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Another letter has arrived from Jus, still in jail in Koln, germany. He is in prison for allegedly breaking the window of a bulldozer, and by that allegedly wounding a RWE worker, While locked on in Remi's tower (named after Remi Fraisse who got murdered by a cop) .
Jus trial is coming up the 2nd of October speculation is that he will be released that day, but one can never know when your freedom is in hands of judges and such.
Following is a letter from Jus.

„Comrades ! Sept. 21 Köln

Having been detained now for 60 days for blockading the expansion of the largest lignite extreme energy mine in Europe and it’s largest CO2 emitter causing not just the destruction of the forest I was & am protecting but also massive social and ecological injustices to those suffering from its effects in the global south.
I have staged a 23-day hunger strike and continued Fri.-Sun. no food hunger strikes with no water on Sat.-Sun. to bring attention to climate injustice and repression against ecological and political activists. During my actions I’ve had food thrown and kicked into my cell, lights being turned on and off throughout the night, medical staff threatening me with force feeding shutting the door in my face and insisting that I sign forms in German that I could not read, not providing translations, with comments being made on 20+ day of hunger strike that’s that there should be work (?!) in jail.
Now with the weekend actions I am experiencing a crescendo of abuse with staff using the trustee inmates to put me on starvation deficient diet on Monday and Tuesdays. Raiding my cell and stealing (not even “officially” confiscating) items such as photos & articles related to my case & defense & even threatening to urinate in my empty food bowl.
Having never met two of my grandfathers who barely survived Stalag I prisoner of war camps, only to die soon after, I would like to extend solidarity and support to all disenfranchised and indigenous comrades who have experienced this same pattern of multigenerational violence and exploitation and oppression. Now becoming even more apparent with progressive criminalization of more and forms of protest and the “justice” system once again becoming an empty shell guarding the interests of fossil fuel capitalists and the oppressor.
In this stark reality of corruption and repression I would like to put out a call for organizing of info and books to prisoners project to set up a form of intellectual support. Amorphous Books Across Bars (ABAB) is a collective decentralized in prison exchange of information. Please support us by sending magazines, pamphlets and zines from individual addresses and books from bookstores, distributors and publishers (the only ones able to send these to prisons) to:
Dariusz “Justice” Brzeski
# 3236156
JVA Köln
Rochusstr. 350
50827 Köln
P.S. I am sending postcards and informing other prisoners of ABAB and extending support. Any stamps, postcards, donations and stickers towards that goal would be appreciated.
In solidarity with all political prisoners everywhere“

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Since July 22, 2015, Jus was in pre-trial detention. His trial was on Friday, October 2. He is free now. That is the good news. Here you find the interesting story of his trial and of the one that took place before, against Jörg Bergstedt. Accusation: insult of a judge (“perversor of justice”). The translation below, though understandable, is still machine made, we hope to present a human made one within a couple of days.

Or, if you can understand it, you can go to the German version: http://hambacherforst.blogsport.de/2015/09/25/jus-in-u-haft-verhandlung-...
What happened before (english): http://hambachforest.blogsport.de/repression/

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