Dawn raids on squats in Spanish state

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This morning in Operation Piñata (following Pandora in December) cops have raided social centres and arrested people (at least 26) in Barcelona, Madrid, Palencia and Granada.

La 13-14 in Madrid announced it was being raided this morning.

CSOA La Redonda in Granada released a communique condemning the raids, which they said occurred without a warrant.

Centro Social (re)Okupado La Quimera in Lavapies, Madrid was evicted. It also stated no warrant was shown after its doors were smashed at 06:30 and added:

"This is just another attack on the anarchist movement with intent to criminalize and victimize our struggle."

Other raided social centres were la Magdalena and La Enredadera de Tetuán.

In solidarity!

Elsewhere on squat.net:
Estado español: Zarpazo represivo, al menos 26 detenciones. Desalojan el CSOA La Quimera

La policia espanyola deté 27 persones en una operació contra col·lectius anarquistes

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Spaanse politie arresteert 27 personen bij operatie tegen anarchistische groepen, https://www.indymedia.nl/node/27374 .


Update van https://www.indymedia.nl/node/27374 :

UPDATE March 31, 2015:
The final total on those arrested during Operación Piñata is 38. The 14 who were arrested for resistance and disobedience are already released. 11 others charged with “theft” are expected to be released today. The 13 remaining who stand accused of belonging to a terrorist group are still in custody and could go before a court tomorrow.

Source: https://www.diagonalperiodico.net/libertades/26278-ascienden-37-detenido...


Update on Spanish repression: 6 still in custody

On Monday 30th March, 27 people were arrested in their homes in the Spanish cities of Madrid, Barcelona and Palencia, in a police crack down operation on anarchists who are accused of terrorism. The raids follow on from the police attack on anarchists in December 2014 when 7 people were arrested in Barcelona for the same reasons.

That same day social centres, including ‘La Quimera’ and the ‘13.14’ in Madrid and ‘La Redonda’ in Granada, were raided and wrecked inside. Computers and other materials were confiscated.

People were interrogated with hoods covering their faces and physically and verbally abused.

Everyone was released except 6 people, who still remain in police custody and are accused of belonging to the Coordinated Anarchist Groups (GAC).

There have been demonstrations in support of the arrested in many cities in Spain. One in Madrid today finished with 3 arrests and several injured.

On 26th of March a new set of laws where put in place known as the Ley Mordaza (Gag laws) – to read about them in English see http://www.x-pressed.org/?xpd_article=spain-what-is-now-illegal-with-ley...

Also see: http://rabble.org.uk/spanish-state-raids-and-arrests-this-morning-in-4-c...


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