Melbourne to Manokwari, Den Hague to Port Moresby – Freedom Flotilla Gathers Global Support

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Melbourne to Manokwari, Den Hague to Port Moresby – Freedom Flotilla Gathers Global Support

Melbourne to Manokwari, Den Hague to Port Moresby – Freedom Flotilla Gathers Global Support

As the Freedom Flotilla to West Papua continues its epic journey north towards Indonesian occupied West Papua, solidarity actions were held yesterday in both in West Papua and Melbourne.
This morning the Freedom Flotilla to West People received communications from protest rallies organisers in West Papua yesterday, with reports indicating further celebratory activities are planned today for the coming arrival of the flotilla.

Peaceful actions and prayers were held in Manokwari and Fak-Fak with participants carrying banners welcoming arrival of the Freedom Flotilla to their shores in September. Further actions are planned in undisclosed locations today.

Organisers of the gathering in Manokwari estimated that 2500 people attended the event which included a public street march, music, dancing, prayers and speakers addressing the crowd, many wearing the West Papuan Morning Star flag, despite their risking arrest or worse for doing so.

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Tomorrow 29/08 Manifestaion Den Haag:
Safe passage for the freedom Flotilla to west Papua! Recognize (ab)original Independence and west Papua right to self determination.
Freedom and justice for the west Papua people. 13:00 Tobias Asserlaan 8, Den Haag.
A bus is going from Amsterdam/Sloterdijk to Den Haag (Depart: 11:30) Come and bring your banners/flag to give support to the Freedom Flotilla.
Demand safe passage for the Freedom Flotilla to west Papua!


PAPUA, Manokwari - Thousands of West Papuans people incorporated in the State of the Federal Republic of West Papua (FRWP) this afternoon, Tuesday (08/27/2013) conduct a peaceful demonstration to provide support to the arrival of the Freedom Flotilla ships to West Papua.

"The main issue in the action that we do today is give you greatest appreciation and gratitude of the people of West Papua nation for the arrival of the Freedom Flotilla ships to West Papua," said one State staff of FRWP, Zacharias Horota.

Horota explained, Papuans already suffering and living under occupation by the Indonesian Government and power systems since Papua was forcibly integrated in 1969 through a self-determination is not carried out in accordance with international law in force, and the result of the campaign for justice and peace in Papua continues to run from 1964 to today and we are grateful for this problem to the attention of the International Community.

"Freedom Flotilla ship has departed from Australia since the last date of August 17, 2013 and is expected to arrive precisely Merauke in West Papua on 1 September 2013," said Horota.

"About 15 to 20 this ship is heading and cruise the waters of Indonesia, directly under the leadership of Mr. Kevin Buzzacott Aboriginal and this proves that the international community suda also addressing the problems of West Papua," said Horota.

Told Horota, Mr. Kevin Buzzacott is customary landowners Arabunna of Lake Eyre, South Australia.

"The arrival of these ships, to campaign for peace and justice issues for Papua, the Indonesian government and the Papuan People work together to find the best solution for solving the problem in Papua in a fair, peaceful and responsible," said Horota.

Meanwhile, in his political speeches, NRFPB spokesman, Jack Wanggai said that, ship Freedom Flotilla carrying journalists, human rights activists, musicians, and activists towards Papua West Papua.

"The peaceful demonstration today, is a combination of, the various components, namely the Father, Mother, school children, students and the youth," said Wanggai. monitoring, thousands of mass action is taking the start in the Papuan Customary Council office Mnukwar Region III, then make speeches through the streets of the protocol in Manokwari, Papua, and some children using school uniforms to join in this action.

Future action on the back end kator DAP and closing worship celebration rangakaian the peaceful demonstration.



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