Voku & NieuwLand Live!

Aankondiging, gepost door: NieuwLand op 15/04/2015 04:02:27

Waar: NieuwLand, Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 93, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Wanneer: 17/04/2015 - 19:00

19.00 uur deuren open met volkskeuken (Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Campaign benefiet). En na het diner optredens van:

19.00 uur deuren open met volkskeuken (Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Campaign benefiet). En na het diner optredens van:

Bird in a glasshouse: birdinaglasshouse.nl

Bird in a Glasshouse is een folk-jazz formatie met wereldse invloeden en de stem van Femke Ravensbergen als bindende factor. Het gebruik van
akoestische instrumenten, gitaar, contrabas en viool, zorgt voor een intieme sfeer die muziek en tekst recht doen. Teksten en verhalen verzamelde de leadzangeres op haar vele reizen vanuit Drenthe naar Zuid Amerika en kwamen mee terug naar Amsterdam. De combinatie met haar muzikale reizen waarbij ze onder andere deel nam aan de folk-swing band Amarins & le gatte negre zorgen voor een sfeer die mysterieus, krachtig en opgewekt is.

Baboo music: babboomusic.jimdo.com

From the streets to the stages, everyone is kindly entertained and refreshed by this original, powerful and inspiring music, which lyrics are written in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. The original songwriting of the BABBOO varies from Gipsy Manouche to French Musette, from Pop ballads to African Rhythms, from popular Cumbia to intellectual Samba and Cuban Son. The show can be described as a danceable poetry, very energetic and elegantly rough, moving and touching at the same time.

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Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 93, Amsterdam Oost

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Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Campaign

The life of brilliant journalist, intellectual, revolutionary, and political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal is in great danger. Pennsylvania set two execution dates for Mumia in the ’90’s despite his innocence. Only the international movement stayed the hands of the executioner.Now removed from Death Row, Mumia is once again subject to attempted execution, this time through medical neglect and malpractice. With no history of diabetes, and subsequent to having three blood tests only weeks earlier, on March 30, Mumia went into diabetic shock.He was hospitalized on Monday, March 30, with life-threatening high blood sugar, but two days later was transferred back to the same prison that failed to diagnose or treat him even though he was still very ill. His diet is dangerous and his health is deteriorating. Once again, only massive pressure will prevent his death.



For this evening there is space for more helping hands in the kitchen, starting at 1.30 - 2 PM. Experience not required, enjoying it is a :) If you have some time free and would like to contribute, please send an email to: vriendenvanmumia [at] hotmail.nl


See also 'Mumia's Life Is In Danger!', https://www.indymedia.nl/node/27398 .

The day before, 16/4 in Joe's Garage, also in Amsterdam-Oost: Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Campaign Benefit, http://www.joesgarage.nl/archives/11184 .

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