anti-deportation call-out

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Tomorrow, Tuesday the 5th of March, a refugee* from the We Are Here group is scheduled to be deported to Sudan on flight KL0545 at 10:10am.

Just today (Monday), the dutch government has re-affirmed a travel advisory warning against travelling to Sudan, referring to violence and the fragile political condition in the country. Refugees run an even greater risk.

Uit de oude doos: antideportatie campagne 1999

This refugee doesn't need to be deported. Even though the KLM claims they have an 'obligation to transport', they are in fact free to refuse to take him on board. Moreover, they are free to stop carrying out deportations in general, by simply living up to the 'social responsiblity' guidelines as posted on their website.

We can stop this deportation. You can help by raising your voice. Call the KLM. Email the KLM. Ask them questions. Ask what is happening and tell them you are not comfortable with them forcing someone to fly against his will. If the KLM decides it is unsafe, impractical or immoral to force someone onto a plane and into a situation which is life-threatening for him, the KLM can take measures against it.

This form of protest has stopped a deportation before.

It works if a lot of people join in, so your participation could make the difference.

To maximize the effectiveness of this action we ask you to contact the KLM *today between 3pm and 5pm*.

In our experience your message/question comes across most effectively if you stay as calm and polite as possible when you speak to someone on the phone.

Simultaneously, the refugees of the 'We Are Here' group will assemble at KLM headquarters today between 2 and 3 p.m. to personally deliver a letter of protest against the deportation.


KLM NV Corporate Communicatie Mediarelaties (AMS/DR)

Tel.: 020 649 45 45
Fax: 020 648 80 92


KLM Bezoekadres (Amstelveen)

Telefoon: 020 - 649 9123


* We do not mention his name here for his safety. If you know him, please protect him and do the same.

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van de klm website:

Customer Care [...]

Indien u telefonisch contact met ons opneemt, zullen wij u naar uw vluchtnummer en datum vragen, wilt u die gegevens dus bij de hand houden alstublieft?

Bij voorkeur vragen wij u uw klacht middels ons webformulier in te dienen, bereikbaar via de optie “stuur ons een e-mail”.

Telefoonnummer: + 31 (0)20 5459780 alleen voor Nederlandse ingezetenen

[ja, het staat er echt!]


KLM weet het ook niet, want.... alle medewerkers die iets over mensenrechten en/of deportaties zouden kunnen vertellen zijn (geheel toevallig natuurlijk) tot omstreeks 16u in vergadering. Blijven bellen en mailen dus!


Is er al iets meer bekend?


Voor zover de informatie die van de Shciphol-bajes via de advocaat naar buiten komt betrouwbaar is, is deze man vanochtend werkelijk op de vliegtuig gezet. Enkele vrienden hebben vanochtend nog bij de KLM incheckbalie flyers uitgedeeld aan potentiele medepassagiers van vlucht KL0545, maar dit werd vrijwel onmiddelijk door de marechausse verboden, onder dreiging van arrestatie.

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