). So the proof it was police and not APPO that did the attacks, when one person was killed.
They molested the TV Azteca journalist a bit, destroyed his camera and demanded the tape. This all was taped and somehow he got away with his tape. So now TV Azteca -from being a close government ally who sometimes sincerely seems to belief/transfer Ulisses lies- became a furious opponent! Yes, an then the general editor can´t change/manipulate the hard facts anymore...
New attack on journalists Oaxaca 
AaM - 23.08.2006 23:35

In a new attack on journalists, Carlos Leyva and Miguel Luna, reporters of Radio Hit, are wounded:
Obrador keeps silent about Oaxaca & Atenco? 
AaM - 23.08.2006 23:56

The reason why Obrador keeps silent about Oaxaca & Atenco:

Obrador is avoiding any discutable links, as his opponents even try to make links that don´t exist.
So if Obrador speaks about Oaxaca and Atenco, the political outcome will be unsure. However; sure will be the reaction of his opponents, that he is allying with subversive guerilla groups, etcetera.
His movement is ment to be pacifist in order to gain force and momentum, avoiding traps.
Public transport partly restored +road blocks 
AaM - 24.08.2006 00:19

After 2 days of no public transport at all, public transport is partly operating on Wednesday. Up to 100 roads were blocked yesterday and probably much less now. The road Oaxaca-Mexico is blocked for the 3d day, but other major roads might (temporary) be open.
Fox declares Calderon winner of the elections 
AaM - 24.08.2006 00:30

President Fox declared Calderon the winner of the elections.

According to some media sources, he did this to manipulate the magistrates, who have to make a decision about the outcome of the elections.

They keep silent for soem time, but it seems very near... Guess who?
New english articles + videos 
AaM - 24.08.2006 01:11

tripple car roadblock
tripple car roadblock

truckblock "sangre" (=blood)

double bus block
double bus block

State Forces Attack the Popular Media in Oaxaca
As the Popular Movement Spreads and Solidifies, the Government is in Panic

Dirty War for Control of the Media in Oaxaca
Responding to Government Attack on Occupied Channel 9, Social Movement Seizes Control of Ten Commercial Radio Stations

Two Days in the Life of Oaxaca's Revolution
A Neighborhood Organizes to Hold a Radio Station and Protect Citizens from Police Repression

Oaxaca, Mexico: Free Speech in the "Dirty War"

People of Oaxaca Under Attack as Their TV Station is Destroyed
Channel 9 Damaged As Oaxacans Take Additional Radio Stations

Terror continues in Oaxaca
This link mentions three videos:

video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:
video + photos / Telegraaf artikel 
AaM - 24.08.2006 01:37

Indymedia Oaxaca


Pictures of the Channel 9 equipment perforated by bullets + earlier events


Een eerste NL´s artikel; De Telegraaf:

Links protest Mexico eist levens

Gesproken wordt van een gemaskerde man, terwijl allang bekend was dat deze onderdeel uitmaakte van de politiecaravaan van 30-40 wagens die door TV Azteca op video zijn vastgelegd (inclusief dat ze allen gemaskerd waren).
Oaxaca Study-Action Group (OSAG) 
AaM - 24.08.2006 01:49

(From NarcoNews / George Salzman)

"...The most up-to-the-minute English language source of information about events here that I know of is the Oaxaca Study-Action Group (OSAG) site:

I urge everyone to spread the information as widely as possible. I believe it was only the extremely well-organized information network which, by generating international awareness of the attacks against the Zapatistas in Chiapas, “forced” Presidents Salinas de Gortari in 1994 and Ernesto Zedillo in 1995 to call off their attempts to crush the Zapatista movement with the Federal Army. Now, the danger of a large-scale military assault hangs over this incipient revolution-in-progress. ..."
New York Times article 
AaM - 24.08.2006 18:05

"Violent Civil Unrest Tightens Hold on a Mexican City"

NL-media over Oaxaca deels onjuist 
AaM - 24.08.2006 18:21


Er wordt gesproken van dat "leraren van tactiek veranderden" en soortgelijke verdraaiïngen, toen ze hun zin niet kregen voor de salarisverhoging.

De roep om het aftreden van Ulisses, ontstond vooral na zijn gewelddadig ingrijpen waarbij 3 tot 11 doden zouden zijn gevallen. Het aantal is onduidelijk (een bericht dat het rode kruis een cijfer van 8 noemt, anderen noemen 3 en New York Times ontkend vndaag zelfs dat er doden zijn). Ik heb echter de foto van een dood kind gezien.
Het is daarmee duidelijk dat Ulisses -democratisch gekozen of niet- een dictator is die weg moet: "¡Fuera Ulisses!"

Is hier sprake van een internationaal mediacomplot, of gewoon van berichten overnemen en de bekende journalistieke borrelpraat met bier en wijn op ´zowat dagelijkse´ recepties?
10 days ´fishermans story´ false? -media war 
AaM - 24.08.2006 18:46

In Mexico, for 10 days we have the ´fisherman´s story´ for half an hour a day, filling the TV newshour. Mexican fisherman´s who were missing for almost 10 months, arrived at the New Hebrids, near Australia.

It was clear to me, they used this story manipulating the news in such a hughe way that´s impossible in other countries: almost errasing all other newssubjects for 10 days and making a cheap soapstory of the news.

But yesterday a contact (who is PAN/PRI government supportive!), told me he thought the story was false... They had no protection against the sun, but were not burned and their skin was perfect.
And today it was on TV; doctors who say they can´t recover and walk that easy in just a week. Yes; not to mention other haven´we learned this all: After half a year without fruits, sailors get SCURVY; symptoms:
Inflamed and bleeding gums, petechiae, ecchymosis, follicular hyperkeratosis, coiled hairs, perifollicular hemorrhages, impaired wound healing, dry eyes and mouth (Sjögren's syndrome), arthralgia, joint effusions, muscle weakness, myalgia, fatigue, depression, frequent infections, anemia, anorexia, diarrhea, and pulmonary and kidney problems that can lead to coma and death. Basically, scurvy affects all systems of the body.

But they looked quite well, having no wounds at their skin, having a quite ´Gringo´ /white color of skin for Mexicans who were supposed to be 9+ months unprotected against the sun on the sea..!
"No deaths on June 14th" -Oaxacan Study Group 
AaM - 24.08.2006 19:42

From the Oaxaca Study Action Group:

" There were no deaths.

Unconfirmed reports of between 3 and 11 morphed quickly into
widespread rumors that were circulated by mainstream and alternative
press (democracy now stated 11 deaths without citing any concrete
evidence). The local and national human rights organizations also sent
out reports of deaths before ever having seen bodies or names of the
dead. The teachers insisted for over 2 weeks that there had been
deaths but finally recognized that all reports of deaths remained

Some people continue to speculate that deaths could have taken place
and that the bodies were "disappeared." Or that people related to the
dead went back to their communities and never told anyone. Not likely.
The teachers are extremely organized in their planton. They know
exactly who is in what part of the planton on which nights. If someone
went missing, they would know about it pretty darn quick.

I think the NYT article is horrible, and I can say that I have not
once seen the NYT Mexico correspondent in Oaxaca. But it's safe to say
that there were no confirmed deaths after the June 14th attack. "
English: police attacks journalists Aug.24th 
AaM - 24.08.2006 20:06

Municipal police open fire on journalists, seize their equipment

Military exercise on its way to Oaxacxa-city 
AaM - 25.08.2006 02:46

The info I received: Today radio "40 principales" stated that militaries of a base in Minatitlán Veracruz, are deploying a military routine exercise in the direction of the city of Oaxaca; "not to intimidate the people":

"Hoy escuché por la radio de los "40 principales", que militares de una base Militar de Minatitlán Veracruz, se desplazaron hacia la Ciudad de Oaxaca, con la finalidad de realizar actividades de rutina, no para intimidar a la población, que vive actualmente una situación de caos."

Foreigners are (/will be) arrested 
AaM - 25.08.2006 16:30

Condoleeza Rice (NSA; National Security Agency) warned the US citizens not to go to Oaxaca, especial not to the area near the Zocalo and not to mix into politcs.

Someone told me on TV they laetr in the morning said that foreigners are, or would be, arrested in Oaxaca-city (unconfirmed).

These, together with the earlier info, are strong indications a military action is on its way on the very short term.
The militaries are *not* police and will shoot to kill. They are going to win a war and will use whatever methods are neccesary, if neccesary.
Truppen des 36. Infanteriebataillons nach Oax 
AaM - 25.08.2006 17:20


"...Am 23. August 2006 hat das mexikanische Verteidigungsministerium Truppen des 36. Infanteriebataillons nach Oaxaca verlegen lassen. Deshalb haben soziale Bewegungen in Oaxaca angesichts eines möglicherweise drohenden Versuchs der gewaltsamen Vertreibung der Demonstrierenden an die internationale Öffentlichkeit appelliert. ..."

"...El 23 de agosto del 2006 el ministerio de defensa de México trasladó tropas del batallón de infantería 36 a Oaxaca. Ante el posible riesgo de que esto conlleve un intento de expulsar de manera violenta a los manifestantes, las organizaciones sociales de Oaxaca han apelado a la opinión pública internacional. ..."
They´re negotiating! 
AaM - 25.08.2006 22:25

To be clear with all this military info: They (APPO & Federal Government) are negotiating in Oaxaca. So let´s hope the militaries won´t come into action.
New APPO website (spanish) 
AaM - 26.08.2006 00:14


Just new; still being uploaded with info.

Original article Batallion 36 to Oaxaca-city 
AaM - 26.08.2006 00:37


 http://www.noticias -oax.com. mx/articulos. php?id_sec= 15&id_art=46122&id_ejemplar= 1211
Jueves 24 de agosto de 2006. Núm. 10649

Arriba a Oaxaca partida militar de Minatitlán

Decreta Sedena máxima alerta


La Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional decretó estado de máxima alerta en todo el país ante posibles disturbios que se puedan desencadenar a partir del VI Informe Presidencial y el desfile militar en el Zócalo del Distrito Federal, confirmaron fuentes extraoficiales.

Y como parte de esta estrategia nacional, se desplazó a la capital del estado de Oaxaca el 36 Batallón de Infantería con sede en Minatitlán, Veracruz, situación que desató una serie de rumores de desalojo y que motivó a la Sección 22 del SNTE y de la Asamblea Popular del Pueblo de Oaxaca a declararse en "máxima alerta".

Sin embargo, las fuerzas castrenses rechazaron que vayan a realizar algún operativo en contra del movimiento magisterial y popular que desde el pasado 22 de mayo se encuentran en un paro indefinido para exigir la salida inmediata del gobernador Ulises Ruiz Ortiz.

Resaltaron que el Ejército Mexicano continúa con sus actividades normales y su despliegue en Oaxaca "no obedece a manifestaciones sociales", entonces, nada tiene que ver con este conflicto.

Todas las unidades militares están concentradas y en alerta, sin embargo, el Batallón 36 de Minatitlán, que se encontraba en adiestramiento en la 44 Zona Militar de Miahuatlán, decidieron desplazarlo para la capital de Oaxaca.

De ahí que se observaron varios convoy de militares, situación que alertó a los inconformes con el gobierno de Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, temiendo que las fuerzas castrenses preparen un desalojo de los manifestantes en el zócalo de Oaxaca.

Lo cierto, es que esta movilización del Ejército Mexicano, es resultado de las recientes declaraciones que hizo el Secretario de la Defensa Nacional, Gerardo Clemente Ricardo Vega García, quien garantizó que el desfile militar del 16 de septiembre en el Zócalo de la Ciudad de México se realizará en tiempo y forma.

Entonces, fuentes extraoficiales, reiteraron que esta movilización nada tiene que ver con el movimiento magisterial y popular.

Además, la Presidencia de la República y la Secretaría de Gobernación han reiterado que no va a intervenir la fuerza pública en el caso de Oaxaca porque es competencia estatal.
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