Police having oral sex in a duty vehicle

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According to the prosecution, fife to ten sex acts was committed with one (i.e. one like single) woman during about eight months. Acts were commited in a duty car and at least part of these action were done during a routine working day. /1-3/

Police having oral sex in a duty vehicle

FINLAND - Finnish Security Police Operative unit uses cars in preventing illegal intelligence, target opservations and actions against terrorism /1-3/ (which in Finland is quite a flexible term and usually means anyone against police...). Any foreigner in Finland suspected of illegal surveilance may get accompanied a Security Police's surveilace car similar to any civil vehicle. This is very likely the way how people get photographt from inside Finnish Security Police's cars into police registers. These days Finnish Security Police has also become familiar to Finns from a case, were officer on duty was having sex in a duty vehicly /1-3/. This case was labeled as a 'single case' according to the Nation's habit of having only single cases...

According to the prosecution, fife to ten sex acts was committed with one (i.e. one like single) woman during about eight months. Acts were commited in a duty car and at least part of these action were done during a routine working day. /1-3/

Man had several times sex during working hours as an hobby and in a duty car in Helsinki, between April and December 2010 /1-3/.

According to the prosecutor, the man incharge had sex as a hobby in other places like public toilets too. /1-3/

At time of action, the person was working in a field observation unit in charge of helping Finnish Security Police's operationalunit in information acquisition. /1-3/

/1/ http://poliisirikollisena.wordpress.com/2012/11/23/suojelupoliisin-tyont...
/2/ http://www.hs.fi/kotimaa/Seksi+virka-autossa+toi+syytteen+Supon+etsiv%C3...
/3/ http://www.iltasanomat.fi/kotimaa/art-1288532007339.html


Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry discovery - "Salmon do not vote"

FINLAND - Jasper Pääkkönen, an actor and a hobbyist fisher revealed the fact of The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry having found out the fact of salmon not voting.

Jarper Pääkkönen told he secretly taped the salmon concersation he had in The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland. "Several sourced warned, that they (in the ministry) can distort/twist stories...".

From The Ministry were told not to make a political issue of the salmon affair were natural descendants should be protected against the planted kind. It should we a goog idea to get rid of all unnecessary confrontation since this disturbes Minister and ex-police Jari Koskinen's (National Coalition Party) work.

Few days ago, another Finnish Minister from National Coalition Party, Minister Pertti Savolainen (National Coalition Party), was brough into internation publicity, when he was referred by The Wiesenthal Center of Jewish people of the similaries to Nazi (http://www.jpost.com/Jewish-World/Jewish-Features/Finnish-politician-Jew...).

Summa summarum: We now know, that Finnish Politicians know the fact of Salmons not voting. And a second observation; one has to be either a police and a lawyer to succeed in Finland as The Wiesenthal Center know.

I think it is time to take me canoe to the river and see how it goes?! Academically speaking, when do we get a study like "The correlation of Salmons reproduction/generatio to the voting behavior?" or is this just because those researchers having understood are working abroad? I'm sure you get the picture, folks.

Original news source: www.curatores.info, http://www.hs.fi/kotimaa/Jasper+P%C3%A4%C3%A4kk%C3%B6nen+Minua+varoitett...


Half Imagenary Article

Taking professional level protograps is a demanding task

This is (the most likely way) how Finnish police photographer works when they need photograps for their file of people they want to follow or identify through their network.

I'm sitting in my working room facing a view to the river. There are couple hundred meters field next to me and the river. Close to my window, about 15-20 meters there is a Campus walkaway
for University students, between this one and the other walkaway - about 150 meters away, there is a field. If one walks on the Campus walkaway, one can not see to other floor windows to the first floor. If one walks on the field, about 30 meters or more away from the building, one can see to some other higher floors too.

A middle aged man in light brown suit jacket, with light brown hair - a classic men's style (not long heavy hair, not short cadet hair, something between, the one 90% on men has), with his black framed sun-glasses on he walks alomnh the Campus walkaway (with two little children as a disquise). I see him because of some advance, he does not seem to notice me. I see for few second time as he walks by with moden camera on his neck. Camera has got object extention for long distance shooting. I'd estimate an 150mm object. With the modern resolution on 18 Megapixes that good enough, rest of the things can be done digitally.
After one hours, the same person walks by again. This time he walks sideways to me about 30 meters away in the field next to the Campus walkaway. This time he walks without the children. This time he stops just at the opposite of my window, 30 meters away in the field, turns around facing directly towards me, moves his hand to the camera trigger and presses it. Taking photograps without aiming just by using automatic launching to the direction without using the camera as it should means taking photos without wanting to get caught. As I realise this snooper doing an illegal disturbance of privacy I pull the curtains in front, and carry on my life.
After 10 minutes I take a pause. I walk around the house to the opposite corner to see how someone is in the bush (of trees) desperately trying to take a photo. I shake my head and think "even a paparazi makes bette job" and return to my post. Last time such thing happened was when I went to listen Campus lecture; someone took a face photo from a standing car next by walkaway. I not sure if I should walk to the person and ask what he is up to, but then I remember several cases were researcher have violated those attacking or violating their rights, so I deside not to take the second step in case the person might be violent.

Naturally this could have been some lazy art photographer belonging to unsuitable agegroup of Campus Students, or some other not caring about people's privacy, which is most likely the case. But when such things happen too many times with more or less directly towards your face aimed photograph attemps, it does make one to wonder...


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